Dawood Lawn 2018

Reviews on Dawood Lawn
the dawood lawn collection is really really cool and it happens to be one of the best in terms of when it comes to comfort and price value. Love it to bits when it comes to utility and practicality.

Fri 11 Aug, 2017
dawood lawn collection was truly one of the best ways to actually try and get sophistication and quality in the same package at a very satisfactory price that doesn’t exceed your budget

Thu 13 Jul, 2017
the dawood lawn collection really did feel and perform just like the price I had paid for it. It really was one of the best when you try and compare it to similarly priced alternatives.

Sahil khan
Wed 05 Jul, 2017
dawood’s lawn collection was quite a nice one in my opinion. I was quite impressed with its amazing quality as well as over the top prices that blow the competition out of the water.

Kinza khan
Wed 28 Jun, 2017
the dawood lawn collection is one of the best lawn collections in 201 given its amazing practicality in terms of prices and over the top quality in the fabric itself. I was honestly quite amazed at the quality of dawood lawn collection.

Sumbul khan
Mon 19 Jun, 2017
I was happy when I actually saw the dawood lawn collection. Its colors were quite amazing with a very nice hint of fabulous designs. It’s one of the best in terms of price value and quality.

SHani khan
Thu 15 Jun, 2017
The dawood collection is one of the best ways to be dressed both casually formally. It beats the heat in the best way possible and it also really makes the wearer stand out of the crowd.

mani ahmed
Tue 06 Jun, 2017
I have recently bought a bunch of clothes out of which I noticed a few were of dawoods summer collection 2017. I gave some intricate attention to the and noticed that were quite nicely designed and fabric specially was a very airy sort.

Tue 30 May, 2017
dawod Eid collection is one of the most amazing collections in my opinion. I was quite impressed with it and the price was quite amazing in my opinion.

Maryam khan
Fri 26 May, 2017
the latest collections are one of the best. Dawood collections have earned there name and earned it well. I was happy with how well it was designed in all aspects.

Shani ahmed
Mon 15 May, 2017
dawood’s lawn collection really does feel very comfy in terms of overall comfort. I was quite happy when I actually saw that it was such an amazing

Thu 11 May, 2017
I have sent massage many times for the enquiry of wholesale price of lawn suits but haven't received any reply from your side.please reply my email. Thank you.

Ansari Kahkashan
Wed 03 May, 2017
i am waiting new dawood Collection Dresses ! When is your summer collection coming. It is not online. Not wait more please update more design!

shani khan
Fri 14 Apr, 2017
dawoodlawns.com not open my pc .. what should i do.. i wanna buy some lawn dawood lawn brand but i don understand what should i do?? please help me ladies ,,, I dont wanna buy gul ahmed and al karam brand dresses!

Mon 03 Apr, 2017
I have baught dawood lawn so far but unfortunately this time not satisfied with dawood lawn designing and color.Please bring some light color and small print dress which appeal in this hot days of summer....

Thu 30 Mar, 2017
Dawood Classic Printed Lawn Collection Unstitched (DC-32)
dawoodd lawn collection was a very nice and amazing lawn brand that gave one of the best in terms of price to quality ratio. Although I was surprised how well it was in terms of quality the price was what shocked me.

shani khan
Tue 01 Aug, 2017
Dawood Classic Printed Lawn Collection Unstitched (DC-35)
dawood lawn collection is quite nice. I am thinking of buying it but my sister told me that dawood lawn collection is competed directly by star lawn which in some ways is superior over dawoods lawn collection but comes a but expensive.

Sadi khan
Mon 24 Jul, 2017
Pack of 2 - Dawood Classic Printed Lawn & 3D Cotton Poly Bed Sheet (DC-23) & (3D-02)
lawn collection was very impressive in terms of color vibrancy, I was quite amazed and impressed with the way it presented it-self with bold colors and exclusive colors.

Yousuf khan
Wed 05 Jul, 2017

Dawood Lawn Collection 2018 - The stunning variety of Dawood lawn collection is there for summer season and dressing styles, they are the largest chain of branded clothing in Pakistan with formal semiformal casual and other different clothing, offering stitched and non-stitched both. The look and designs of Dawood summer collection 2018 are just perfect for warm weather environments, Dawood lawn 2018 prices are also much economical like its previous lawn collections. They are currently offering Dawood Collection Lawn, Dawood Classic lawn, Aalishan Chiffon lawn, Zam Zam Chiffon lawn, Dawood Gold Lawn and more. There are several clothing stores across Pakistan selling latest collection of Dawood Lawn 2018, which is also been showcasing in several fashion events and clothing exhibitions, Shoprex.com offering its price information and clothing details.

2018 Summer Lawn Collection by Dawood

As the printed backs are now again in fashion, new Lawn Collection in 2018 for summer season launch by Dawood Textile. It is true to say that every woman in Pakistan following latest trends of fashion needs no introduction about Dawood Lawns. Also the new printed lawn suits are launching internationally by Dawood Exports Pvt Ltd. Last year, release its Minahil Swiss Voile Vol features variety of mixing colors that strength the charm of women.

Summer's outfits are designed both in bright and solid shades, thus some classy outfit’s designer’s use contrasting colors that add the royal touch; same in the case of new Classic Vol for spirng17. Lawn by Dawood is the most inexpensive available at reasonable prices in Pakistan; so middle-class people also get the best variety in low cost. Stay tuned with us for the latest collection! Look at our complete list of outfits and get choose your desired piece of the lawn suit from this range.

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