There are number of brands for deep freezers in Pakistan including Waves Deep Freezers, Haier Deep Freezers, Dawlance Deep Freezers, Kenwood Deep Freezers, PEL Deep Freezers, Hitachi Deep Freezers, Orient Deep Freezers, Singer Deep Freezers and more. Most of the brands are ENERGY STAR Certified ensuring quality and Read More
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I have a beautiful and reliable Haier HDF-325HB Deep Freezer which cooling quality is very fast and there is no any smell due to its gaskit quality. I also recommend this brand freezer to my friend because he also searching.
shani khna Lahore Sat 18 Apr, 2015
Like the deep freezer kindly out some more images in the chinese brand changhong ruba refrigerator which is more good and very popular. If it will be in my range i will definitely purchase this such a brilliant brand.
samia khan Lahore Sat 18 Apr, 2015
I have Waves WT-213 Triplet Deep Freezer but i am not satisfy about the performance because there is no any advance or new technology i see in the appliances of waves brand, also the machinery in this deep freezer are very noisy.
sajda Lahore Mon 13 Apr, 2015
Haier is a very reliable brand but no doubt it is quite more expensive as we compare it to the waves, although now a days the deep freezer of changhong ruba is also available in the market which quality is also good.
Naddem khan Pindi Tue 07 Apr, 2015
This Kenwood KDF-222V Deep Freezer is good for those home in which the space availability is very low, its one door freezer makes many portion in the interior body, although the kenwood is just good for home appliances.
Naeem Islamabad Fri 27 Mar, 2015
In this LG GC-J237AGNV freezer it is never mention the quantity of dispenser, how much water it can keep for the drinking? Its price is very expensive but if any one tell me about its reliability i can purchase it.
lubna khan lahore Fri 13 Mar, 2015
There are many partitions are happen in this Orient OF-221-HST Upright Freezer which is good for the placement of the stuffs. It is very less in sounds and very good in cooling, i love it orient, its color is very beautiful.
Nabeel khan Lahore Fri 27 Feb, 2015
When i use the LED TV of changhong ruba, i realize that this china brand is also very reliable. Due to the price of this home appliances i will buy Changhong Ruba deep freezer, hope that it will aslo good like my LED TV.
samia lahore Sat 21 Feb, 2015
dr arslan afzal lahore Wed 11 Feb, 2015
which mini deep freezer is best for freezing milk and freeze at least 5 days i ma a students live in city but i belongs to a village.my parents gives milk for me at least 6 litter but i cannot save it.price range is 10000 to 15000
muhammad naeem bahawalnager Sun 14 Dec, 2014
waves transparent lid on top deep freezer i use at home for freezing things.l very very excellent compressor. almost noise less except when it starts. also the plastic seems o be very tough. i think it is best deep freezer in Pakistan.
binish karachi Sat 15 Nov, 2014
which deep freezer is best for storing only and only milk. i work n dairy shop and i need deep freezer. previously had dawlance very old freezer but now i need a 0 meter one. i there any suiting my needs???? it also should be price effcient..
sikandar Lahore Fri 03 Oct, 2014
Eid ul Azha is the event when deep freezers are really needed due to Qurbani, the rest whole year, my deep freezer remains empty.
Shariq Khatak Wed 24 Sep, 2014
I need the easiest solution of freezing ice in the deep freezer and cleaning method, i have to keep my deep freezer shut down for many hours for melting ice and after that there is no proper way to release water. is there any deep freezer with anti frost functionality
esham Karachi Tue 16 Sep, 2014
i dont think deep freezes are anymore of a necessity now, they occupy way too much space and also the vertical ones are now better. they store same mount of material in considerably lesser space.
tariq jamali Karachi Thu 11 Sep, 2014
Waves WT-2180
Waves is the only brand which deep freezers are very cheap that is why it is in every home. Last year i also bought this Waves WT-215 Triplet Deep Freezer and i am hundred percent satisfy about the performance of it.
shazaib kahn Sat 18 Apr, 2015
Waves WTC-215 / WT-2150 CB Deep Freezer
how much price in islamabad Double door triplet deep freezer?
Mohammmad Tahir Fri 17 Apr, 2015
Waves WF-208 Deep Freezer
Dear Hashmi, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturers.
Shoprex Admin Fri 17 Apr, 2015
Waves WF-208 Deep Freezer
How much discount,what is the price,or kis shop pe ha in karachi
hashmi Fri 17 Apr, 2015
Today,s we would like to buy the Deep freezer of Haier brand my range with 30-35 please advise the best quality of Haier waiting your response M.S baig
BD285SD Wed 15 Apr, 2015

There are number of brands for deep freezers in Pakistan including Waves Deep Freezers, Haier Deep Freezers, Dawlance Deep Freezers, Kenwood Deep Freezers, PEL Deep Freezers, Hitachi Deep Freezers, Orient Deep Freezers, Singer Deep Freezers and more. Most of the brands are ENERGY STAR Certified ensuring quality and enhanced features with international standards.

Deep freezers come in enormous sizes with different types, these deep freezers are widely used by shopkeepers, offices, supermarkets, and other medium scales in summer season. In Pakistan, the deep freezers are found much valuable at Eid ul Azha in order to preserve meats and mutton which works as a stock container for them. ShopRex makes available a detailed list of Deep Freezers online for its visitors, the appliances vary from price ranges as per their brands, model and functions. Deep freezers are mostly used in nearly every household, industry and commerce in Pakistan. The appliance store meat or either used for freezing ice. Deep Freezers in household maintain temperature from -23 to -18 C. A wide ranging list involves deep freezers of some of the prominent brands like Haier, Waves, Hitachi and Dawlance. Many new recently launched deep freezers have an ice dispenser built on its door. Some of the even more new models are upgraded with temperature changing device. ShopRex ensures accurate and updates rates of the deep freezers and authenticity of the mentioned brands. Deep freezers are one of the major sources of preserving food in a large bit scale, in houses and small shops which is widely used across the globe. There number of brand names available in Pakistan which are making these deep freezers. There are also number of deep freezers review and specifications among several different brands.

You are looking now Deep Freezers price in pakistan including in all major cities, Deep Freezers Price in Karachi, Deep Freezers price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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