Deep freezers come in enormous sizes with different types, these deep freezers are widely used by shopkeepers, offices, supermarkets, and other medium scales in summer season. In Pakistan, the deep freezers are found much valuable at Eid ul Azha in order to preserve meats and mutton which works as a Read More
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I need the easiest solution of freezing ice in the deep freezer and cleaning method, i have to keep my deep freezer shut down for many hours for melting ice and after that there is no proper way to release water. is there any deep freezer with anti frost functionality
esham Karachi Tue 16 Sep, 2014
i dont think deep freezes are anymore of a necessity now, they occupy way too much space and also the vertical ones are now better. they store same mount of material in considerably lesser space.
tariq jamali Karachi Thu 11 Sep, 2014
i bought waves deep freezer and i t was very noisy. i thought it was normal and further stored large amounts of beef, mince and chicken inside with a number of ither things. in 3 days all of them went bad, started to rot and decay. i had a total loss of 12000 rs worth of food. i have decided to take the damn ass stupid company to court at atlast. how can they be such cheapsters. i advise everybody to runaway from waves
hani Karachi Sat 06 Sep, 2014
no doubt the fact that waves is the oldest brand in the industry makes it a best seller. orient is cheap. pel is better than most while dawlance is best all rounder.
kinza Karachi Thu 04 Sep, 2014
Waves WF-212 GSD Deep Freezer,Looks stylish, lots of fridge space and ample freezer for a big family freezer capacity and style Looks good Low sound,like it
hania karachi Wed 03 Sep, 2014
Hello My mother told me Waves WTC-213 Deep Freezer model is best as compare to Dawlance VF-1035 WB Deep Freezer model. please tell me cooling timing both deep freezer.? can i buy this model in Karachi electronic market.? if not sendd me a list of requirements required for shipping like charges and stuff
ghauri Karachi Tue 02 Sep, 2014
Anyone one tell me When Will bakra Eid In Pakistan?. Because my want purchase Deep freezer. I live USA I don't Know Which brand is Good in Pakistan? please Recommend me Which brand Deep Freezer is good. she want big size Deep Freezer. My opinion waves Deep freezer is best.
salu Lahore Mon 01 Sep, 2014
im User Waves WF-210 Deep Freezer,This freezer does what it says. It is compact and the drawer size was larger than I expected. I am really pleased with the product,good size looks nice
Mimza Lahore Fri 29 Aug, 2014
Deep freezer are very useful especially in summer seasons where the electricity duration get long and there is no warranty of power break down, as well as the EID ul Azha season when you have slaughter in your home and need to preserve the meat for long until its distributed.
Rafeq karachi Thu 28 Aug, 2014
i want to tell every brother sister here that freezers have captured all of our intelligence even. deep freezers artificially preserve food and build tin them dangerous gases. the best way is to buy fresh, eat fresh. frozen products are the cause of 30 percent deaths in pakistan.
jahangir shah Karachi Thu 28 Aug, 2014
Im User Waves WF-212 Deep Freezer It's huge!!! I struggle to fill it with my weekly shopping nice deep shelves and door Storage, Lots of space for bottles and jars, very Nice looking,
Neelam Islamabad Wed 27 Aug, 2014
Triplet is the best among all models of deep freezers ,the three different portions let you categorize food items to be put in, which don't bother other items.
Nasir Nathiya Gali Wed 27 Aug, 2014
I need a Pakistani reviews about the deep freezer available in Pakistan, i only find it on Shoprex blog so i came here for looking at the price available in Pakistan of that deep freezers.
Sunail Faisalabad Mon 25 Aug, 2014
now adays deep freezer shop is blooming mainly because i think its bakra eid. everybody want a deep freezer to store big amounts of cow and goat meat. my friedns have also got good deep freezers for quite less and i think i would also purchase one with 2 lids. if there is a reasonable deal or discount, please let me know. thank you. now i have to search for deep freezers. good bye
Bashir bahawalpur Tue 19 Aug, 2014
now a days i am seeing deep freezers have become more of necessity than a luxury. its like a complement to the fridge. in moments like bakra eid, ramzan or others people have to store large quantities of food and thats where the deep freezers come in. my only complaint is that they consume to much electricity, other than that, its nothing but a blessing.
ramis Karachi Tue 19 Aug, 2014
Waves WFC-210 / WF-210CB Cool Bank Deep Freezer
Dear Gohar, the compressor are Japanese made.
Shoprex Admin Tue 16 Sep, 2014
Waves WFC-210 / WF-210CB Cool Bank Deep Freezer
really awesome and nice deep freezer. i use it at home and its bettert han haier and other dawlance freezers. it even does not loose power when the light are out so for me waves has won. i will keep buying waves. dawlance and haier are the worst kind.
jahangir Tue 16 Sep, 2014
Waves WFC-210 / WF-210CB Cool Bank Deep Freezer
what is compressor made
gohar Mon 15 Sep, 2014
Haier BD-198 Deep Freezer
Hello , I like this Deep Freezer, please tell me final price of this freezer. my friend recommand me this model Haier BD-198 Freezer. Is it availablein sadder market.?
nadia khan Sun 14 Sep, 2014
Waves WF-212 Deep Freezer
very good deep freezer. i bought it 4 years ago still perfectly working. i want to sell it for a little amount of money that is 20000. everything is working fine except paint is a little yellow from the usage. it is a golden offer and all inside grills are intact and not even once repaired.
waqar hashmi Sat 13 Sep, 2014
Deep freezers come in enormous sizes with different types, these deep freezers are widely used by shopkeepers, offices, supermarkets, and other medium scales in summer season. In Pakistan, the deep freezers are found much valuable at Eid ul Azha in order to preserve meats and mutton which works as a stock container for them. ShopRex makes available a detailed list of Deep Freezers online for its visitors, the appliances vary from price ranges as per their brands, model and functions. Deep freezers are mostly used in nearly every household, industry and commerce in Pakistan. The appliance store meat or either used for freezing ice. Deep Freezers in household maintain temperature from -23 to -18 C. A wide ranging list involves deep freezers of some of the prominent brands like Haier, Waves, Hitachi and Dawlance. Many new recently launched deep freezers have an ice dispenser built on its door. Some of the even more new models are upgraded with temperature changing device. ShopRex ensures accurate and updates rates of the deep freezers and authenticity of the mentioned brands. Deep freezers are one of the major sources of preserving food in a large bit scale, in houses and small shops which is widely used across the globe. There number of brand names available in Pakistan which are making these deep freezers. There are also number of deep freezers review and specifications among several different brands.
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