Charizma Lawn 2020

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Reviews on Charizma Lawn
Great Quality

Thu 30 Jan, 2020
I have always heard about this brand but I have bought it 4 times and it has every time failed to impress me so I hope that they will impress me next time in terms of quality and designs.

Wed 31 Oct, 2018
One of the best and most gorgeous pieces of textile on the market right now. There are few dresses you come across that are so damn flawless and this is one those.

Mon 02 Jul, 2018
Charizma has always been and will always be my favorite brand simply because of the consistent quality it provides without any shade of flaw or cost cutting. It’s definitely a nice and wholesome new experience.

Thu 24 May, 2018
I have never bought charisma yet I’M afraid that if I do buy charisma right now just a few days later a new collection will be launched, so please tell me if there are any new designs about to be launched.

Sajid kahn
Wed 16 May, 2018
Charizma has yet again proved that it’s one of the rare brands which are nothing quite like the others, I have always felt as if this is the only brand caring enough for us in terms of customer satisfaction.

kainat m
Thu 03 May, 2018
Charisma was a great and fresh new experience for me in my opinion. I had never purchased it before so I thought of giving it a try and sure enough, they were one of the better varieties of lawn available in Pakistan.

Mon 16 Apr, 2018
Charizma’s latest new lawn collection has left me amazed and at a loss for words. Its glamor is second to none and oh the designs, they are an exceptional beauty to use in every way possible.

Tue 10 Apr, 2018
One of my most favorite lawn bands to date. I doubt other have the prowess to make a dress as grand as charisma.

Thu 29 Mar, 2018
CHarizma has been a very mature lawn brand but I feel that its dress now lack exactly what they market, Charisma ! Sort of a mundane pattern like feel looking at their 2018 lawn.

Tue 27 Mar, 2018
There is just something about charisma that gets my mind going. Its designs are like a crazy beautiful and elegant but never too vibrant so that it stays at the decent end of the spectrum. Truly classy premium wear.

Mon 26 Mar, 2018
I think the brand that has done an exemplary job in making up for lost time is charisma, their formals and casuals are exceptionally brilliant and I don’t think there is a dress that better suited than this.

Wed 21 Mar, 2018
If anybody wants a one stop shop for absolutely amazing party wear or outside evening wear, I suggest them to only improve their varieties and distributions networks, otherwise its absolutely stunning.

Mon 19 Mar, 2018
Where is Charizma outlet in karachi Tariq road i need some lawn suits for my daugtershe live in Uk... so anyone know about Charizma lawn fabric and latest collection share with me !

Rubina Shoukat
Thu 15 Feb, 2018
Charizma Offer Luxury Pret Collection 2018 Now In Stores

Thu 15 Feb, 2018

Charizma Lawn 2020 - Charizma Embroidered Lawn Collection vol-2 2020 Launching Tomorrow - Charizma Lawn collection suits is a step down from the top tier players in Pakistan. When people really get tired and search an alternative for the generally exorbitantly priced lawn in the market one name they come across more than often is Charizma Lawn. Infused with a sense of being an alternative rather than a first or foremost preference, Charizma lawn has a an audience different from the usual pret designers.

While others may seem to create market demand with their pret, Charizma tends to characterize its Lawn collection with themes that are popular and already experimented, marketed and succeeded by the big players. Charizma does have its own set of designs variety and patterns, it doesn't make replicas or copies but what it does is use the elements that seem to be gaining popularity based on products launched by the top players and then launch their own collections. 2019 focus with its latest 2019 volumes seems to be the promotion of vibrant windy summers infused with a flowing charming essence to create an aesthetically pleasing and traditional yet developed pret. The lawn quality of charizma can be described as a good “bang for buck” sort. Charizma’s unique selling point is its affordability and the value it offers for potentially less money and that too under a strong brand image.

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