Junaid Jamshed Lawn 2017

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Reviews on Junaid Jamshed Lawn
I was quite amazed with junaid jamshed’s latest lawn collection season 2 really did feel like the most amazing one with the most refreshing color palette if not hem most striking designs.

saleem khan
Fri 26 May, 2017
junaid jamshed’s cotton collection is every bit as gold studded as when I first saw it and bought it. It’s been one of the best collections up till now and quite beyond par if you ask me.

Fri 19 May, 2017
the junaid jamshed lawn collection was nicer than most ones yet there prices challenge most of the brands and hold them by the nose. I was impressed how well it truly held up in the price I got it for.

Mon 15 May, 2017
junaid jamshed was one of the best brands about an year ago but when I realized that the quality that they had was suffering a bit I stopped being a loyal customer. Quality is better compared to recent 2016 dresses in 2017 but still not up to par I think.

Juni khan
Thu 11 May, 2017
I just love junaid jamshed brand..

Sun 07 May, 2017
I just love junaid jamshed brand..

Sun 07 May, 2017
junaid jamshed is a very nice brand and I have bought many dresses from its various outlets. I have also given gifts of j. dresses and one thing consistent through out all purchases was one thing. Complete satisfaction from the producer to the consumer end.

Sat 06 May, 2017
Junaid Jamshed Summer Gala Up to 50 % OFF ON ALl Items 27th April - 7th May 2017 (Limited TIme)

Junaid Jamshed
Fri 28 Apr, 2017
Still Junaid Jamshed has beautiful prints and colors, it is introducing the best collection of lawn in summers of 2017 which has perfect designs and colors, i visited it stores and seen the ideal suits in stitched and unstiched.

Sun 16 Apr, 2017
Junaid Jamshed prints are beautiful made out of comfortable lawn fabric... Thanks

Sat 15 Apr, 2017
I love Junaid Jamshed lawn online shopping, but i open Junaid Jamshed offical website buy i have not see junaid jamshed lawn 2017 vol 2 collection on official Junaid Jamshed website 2017, Please update more pics on Junaid Jamshed Facebook page volume 2 lawn pictures!

Sat 08 Apr, 2017
Good News For us Junaid Jamshed A glimpse of J. Melbourne outlet and the opening ceremony.

Junaid Jamshed
Sat 08 Apr, 2017
I am in trouble, i have lost my Junaid Jamshed Membership card. Can anyone tell me how to get that card again plz, i wanna buy Junaid Jamshed lawn 2017 suits vol 3 for my mother online

nadir khan
Tue 04 Apr, 2017
I am waiting Junaid jamshed new sale 2017 Plz tell me when will b your next discount session?

Mon 03 Apr, 2017
J. Junaid Jamshed launches Vol 3 Mera Andaaz on 31st March. Add fresh hues of lawn & chiffon range to your wardrobe.

Mon 03 Apr, 2017

Junaid Jamshed launches J. Volume.3, (Lawn - Silk - Chiffon) out in stores on 31st March 2017 - Junaid Jamshed Mera Andaaz Vol 1. With Lawn, Silk, & Chiffon prints, the collection is designed to bring out the best in you. Coming to your nearest outlets and online from 3rd February, 2017. Chalta rahay yeh karwan. Junaid jamshed has just announced the latest volume 1 of hissummer lawn collection 2017 that is Volume 1, which is now available at all the leading stores and outlets of J. in Pakistan, this Junaid Jamshed lawn collection for summer is also listed with its all variety at Shorex.com with prices in Pakistan for whole summer season. You may also get further details regarding designs, fabric and embroideries with color combinations.

Junaid Jamshed lawn collection for summer season is the most popular clothing in Pakistan, there are number of upcoming dresses of Junaid Jamshed Lawn Prints Collection 2017, these collections are most popular not just only in Pakistan but in several western countries as well. Junaid Jamshed dresses are entirely traditional and designed within the cultural sentiments of the Pakistani people.

Being on the name of the most favorite personality in Pakistan, the brand holds the quality and supervisions in clothing, the recently announced lawn collections for summer 2017, there has always been something new in Junaid Jamshed lawn catalogue every year which is also be seen in several clothing magazines and exhibitions. In the year 2017 summer lawn are available under the names of Mid-Summer and Junaid Jamshed Teen Collection with an exciting colors and prints. There are stilted, non-stitched suites available, which is also called J. or J.J’s lawn collection under Volume 1, 2 and others. There are all fashion involved like adults, girls and kids fashion with fascinating prints and textures. There are shirts, shalwars, pajamas and dupattas included, there are number of outfits listed at Shoprex.com under Junaid Jamshed summer lawn collections 2017 containing best seller available with prices in Pakistan.

Junaid Jamshed 2017 Lawn Summer Collection

As the winter going back; Junaid Jamshed has something new for summer fashion trends. This summer, every women clothing brand desires to grab the attention of customers, thus JJ comes with the new idea and exquisite lawn prints. New collection comprises of various styles to fulfill the requirements of Women seeking for summer dresses, new catalogue include:

- Junaid Jamshed Lawn Collection Vol. 1 2017

- Junaid Jamshed Lawn Collection Vol. 2 2017

- Junaid Jamshed Lawn Collection Vol. 3 2017

- Junaid Jamshed Lawn Collection Vol. 4 2017

- Junaid Jamshed Lawn Collection Vol. 5 2017

- Junaid Jamshed Lawn Summer Gala Up to 50 % OFF ON ALl Items 27th April - 7th May 2017

In the loving memory of Junaid Jamshed, Launching Mera Andaaz Spring Summer Vol.1 on 3rd February 2017, find Lawn by JJ this summer 2017 at Shoprex with best prices. In accordance with last year catalogue once again J. reviving the classic looks of Pakistani Women’s with modern mix, match designs, embroidered printed and color variations. The new collection has many bold and beautiful articles; specially printed disputes are available. Every girl desire to make her look as beautiful as possible in any special occasion, Vol.1 2017 by Junaid Jamshed include brilliant detailing and a wide array of embroidery touch.

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