Reviews on DOT Pants & Trousers
one of the best trouser sets. no matter how expensive i would still buy it eyes closed.

Thu 01 Sep, 2016
Pack Of 2 Bermuda Shorts
pants and trousers should be of a bit skin for type but if one really is in comfortable clothing than pants or trousers both should be ignored as they simply don’t work when they are in loose fitting.

Mon 30 Jan, 2017
Pack Of 2 Bermuda Shorts
Pants and trousers are one of the best sections on shoprex. Whenever I log into this section I end up ordering up pants I sometimes don’t even need. The best product are the cotton pants of beige or docker color in wrinkle free variety while sweat pants here are great for gym regimes.

Thu 12 Jan, 2017
Pack of 2 Men's Sports Sweatpants
I bought pants and trousers from here. I am just sharing an experience of shopping from here and it was fabulous. They returned my pants even after 5 days and that too on just one phone call and in 2 days that’s what I call incredible service.

Alkeem ahmed
Mon 02 Jan, 2017

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