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Waves refrigerators are available in different sizes depending on space, features and capabilities. For sure strong cooling, easy and smart good preserving and stylish look, all the people of Pakistan prefer Waves refrigerators.

Waves refrigerators are available under the four different series including KOMBO, Direct Read More

 Waves Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

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Waves WRH-314 Refrigerator
Waves WRH-314 Refrigerator
Rs. 39,900
Waves WRH-313 Refrigerator
Waves WRH-313 Refrigerator
Rs. 38,900
Waves WRH-311 Refrigerator
Waves WRH-311 Refrigerator
Rs. 37,500
Waves WR-320 Refrigerator
Waves WR-320 Refrigerator
Rs. 45,000
Waves WR-308 Refrigerator
Waves WR-308 Refrigerator
Rs. 26,000
Waves WRH-314 XL
Waves WRH-314 XL
Rs. 39,500
Waves WR-308DD Refrigerator
Waves WR-308DD Refrigerator
Rs. 31,000
Waves WR-309
Waves WR-309
Rs. 27,000
Waves WR-310
Waves WR-310
Rs. 28,000


Waves Waves WR-320 Refrigerator is top of the best Refrigerator in Pakistan. Waves compnay is best compnay in the world. I Like Very Much Waves appliances Product I have Waves WR-320 Refrigerator Best Cooling Refrigerate in the wold,
Hira Ahmed Fri 22 Aug, 2014
i want to buy a waves wr 310 fridge in gujrat. please recommend me a good seller that can offer me resonable prices of thhis fridge. the main reason i want it is because of incredible price. i also have heard that it performs good. Please shoprex help me in the purchase of the product
kalim Tue 19 Aug, 2014
I love to buy waves products specially waves appliances because their products are reliable and run till many years without creating problem,Dear Shoprex Waves WR-308 Refrigerator Available In Your Stock Any Discount,
Aisha Mon 18 Aug, 2014
previously in the initial times i remember seeing deep freezer of only waves. i dont remeber seeing a brand in those times. similar was the case with refrigerators, only dawlance or national. but now times are changing, i am so proud to see a company like waves now in the refrigerator business. i will buy one so that i can experience what its like
taha Fri 15 Aug, 2014
My experience is very bad waves brand. I have waves fridge and spilt Ac at office. Both of them bad performance even in comparison with changhong Ruba Chinese brand.
fahad Wed 13 Aug, 2014
I am looking for PEL's double doors refrigerators, please add some PEL's double door refrigerators and tell us their prices in Pakistan.
Wajahat Sun 10 Aug, 2014
Dear Shoprex Plz Tell Me This Model Waves WR-309 Available in your Stock And delivery Time Plz Tell Me
Babar, Sat 09 Aug, 2014
i remember the time when everybody had only Waves Freezer. it enjoyed a lot of popularity in the start but with the time more companies and designs came but waves stuck to traditional 2-Door and 3-Door freezers. now it has entered fridge market but i doubt it will be able to gain the same success as freezers. firstly its compressors are quite noisy and secondly the After-sales is very lousy. i would recommend every brand except Waves.
Kiran Mon 14 Jul, 2014
I think horizontal triplet refrigerator of waves brand is much better than this refrigerator but i dont recommend because it also consume much energy specially Waves WR-309 is not good.
ayesha Sun 04 May, 2014
All the waves refrigerators are so noisy, the compressor quality of waves refrigerator is not good only the designs and colors of this brand refrigerator is good.
anjuman Sat 26 Apr, 2014
This model of waves refrigerator is very expensive but looking good, i confirm the price of this refrigerator in the outlet of waves, the price mention here is wrong. Original price is higher than this price.
rehana Wed 16 Apr, 2014
Waves refrigerator is not better than other refrigerator because its compressor is not good and its electric system are not able to stabilize this refrigerator in low or high voltage that is why the fan of this refrigerator stop working soon.
rana Wed 02 Apr, 2014
"Waves naam hi kaafi hai", Waves refrigerator is very cheap in price and the quality is too good. It consumes very low energy but only one thing is bad that is compressor, because its compressor is very noisy.
idress Mon 24 Mar, 2014
Only dawlance is most reliable refrigerator in Pakistan. There is no comparison between Waves and other refrigerator. I have waves refrigerator since 2010, i think it repairs three times but still not working fine.
wahiya Fri 21 Mar, 2014
Yes i totally agree with shabeer, because the quality of waves refrigerator is very bed as compare to dawlance refrigerator. Compressor of waves refrigerator is very noisy, it is only looking wise good.
manahil Tue 18 Mar, 2014
