Charizma Lawn 2017

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Denim Ring Neck Shirt for Women

Rs. 1,600
Rs. 1,250

Star Classic Lawn Suit (SC-94)

Rs. 1,800
Rs. 1,350
Reviews on Charizma Lawn
charisma is my favorite lawn collection till date. Although I have not really found out the proper way to design the perfect charisma suit up till now I am confident that it’s one of the best however I design it.

Lubna ahmed
Fri 11 Aug, 2017
charisma lawn collection is a very nice and amazing lawn brand. I enjoyed the way it felt on me as it was so soft and comfortable in terms of fabric. Didn’t even feel hot.

Lubna ahmed
Tue 01 Aug, 2017
I have long been a loyal customer of charisma lawn collection. With its super amazing capabilities to actually be one of the best in terms of looks and colors I have long been standing out of the crowd in family gatherings and such.

Nadeem khan
Mon 24 Jul, 2017
charisma has really gone all out in 2017 while producing its lawn collection. What it lacked in previous years like a truly refined feel is now present in the 2017 collections.

Naiala kahanm
Thu 13 Jul, 2017
charisma has stepped up its game in the recent years too. I was quite amazed of what they provided in the year 2017 as compared to the previous collections.

Wed 05 Jul, 2017
charisma was a very overall nice brand that gave the best variety and designs as compared to others in chiffon. Even the prices were in my experience quite well balanced too.

Shezad khan
Wed 28 Jun, 2017
I was amazed how charisma performed in terms of overall usability. As a totally event biased dress it performs way better than the competing brands and gives us usability beyond any-other dress.

Aleem khan
Thu 22 Jun, 2017
I was stunned when I saw charisma’s quality combined with the excellence of the low price. I was quite amazed with how it managed to provide so much in such a little price.

Uzma khan
Tue 20 Jun, 2017
I was quite amazed with charisma lawn collection and it was quite the amazing way to initiate my eid in 2016. This year I will try and successfully buy the latest volumes before they run out of stock.

Saif khan
Thu 15 Jun, 2017
Charisma totally kicks the behind of all those firms that actually claim they are the best but are trash. For once actually there is a clothing designer that doesn’t shout of its glory but actually speaks of it with its products.

Mon 12 Jun, 2017
the charisma is a very amazing brand in terms of looks. It’s one of the most gorgeous pieces of art and the price was quite amazing too. Totally over the top in terms of what is considered best for a dress.

saleem khan
Tue 06 Jun, 2017
my friend recently bought a charisma lawn suit from shoprex and she had nothing but raving positive reviews about the brand. So being a designer fanatic my-self I decided to go ahead and try it for once. I was quite amazed and happy with its overall quality.

Shamim khan
Tue 30 May, 2017
when it comes to formal lawn collections the charisma collections are something that blows minds out. It truly encases a feel and essence that can totally give you one of the

Aamir ahmed
Fri 26 May, 2017
the charisma lawn collections are one of the best in my opinion. I was so happy with what I was offered by charisma. Price wasn’t a matter but premium quality was a preference and that’s exactly what I got.

Irtfan ahmed
Mon 15 May, 2017
charisma is one of the best lawn collections I have come across to date. It was mind blowing in terms of how well it pronounced all tones of colors individually and then combined to form one whole master piece as well.

Thu 11 May, 2017

Charizma Lawn 2018 - Charizma Embroidered Lawn Collection vol-2 2018 Launching Tomorrow - Charizma Lawn collection is a step down from the top tier players in Pakistan. When people really get tired and search an alternative for the generally exorbitantly priced lawn in the market one name they come across more than often is Charizma Lawn. Infused with a sense of being an alternative rather than a first or foremost preference, Charizma lawn has a an audience different from the usual pret designers.

While others may seem to create market demand with their pret, Charizma tends to characterize its Lawn collection with themes that are popular and already experimented, marketed and succeeded by the big players. Charizma does have its own set of designs variety and patterns, it doesn't make replicas or copies but what it does is use the elements that seem to be gaining popularity based on products launched by the top players and then launch their own collections. 2018 focus with its latest 2018 volumes seems to be the promotion of vibrant windy summers infused with a flowing charming essence to create an aesthetically pleasing and traditional yet developed pret. The lawn quality of charizma can be described as a good “bang for buck” sort. Charizma’s unique selling point is its affordability and the value it offers for potentially less money and that too under a strong brand image.

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