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Samsung has been much active and most popular from the past few years in the smartphone manufacturing industry. Samsung comes up with new ideas and product enhancements with attract its users and customers. The multinational mobile manufacturing company Samsung is active in more than 150 companies across the world including Read More


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Samsung Laser Printer ML-2165 Jusr Rs 5,990 @ hyperstarpakistan. Samsung Laser Printer ML-2165 Jusr Rs 5,990 @ hyperstarpakistan.
This Eid Samsung Will be  launching Exiting offeres On its most Sucessful Models With Reduced Prices. Samsung Neo 3, 29,900, Samsung S4:43,000, Samsung S4:43,000, samsung S5:58,000 & samsung Note 3:57000. Price chnage is Effective From Today 25th September 2014 (Limited Time Offer). This Eid Samsung Will be launching Exiting offeres On its most Sucessful Models With Reduced Prices. Samsung Neo 3, 29,900, Samsung S4:43,000, Samsung S4:43,000, samsung S5:58,000 & samsung Note 3:57000. Price chnage is Effective From Today 25th September 2014 (Limited Time Offer).
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Cool, we have all the gadgets here at the same single page that's nice with prices and details, i have found one of the best website on internet for Pakistani region, i always know every gadget price just only on Shoprex.com, specially for Samsung also i have bought many stuff through it online.
Basid Lahore Thu 07 Aug, 2014
Samsung has a huge collection of technology, it introduces a new gadget every month almost, mostly its smartphones and PC Tablets and related accessories and products, one of the most interesting thing is the Galaxy Gear which is a complete assistance, reminds you everything make your work easier in you daily busy life.
Tamoor Thatta Mon 21 Jul, 2014
Samsung may be not ready for the launch for iPhone 6 which is considering to be the best smartphone in this year, but Samsung also have a great tricks to attract the people for its cheap looking mobiles, the main attraction of Samsung is its dual SIMs, large screens and funny Android operating system. Which is only made for fun and entertainment not for actual use.
Sameer Tando Adam Sun 13 Jul, 2014
Samsung has got much confusing in Pakistan, as it is available in several categories and different varieties, such as Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and so on, you can clearly figure out what is the original handset made by Samsung it is bit confusing, the person who wants to buy a Samsung smartphone is well aware of these situations and threats in the market he will face.
Rafeq Hyderabad Sun 06 Jul, 2014
Samsung is not making cheap smartphones which result no accesses of mid-range people to Samsung phones, it used to make it years before in the form of candy bar phones, but now the price of Samsung smartphone starts from above 25000 rupees, which are still expensive. while the other brands still making cheaper smartphones and getting more benefits.
Kamal Hyderabad Tue 01 Jul, 2014
I am really amazed that Samsung can do that far in the technology and innovations, now it has become the world's best technological company, not only in making smartphones but in all of gadgets, even other brands of electronics using their tiny internal electronic parts, such as RAMs PC items and other small gadgets.
Uzair Hyderabad Thu 26 Jun, 2014
Samsung hasn't launched any 3D camera yet where almost every brand has does that, but the Amazon have taken doesn't everyone by launching its first 3D camera phone which is really amazing and far better than the all previous 3D cameras in the past, it will definitely gonna grab the smartphone market, Samsung also should do something and launch any 3D camera phone which can compete the Amazon's 3D smartphone.
Hashim Hyderabad Fri 20 Jun, 2014
I want to buy transparent Samsung mobile cover or pouch which allows me to see the whole smartphone from front to back, but i am unable to find it in local markets, i want your suggestion where can i buy it or inform me if it is available at your website or any of your seller has it. Also looking for original data cable for my Samsung smartphone, currently i have a local one which is not working well.
Rehaan Lahore Mon 16 Jun, 2014
I have heard about Samsung HD curved LCD TV which are looking awesome in spit that it has huge in price, it will also be the best in gaming as it is curved and you can attach many LCDs with that to make a curved surrounding which will give you 3D effect of the game. Before that, we have to put all the LCDs together which didn't made a curved shape.
Hafeez Karachi Wed 11 Jun, 2014
Samsung is going to be the biggest brand in all of its electronic gadgets, but there is only thing left which hasn't been announced by Samsung that is a gaming consoles, it doesn't seem that it will be made by Samsung for now, but i am sure that if Samsung wants to come in gaming industry, it will highly warm welcome, and Samsung should do that for boosting its profits as we seen people are now crazy about gaming.
