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Today's laptop are having much problem of heating up after little time, you can just put them on bed or any other irregular surface, the cooling pad is only solution for it but there is another problem that you just can't take it anywhere with you, there should be a permanent solution of that.
Saqib Islamabad Thu 07 Aug, 2014
i take a special laptop
suleman karachi Sun 27 Jul, 2014
I have just bought Core i5 in HP elite book is is the perfect laptop under 4 GB of RAM, but there is one lack that it doesn't have much memory for graphics and the graphics are not very impressive at all for this laptop. i am still compelled to use my desktop PC for better graphics and gaming, because we can expend the graphic memory via graphic card in it. Well it has also got an entry level web camera and other useful stuff.
Taha Faisalabad Mon 07 Jul, 2014
There are some common problem i have been facing in Hp laptops, the first is frayed charger cord, which stop charging the laptop as the cord or the connector where it is attached gets lose or out of order, sometimes it may work but shaking or pulling it in different direction but again it stops charging it is touched or misplaced again, so i wanna request HP to make better chargers for us.
Yaseen Faisalabad Wed 02 Jul, 2014
Laptop is my necessity, i have a Hp workstation laptop which runs really good, it never shout down or have an ever in hours of usage, workstations are the best laptops, i recommend every one to buy only work stations, i rarely got out of order or damaged. Has best and long lasting performance with toughness. i also play heavy graphics games on it for hour and haven't faced any problem yet.
Uzair Hyderabad Sun 29 Jun, 2014
My laptop is getting slower down, what is the issue, it is almost the new laptop in excellent condition, core 2 duo with crystal display, and elegant design, it is only the model like that in that type of laptops in Compaq. i am looking for any solution of that.
Tanveer Faisalabad Fri 27 Jun, 2014
I have bought the best laptop that is HP 8530p which is one of the best laptops from HP in average range, this is the core 2 duo version 15.4 inches of display that is pretty good with silver golden color look, that looks beautiful, it also has built in camera and graphic card which is a bonus pack for me, i think is one of the best model that why also short in market.
Taha Okara Tue 24 Jun, 2014
I usually got the heat up problem with my laptop, the fan gets faster and the right side of the laptop gets too ho with very worm air, some times laptop also gets shut down, and doesn't turn on for few minutes, approximately for 15 to min, i have to get it serviced every month, i am also using cooling pad with that but still have a prob even sitting in air conditioned room.
Shahnawaz Karachi Wed 18 Jun, 2014
i am looking for a laptop that have better graphic card built in that can play any of recent games like desktop PCs do. also which doesn't heat up much while gaming or using it full performance. the screen should be large and the ram would be maximum, i have heard about attachment of external graphic card but it won't be suitable.
Habib Lahore Mon 16 Jun, 2014
today is the time of having multipurpose laptop which is touch, attachable keyboard and can easily be folded as need, this is the best way to of using all the features of laptop, tablets as well as mobile if it also supports GSM networks, but no big brand has announced this type of laptop with reliability yet, the existing laptops should be improved.
Sameer KPK Tue 10 Jun, 2014
Asus is the worst brand i have ever seen in any laptop models, it so cheaply type design with no well controlled body. That's why people don't buy Asus, i though it was good but after personally usage of its product i realized that it is nothing. extremely law quality functions which are pretty similar to Chinese products.
Hafeez Larkana Mon 09 Jun, 2014
Today laptops are the best choice specially in Pakistan as we see the load shedding problems and other issues, the first benefit of laptop is, there is no need of UPS when electric city is gone and other electricity breakdown problems. You will still have cheap backup of electricity, secondly it has a compact design which allows us to move it anywhere we want as we need.
Danish Faisalabad Sun 08 Jun, 2014
i bought a laptop of HP many years ago it is still working perfectly fine except 1 problem that the charger connector is having problem, i think it has got lose, it works but when i move it after connecting, if somebody moves the laptop while charging it stops charging which needs to be adjusted again, how can i fix it any idea?
Sabir Gujranwala Thu 05 Jun, 2014
I am looking for details information regrading 3 in one laptops, which are tablet PC, laptops and phone at the same time, i think it will be the ideal device which is going to full fill all your requirements about work and entertainments, i am very excited to buy it, you don't need to keep mobile, tablet and laptop at the same time for different purposes, it will also consume the money spending on three different gadgets.
