Gul Ahmed Lawn 2017

Reviews on Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2017
Gul ahmad is one of the best lawn brands but although people do say this they fail to explain why. Well firstly it’s because their fabric is developed with the highest thread quality and it makes it more airy and light than any other lawn for those who know.

Fri 21 Apr, 2017
GulAhmed Latest lawn designs and luxurious fabrics! Get them at mind-blowing discounts of up to 45% off!

nadeem khan
Wed 19 Apr, 2017
the gul-ahmad lawn was really really nice in terms of over-all look and feel. I was impressed with it a lot in terms of the quality of the fabric as it really felt like it had no comparison. It truly has what’s premium from top to bottom.

saleem khan
Tue 18 Apr, 2017
gul ahmad was a really good brand when it was launched. Packing the innovation of being one of the pioneers it has come a long way and refined its fabric thread by thread with the gradual improvements in each new volume!

Tabyyab raoi
Mon 17 Apr, 2017
Gul Ahmed collection is awesome. Please post Volume 2 and Volume 3, 3 and 2 piece soot simple and embroidered. i am waiting!

Fri 14 Apr, 2017
gul ahmed Yolo collection 2017 really did sweep the market when it released its latest 2017 volumes 1 and 2. In my opinion it came up with totally refreshing designs.

Wed 12 Apr, 2017
gul ahmad really out did itself this year with its amazing over the top varieties of lawn. I was so mesmerized with its 2017 lawn collections as they had all trademark gul ahmad features plus a lot more flair this year too.

Mon 10 Apr, 2017
I want to buy gul ahmed new collection 2017 in red color dress, but i don't understand why u r making fool on this gul ahmed magazine catalog suit 2017, i have not this Gul ahmed summer lawn dress , so plese tell me why u upload picture update again n again in gul ahmed lawn online shopping Facebook page!

shoaib khan
Sat 08 Apr, 2017
the gul ahmad lawn collection 2017 really does pack a lot of quality. I was honestly astounded when the I saw how amazing the prints and embroideries were. Its gets really hard to resist buying one of such exotic beauty.

khalid khan
Thu 06 Apr, 2017
Wao great news for us Enhance your Summer Style with the latest Gul Ahmed's 2017 collection-Volume 2. now wait more plese upload Gul ahmed volume 2 picture on ur website Thanks

Wed 05 Apr, 2017
I wasn’t meant to stumble on upon this section but accidentally found out this section and after that I just couldn’t get myself to stop strolling through this section every now and then. Finally ended up getting 3 dresses.

Tue 04 Apr, 2017
When will Gul ahmed store launch 2017 gul ahmed sale 70 off in stores ?? I cant wait more please update Gul ahmed sale 70% sale unsicthed summer gul ahmed picture on ur website Thanks! Gul ahmed 70% summer sale is best sale in Pakistan ! If i compare sana safinaz sale and nishat linen sale... Thanks Gul ahmed best store in pakistan ! plese also upload Gul ahmed store google map in website... Thanks alot for taking time.

najia a
Tue 04 Apr, 2017
For bulk orders / corporate queries, please contact: Yasir Aftab Marketing Executive Email : [email protected] Cell # +92 345 2741755

Gul ahmed
Mon 03 Apr, 2017
Hello, Please anyone share with me Gul ahmed contact information Pakistan office i wanna buy Gul ahmed lawn 2017 for my store in multan Thanks!

sajaad khan ahmed
Mon 03 Apr, 2017
Gul ahmed Yellow & white dress available ?? I have visited ur Gul ahmed tariq road outlet Near Maria B outlet there is out of stock. plese send me Gul ahmed yellow Dress my home address Thanks!

Mon 03 Apr, 2017

Gul Ahmed Lawn 2017 - When a revolutionary mass used consumer good is produced by countless manufacturers most often there are one or two pioneers who mastered that product setting off a spiral of innovation. In the Lawn industry in Pakistan Gul Ahmed was one such pioneer that was the leading hand in the introduction and development of one of the most abundantly used fabric up till 2017. Latest lawn collection available now in Gul Ahmed Store in Pakistan; discover all include Gul Ahmed summer collection 2017 vol.1 & vol.2, Gul Ahmed Summer 2017 Premium & Essential collection, Embroidered Collection 2016 etc.

Gul Ahmed 2017 Summer Collections with Price Catalog/Magazine

With each start of a new season the annual Gul Ahmad magazines, Fashion events and studio collections are eagerly awaited by the public across the country. Gul Ahmed's extensive persuasive advertisements end up with its numerous stores across the country crowded to the brim. Gul Ahmed collection are anticipated to be released on the 18th of April 2017.

With its 2017 collection Gul Ahmed has chosen to stay close to the roots of its origin; showcasing vibrant colors of spring and experimenting with geometric patterns combined with figurines all encased with a very traditional essence, it is a very accurate embodiment of our progressive and rapidly developing new culture and values.

New Collections:

• Gul Ahmed Spring/Summer 2017 Collection
• Gul Ahmed Essential Collection
• Gul Ahmed Premium Collection
• Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer Cambric 2017
• Gul Ahmed Eid Collections 2017

Gul Ahmed Online Store in Pakistan

Gul Ahmed is Pakistan’s leading fashion house which was founded back in 1953. As the Pakistan’s most legendary fashion house, Gul Ahmed start its online store; you can find all amazing Women unstitched collections for all occasions; party wear, weddings, casual suits to give you your desire look. Gul Ahmed tries and sets itself apart by the use of persuasive marketing tactics. Unlike Khaadi who depends upon product development solely, Gul Ahmed breaks the traditional barriers and tries to penetrate newer markets locally by expanding the grasp of its lawn collection to a wider general audience.

The introduction of budget factions within the Ideas collection and numerous seasonal sales allow even the lower income segments to experience the latest stitched and unstitched 2017 lawn collections. Since years, this fashion icon has always been coming up with amazing products from women’s wear Unstitched and stitched fabrics, cotton, lawn, party wear and Khaddar to Men’s wear Shalwar Kameez and Unstitched, evening wears, party wears, magazines and much more.

Advertisements impress a larger number of people every day too. However product development is in focus too as can be seen by the progress of embroidered lawn collection in a relatively small amount of years before 2017. To fully utilize the aura of 2017 Gul Ahmed has also worked upon its Chiffon collections known as the La chiffon, Chantilly de chiffon, Cambric, Mid-Summer and premium lawn and chiffon embroidered collections with up-to 3 volumes in anticipation right now.

You are looking now Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2017 price in pakistan including in all major cities, Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2017 Price in Karachi, Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2017 price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.