Obaid Lahore Sun 08 Jun, 2014
I heard about the Samsung Z which contains all new operating system Tizen, hope it would more batter than Android with several more features and different style, but there are not much apps are available for this operating system as it is new and people are not familiar with that much, Samsung took a risk once again by launching this model with that operating system because most of the people are happy with Android.
Hafeez Karachi Thu 05 Jun, 2014
Samsung is making lives very easier by launching its back to back gadgets with better technology and innovations, i amazed every time when Samsung announces the new stuff, which are really amazing, this time I saw a smart watch which is the best personal assistance i have ever seen, about health, forecast and schedules, which are top and left behind every other brand.
Shoprex Admin Karachi Wed 04 Jun, 2014
I want to know that can we use the Samsung printer wirelesslly in the small area so we don't need to connect it with the wires, i need multi-function printer which can print, scan and copy the stuff in color and grey prints. It should be small and portable for easy movement and replacement.
Tauqeer Lahore Wed 28 May, 2014
I read the post written on your blog that was amazing and very useful about the cheap 3G smartphone available in Pakistan. Qmobiles are on the top in that list but people are afraid and want to know that will 3G services work on Qmobile absolutely fine like the other smartphone. Some of the user say that they are not good enough for using 3G services on it, but i wanna personally try it so i can able to judge it better.
Hafeez Karachi Wed 28 May, 2014
I read the post written on your blog that was amazing and very useful about the cheap 3G smartphone available in Pakistan. Qmobiles are on the top in that list but people are afraid and want to know that will 3G services work on Qmobile absolutely fine like the other smartphone. Some of the user say that they are not good enough for using 3G services on it, but i wanna personally try it so i can able to judge it better.
Hafeez Karachi Wed 28 May, 2014
I think the new launch of LG G3 smartphone is a competitive of Samsung's S5 both of the smartphone are pretty similar in specifications, having some of the finest features, but Samsung i think taken over the whole market, as it has introduced some of the best features all the time, wither its a camera, sensors and other new features, no one can compete Samsung Galaxy S5 for now. Samsung is also far better in battery life as compare to other smartphones.
Rahil Lahore Tue 27 May, 2014
I have tried several pouches of Samsung, now i want to try different one, which can easily be used with one hand, most of the covers get stuck in the pocket which cannot easily pulled out from tight jeans or any other skinny dress, some flip covers are difficult to handle, Samsung used to give mobile cover in the n=box with new handset but now they are not, we have to buy it separately from other shop.
Waqar Rawalpindi Fri 23 May, 2014
Now Samsung prices are going to out from our range as we are middle class people, after the remarkable launches of Samsung Galaxy young and Galaxy Star which was ideal smartphones for lower budget people here in Pakistan, i have also used these handset they are really awesome, but now i want to try something else, Samsung should introduce some of new handsets like that before.
Shoprex Admin Karachi Wed 21 May, 2014
I have been looking for a DSLR camera of Samsung that can able to easily connect and synchronize with the other devices such as laptops, mobile phones, TVs and other stuff. This is needed because i want to take shots and upload at the same time with out any delay, the trendy ways is to snatch photographs first than go to the laptop attach data cable, and copy the data in this PC and then you can upload and share online. They should include the 3G internet connectivity which allows you to browse internet directly through your DSLR screen.
Tahir Islamabad Sun 18 May, 2014
I am very excited and i will not gonna miss the wireless external hard drive, i have been looking for backup solution of data in smartphone and finally it comes in with Samsung wireless hard drive, i wanna buy it as soon as possible and wanna know that how far we can do with that, you have also not listed that here i wanna know its price in Pakistan and the size of this hard drive. Please confirm me.
Tayaab Gujranwala Wed 14 May, 2014
I think today Samsung is struggling hard to stay on top in the smartphone markets, we know the Nokia has got down but there are still some brand which are giving tough competition to the Samsung smartphone such as Sony LG, Motorola and some other Chines and Korean brands, they are making best among the best smartphone like, Moto G, Xperia Z2, G Flex, Oppo and Ophones, i have personally used all of them and more other and amazed that their performance is really good, they are only neglected by people because nobody wants to trust any new brand.
Haroon Karachi Tue 13 May, 2014
I heard that Samsung leader Lee Kun-hee has had heart attack in news, i read about him he is a great man, we should learn from his effort and hardworking for transforming this world like we know today, and made Samsung world's largest brand in the world, either its smartphone, cameras, TVs, home appliances or any household gadget, Samsung has been on top in the technology. My home is full of Samsung devices, and i feel proud to have it.
