Portable Solar Charging LED Lamp

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Brand: Sihang
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You have never ever witnessed the brighter lamp than this, this innovative lamp is designed for providing brightest LED light ever in dark, which also contains a power LED torch and can also be charged with solar power, there is also a backup facility included with AA size batteries. It may light you up 15 hours after fully charged once. It is small portable, light which can be transported to everywhere with you. Find the best price for portable solar charging LED lamp and order it with free shipping all over Pakistan.

Product Highlights:

Power: 5W
3 Power Supply Modes
Only Torch & LED Light Lamp (NOT MOBILE CHARGER)

Note: Color may vary from picture due to different color settings


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Reviews & Comments
i really am impressed by this thought as it seems really helpful to me when there is no light at my house it looks like that here isa tube light in the room so i think that ti si a very nice thing so please launch more things like this.

hammad karachi
Wed 30 Nov, 2016
i think it is a very nice thing for everyone as it si a very portable thing and we can take it anywhere as it is solor powered so i think that it is a very nice thing for everyone so please launch more things like this.

jalal peshawar
Fri 25 Nov, 2016
This is a good led lamp Nice looking and Very quick delivery of order. Product exactly as described. Good, white light.

Shomaila Islamabad
Tue 08 Nov, 2016
i always loved the classic look of kerosene oil lamps. although i have never really found such a nice cross i finally found it today in the shoprex corner. although i have never seen such a product i am not afraid to try it today because its shoprex.

yahta shah karachi
Mon 07 Nov, 2016
super cool gadget for when the lights are out. doesnt even need real electric for charging.

subhan shah karachi
Wed 02 Nov, 2016
i absolutely love this amazing portable lamp. although charging it solar sort of beats the purpose of the flashlight but still it is a nice gadget and although its two way power isnt all that powerful but its still handy.

fahad karachi
Fri 28 Oct, 2016
This is a brilliant portable Solar Charging LED Lamp with a great brightness feature and nice looking lamp and so easy to use,I love this light thank you..!

Shaheen Erum
Fri 28 Oct, 2016
i think this is the best helping source when there is no electricity like always in karachi so i think this is a very good thought and i would really like to salute the one who invented this thing and thanks shoprex for delivering this item to us.

shazia islamabad
Thu 27 Oct, 2016
Great product. Haven't used it to its full potential yet, but what I have done with it, its good and bright with what seems like a long battery life on a full charge.

Sameer Mardan
Wed 26 Oct, 2016
i have a question, if its battery gets out of order in future, how will change or fix it, is there any services which you provide to fix the battery issue or we have to buy it again?

Zafar faislabad
Thu 20 Oct, 2016
the era has change but we cannot get rid of lamps which are also called laaltain, it reminds me the old days.

abbas sibbi
Tue 18 Oct, 2016
the solar charging is good but still it is not reliable or enough to charge completely from sun, if it would, the life in the villages and small town would little easier and better than now, where is no electricity facilities, we can also save environment by only using these lamps.

hammad tando jam
Mon 17 Oct, 2016
i use it at my cycle, i hang it at the front of my bicycle, it is so bright in dark, same like a motorbike, if i want to see little further i turn on the torch light to see further.

salman karak
Fri 14 Oct, 2016
i think this si a very good idea for those who do not live in cities and countries and they live in villages because they can easily charge them in the daytime and then it can help them ot in the night so i think its a very good and a very nice thought.

nimra lahore
Thu 13 Oct, 2016
you know what i have a ups and this lamp i charge my ups with the solar panels and than at night that ups is used to charge this lamp in night, so i have no electricity expense on lighting at day or night. In villages, this is perfect idea to work with.

waseem kakol
Thu 13 Oct, 2016
i was very happy to see that i could also charge our smartphones, but now i am sad because this is not the reality, the shoprex says that it cannot charge the smartphones or any phone. That is mean that we can only use lamp and torch.

tayyab bahawalpur
Fri 07 Oct, 2016
hello i have heard that the led solar charging lamp is not at all effective and that it has problems in workign for long continuous hours. please tell me ifthere is any truth in this umour as i would really like to buy this lamp but i f it goes bad i will return it back .

sabeena Karachi
Thu 06 Oct, 2016
is it possible that we can use both lamp and torch at the same time, a torch is for looking ahead and the lamp is for seeing behind.

yaseen karachi
Wed 05 Oct, 2016
it remembers me the old days of our lives when we used to use the lamp with fuel and fire, there was no electricity, and now we have the lamp that can be used with torch which was also rear at that time.

nadeem multan
Tue 04 Oct, 2016
woah one of the best and most reasonable offers online,

sameera karachi
Sat 01 Oct, 2016

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