Only the colors and design of Waves refrigerators are good but the quality of all waves refrigerator is very bad, mostly the freezer is very bad. Price of this refrigerator is also very expensive.
shabeer Thu 13 Mar, 2014
The compressor quality of Waves refrigerator is very noisy.Waves freezer are very good but the refrigeration quality isnt very good . I think only freezer compartment is good in this refrigerator, I dont recommend that type of Waves refrigerators.
ilyas Mon 10 Mar, 2014
There is no comparison of waves refrigerator to other. Waves is very cheap in price but the quality is not good. I never recommend this refrigerator to other person.
wasiq Mon 03 Mar, 2014
I am not satisfied with the performance of Waves refrigerator. I have waves refrigerator since 2005, it has gone to four times service center.
majid Wed 26 Feb, 2014
Waves these both refrigerators are third class as compare to Haier and Dawlance refrigerator. I dont recommend this because very high compressor fan noise.
faheem Sat 22 Feb, 2014
these both refrigerators are same then why there is a difference of 1000 rupees between them?
Waqas Sun 09 Feb, 2014
these refrigerators have very less space in them
Sameer Thu 06 Feb, 2014
arent their any discounts available for the wavees refrigetors?
junaid Sat 01 Feb, 2014
Waves ! name hi kaafi hai :P
Sidra Wed 29 Jan, 2014
WAves refrigerators are very old in the country and they are still at the top
quddusi Fri 24 Jan, 2014
Waves freezer are very good but the refrigeration quality isnt very good . i felt that its refrigeration compartment has few flaws in it which makes it bad
Beenish Wed 22 Jan, 2014
waves refrigrator are good but it has not appreciable space in it at all which makes their market a bit low
Yumna Fri 17 Jan, 2014
Wave are usually well know for chest or deep freezers, i dont recommend that type of Waves refrigerators, Dawlance is better...
Haroon Fri 06 Dec, 2013
Waves WR-310
looking at the various reviews in he section of waves there is one thing i am able to derive, that waves puts cheap compressors in its freezers, almost everywhere everybody iss complainig about the noise of compressor, but one thing is that freezers have fans and often they make noise due to lack of lubrication so its not the compressor but the fan that is noisy, i myself own a waves and regularly oil machinery and my freezer is silent as a breeze. the cooling is just like others.
bassaam Wed 23 Jul, 2014
Waves WR-309
what i dont like about waves is its lack of exterior detailing. but i see myself being prooved wrong as it has excellent details. i really love it s it cools really quicly whatever i put however i put. the door pockets are large, there is no problem except too much sound and apart from that its a pretty bombastic fridge,
waqas Fri 18 Jul, 2014
Waves WR-309
Waves is the old manufacturer of electric appliances but the quality is not good as we compare it to other brand. As we compare with the price wise so Waves WR-309 is good in this range.
rafat Tue 29 Apr, 2014
Waves WR-309
Dear Rizwan Mohammad, it is not available in Pakistan yet.
Shoprex Admin Mon 28 Apr, 2014
Waves WR-309
i am trying to find waves new model refrigrator.which is fridge upper side&freezer is down side.
rizwan mohammad Mon 28 Apr, 2014
Waves WR-309
I like the color of Waves WR-309, its price is also reasonable but i dont think so Waves is more reliable brand like dawlance that is why i am little bit confuse to buy this refrigerator.
afroze Tue 22 Apr, 2014
Waves WR-310
I have Waves WR-310 in pink color, its looking so nice but the performance of this refrigerator is not so good it takes much time to freeze and the fan of the compressor creates much noise.
kabeer Sat 19 Apr, 2014
Waves WR-310
I have Waves WR-310, it is very stylish and beautiful only just for looking but if i compare the working performance of this refrigerator for with other refrigerator, waves is totally fail specially this model.
naajihah Wed 09 Apr, 2014
Waves WR-310
I ahve Waves WR-310, it is very stylish and beautiful only just for looking but if i compare the working performance of this refrigerator for with other refrigerator, waves is totally fail specially this model.
naajihah Wed 09 Apr, 2014
Waves WR-309
I think its an old price of Waves WR-309 because last saturday i got visit in the outlet of waves to find the price of waves refrigerator and i found very expensive price of this refrigerator.
shah Fri 04 Apr, 2014
You are looking now Waves Refrigerators price in pakistan including in all major cities, Waves Refrigerators Price in Karachi, Waves Refrigerators price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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