Imad Karachi Sun 11 May, 2014
I have tested the Smart-watch of Samsung Galaxy Gear, its pretty cool, some of the more gadget by Samsung are really cool to have, but Samsung should keep the price down for these stuff, as it is considered the extra expenditure for the buyer, i really want that Samsung launch the Gaming console like Sony and Microsoft, I am sure it will also get much appreciated from Samsung and gaming lovers. the gaming industry is growing very fast as we see. people are spending lot of money on that.
Nabeel Faisalabad Wed 07 May, 2014
Samsung mobiles are getting more bigger by the time you can’t even hold in your hand completely cant access unlock button and at the top of the screen, even some people can’t receive the call by one hand, is going to be not just phablet but tablet. It is no more difficult for Samsung to offer bigger screen mobiles in the future like it have been doing in the past. Aplle is going better than that by not just enlarging display.
Umair Bahawalpur Tue 06 May, 2014
I have recently heard that Samsung Galaxy S5 having a camera problem, which is reported by several people, i think Samsung is looking for its solution and will announce it soon, but its it is embarrassing for it, people much trust on Samsung devices and gadgets, when they face these sort of problem in their devices, it takes decades to make a brand name but only single thing make it down, well aver all Samsung products are good so far giving us its best of the best.
Tuqeer Karachi Tue 29 Apr, 2014
I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Gear with my new Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone, i usually go outside for walk and jogging at the morning need to know my heart rate, it will assist me a lot also it help me much in my busy office days to instantly attend call and read messages with out taking out the huge phone from my pocket, i can also enjoy my songs just on one touch which exercising in Gym, but there is a one barrier in buying this gadget that is is high in cost when you purchase an expensive handset you should be offered it free.
Umair Islamabad Sun 27 Apr, 2014
I admire you guys for countless Samsung models all here. I have been waiting for Samsung Galaxy S5 64 GB versions. It is preposterous that Samsung and/or the main Smartphone makers are only selling the 16 and 32 GB S5. I have just not justifying the reason of this. It is a actual embarrassment that the 64 GB is not offered now. Samsung must be mortified to only be originally selling the 16 and 32 GB version. I identify that I can "divest" up to 128 GB to a micro SD card. I comprehend that many of operators may not require 32 GB of memory. I, though sense as you do in that I will not even reflect the S5 while waiting for the 64 GB variety is obtainable.
Naseer Bahawalpur Thu 24 Apr, 2014
I need to upgrade Kitkat in My Samsung Galaxy S3 which is still on Jelly bean Operating system, i have been waiting for its new update with this operating system, because i am unable to install the new apps from Google play like new Google camera app as well as Google remote desktop applications, it doesn't allow me until i have Kitkat in my smartphone. i really need that apps.
Shoprex Admin Karachi Mon 21 Apr, 2014
This is so good that we have all the accessories and gadget here at same place with pricing in Pakistan, I am here to see the prices of Samsung Galaxy Gear and its prices in Pakistan, I am an official worker doing tough job of managing several things, usually i have several task to do at the same time but i am not able to manage them all at them same time, so i think i need this to assist me about my schedule and reminders.
Nabeel Karachi Fri 18 Apr, 2014
I have Just bought my new Samsung Galaxy S5 its finger print sensor is quite well, working perfectly fine so far, which has high margin of success rate of the approval, depends on I properly done it or not, the battery backup is impressive with the whole day busy use and still have enough power even playing high graphics games or watching HD videos for hours.
Shahbaz Faisalabad Thu 17 Apr, 2014
Every time i see any of Samsung product it amaze me much, while looking at their technologies , innovations and new ideas of making such remarkable products, about 10 years back no one had any idea that Samsung can do that far today, it used to be very ordinary electronic appliance company and even local companies were far batter than it, but we saw the revolution in this industry when Samsung began to make mobile phone especially smartphones. It hard to believe tht it can transform too much today.
Shariq Faisalabad Wed 16 Apr, 2014
I like samsung production plz send me prices for LCD
Muhammad nawaz Haripur Sun 30 Mar, 2014
Samsung LEDs are fabulous indeed, the are the top most in the market and offering the brilliant features, also it one of the slimiest LEDs in the world as well, no other brand can get to their indeed, the quality and latest technology that it uses for making lives more easier through it.
Bilal Lahore Mon 24 Mar, 2014
Samsung is one of my favorite having brilliant technology and new ideas in innovation, as well as latest designs....
donia jabeen karachi Mon 10 Mar, 2014
Samsung has ever been greatest in launching flagship smartphones but it make me so disappointment in launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 with no prominent changes in that, It hasn't fairly been the bestselling achievement Samsung wanted it would be it is quiet one of the blockbusting lead smartphones in the marketplace and a earnest inheritor to the mighty Galaxy S4. But lets see what happened next while the Sony has also introduced the remarkable handsets as well.
Nabeel Karachi Thu 27 Feb, 2014
Samsung is just not only superb in smartphones but also other devices, i have the whole collection of Samsung gadget in my home, never even think about any other brand, I have just only a PlayStation 4 that doesn't belong to it. I wish that Samsung also make gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, I am sure that it will also get popular like other gaming platforms, best of lunch Samsung
Hamza Faisalabad Thu 06 Feb, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Gear is looking very useful item in the world of gadget, it is small easy to carry, with these we just don't have to take out our cell phones again and again for checking time, any missed bell or SMS, the best watch on the earth.
Tahir Nousehra Thu 02 Jan, 2014
Samsung have sold plenty of Smart Phones alongside with uncommon Shapes, edges and design, but next to the Samsung Galaxy Round, it has developed a genuine and something rare.
Iraj Mughal Islambad Wed 01 Jan, 2014
Samsung is the number one Electronic brand as well as home appliances in the world, a few years ago no one even look at the Samsung products, but now it is at top class..
Uzair Faisalabad Thu 19 Dec, 2013
Samsung ki product achi hoti hain.. i brought samsung 32 inch Led in market.i always samsung brand is nice as compare to sony in eletronic items.
saif khan multan Fri 13 Dec, 2013
Samsung is one of my favorite having brilliant technology and new ideas in innovation, as well as latest designs....
Bilal Islamabad Wed 11 Dec, 2013
In my opinion the best product by Samsung is the LEDs and LCDs I have also switch to several Samsung LCD and LEDs for year and I am much satisfied with them, have brilliant result from any other brand available in the market...
Yousof KPK Tue 06 Aug, 2013
I live in Lahore and want to buy Samsung galaxy s4 mini but did not know the actual price in Pakistan.... can anybody suggest me from where I can found exact and actual price actually I am a regular visitor of shoprex.com but know not find s4 mini price here, I don't know why shoprex did not updated this?
Ehtisham Bukhari Lahore Wed 05 Jun, 2013
Samsung must make jeans for their big size smart phones my friend s3 damage due to its big size because my friend put Galaxy S3 in his jeans pocket and when he sit on car to drive a sound like breaking any thing and found Samsung S3 damage of back cover. so Samsung should decrease size of latest or upcoming sets.
Khushaal Thu 02 May, 2013
Mobile prices are higher than in market otherwise are not updated. Samsung Galaxy SII price are now only 12 SR (30948 PKR) but here is 40999 PKR. Price should be updated.
Asghar Ali Sat 27 Apr, 2013
I love Samsung mobiles phone I used many of Samsung products specially smart phone first I purchased Samsung galaxy Y after that I switched to iPhone but now again I purchased Samsung galaxy grand at Rs.36000/= I must say operating system Android and Samsung are the best compilation in smart phones industry and Samsung mobiles phones price in Pakistan are too much high please bring price down and help us to use latest Samsung smart phones. thanks
Akhtar Siyaal Tue 23 Apr, 2013
Samsung are now in leading postion in electronics category every thing we want for entertainmnet purpose provided by samsung their price in pakistan are little high but they are leader in updated technology thats why love to buy samsung products please update samsung galaxy S4 price in Pakistan and help us to make our budget to buying it thanks
asif qadeer khan Fri 29 Mar, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Its really awesome Phone I already buy note 4 in dubai..?
noman Lahore Tue 21 Oct, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
I cant wait more samsung. I Need a lot this phone . When Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will b available in pakistan market . Can I buy this phone in installment method.?
Tania khan Lahore Tue 21 Oct, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
How i update Android lollipop in note 3 mobile.? I am happy bee with Samsung Note 3 :) Waiting for next generation mobile 2015 not this small update. Please Tell Me Note 4 screen size and price in local pakistan and india market.?
shami khan DG khan Tue 21 Oct, 2014
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