Haroon KPK Wed 04 Jun, 2014
Is there any laptop that offers to use its built in mouse pad like touch screen, means we can zoom images with that, swipe with finger to use several function and more, i have only seen these features in Apple Mac book air, but i wanna buy the same features in HP or dell with Windows operating system, it should also be slimmer and light in weight as well as doesn't heat up while using with full performance.
Jahanzaib Karachi Sun 01 Jun, 2014
Laptops should have some more built in features like today's smartphones have, like projectors, sensors, ability to install external stuff such as NFC which allow to connect several accessories with your mobile phone as well as built in GSM facilities, which can receive your calls, manage your SMS through laptop.
Hafeez Karachi Thu 29 May, 2014
In my opinion tablet PCs are far better today than laptops, you can instantly check your mails, browse internet, watch videos, images, check your worksheets and update it, make presentation instantly if you need. The best thing is it is portable which helps you to keep it anywhere, also it doesn't need heavy charging adapter, but at the same time you also have a laptop for backup, because there are several things that you can't do with tablet.
Rahim Lahore Tue 27 May, 2014
Two or three days ago i went to the local market looking for HP 8430p, in 15.4 inches LCD screen, but i hardly found 2 or 3 pieces, this models are really short in the markets, but i found it one of the best models in HP, there are only 14.1 inches available but it has much smaller display than that, otherwise all the other functions are same, this is also a discontinued model, which cant't be found brand new. If it is available in your stock do tell me.
Hafeez Islamabad Fri 23 May, 2014
My laptop has a keyboard problem i don't know which type of keyboard is placed in my laptop, this is really irritating, some of the keys are different form the normal keys the order is also outdated, when i press one of those keys it results me something else, do i have to change my whole keyboard, which i really don't want as my laptop's keyboard is bit expensive in the markets as compared to others. please any expert guide me through.
Haroon Thatta Wed 21 May, 2014
I am looking for best Laptop for gaming which contains quad core processor, at least 4 GB Ram and 1 TB hard drive with long battery life which is up to 3 to 4 hours, there should also be the built in graphic card which should be Nvidia or Ati Radeon which can play most of the games today, if you have any of laptop like that please suggest me as soon as possible.
Kamran Islamabad Sun 18 May, 2014
One day the dell used to be on top in making PC and laptops, i also had a laptop of dell years ago with Windows 98 operating system. It used to be big and heavy but it helped me much on that time, today laptops are more convenient than a personal computer, from any aspects they are better like you have the battery power, no wires, no wires and devices to run the internet, portable, have all that features that you find in a PC, its now doesn't make sense to buy a huge PC.
Rahim Islamabad Thu 15 May, 2014
The large display smartphones have drooped down the cost of the laptops, as we seen everybody have a mobile with touch screen, which allows you to read emails, watch videos, see pictures video callings, chat and everything which used to be done by laptop before. you can now only go for laptop for larger screen, CD rom and some other working features, even today's game are also made for smartphone as well, you don't need to spend money on graphic cards and other stuff related to gaming like before.
Imad Faisalabad Tue 13 May, 2014
should not have heavy prices of laptop because poor people also want laptop
Anas Haroon Lahore Mon 12 May, 2014
I want to to advice what things you should consider before buying any laptop, first of all never go to the notebook with 12 inches, there is no use of it expect watching videos on that, it looks tiny but you cant work on it, there is no CD Rom, less USB ports, than secondly, go for at least 14 inches display screen which allow you clear display and ideal for your work, check if there is Bluetooth, DVD writer, and micro SD card slots are available. Exshust fan vatilation output should be at the back of the device, if it is on side it will annoy you while putting your hands at the sides of the laptops.
Kamal Islamabad Sun 11 May, 2014
I saw the folding laptop in some websites, which are going to be our future laptop may be, i want to know that if it is available or have launched please tell me i wanna try it very first, i usually use laptop much and also travel a lot, it is difficult to carry the laptop everywhere at bike, it will make it so easy to travel, i think there will be no CD ROM in this laptop. i want some complete details about this laptop.
Shahbaz Bahawalpur Thu 08 May, 2014
amaizng rANG of laptops is provided by shoprex, most of these are not available anywhere else but i can find details of them here. also the features are good of the website but the design could use some repairs.
yasir karachi Thu 08 May, 2014
I bought a new laptop of HP after few days the Laptop fan stopped working, i realized it when my laptop got too heat up from the keyboard area, i was so worried and took it to the repair and maintenance shop, he asked me a huge amount for this little repair, then finally i took it back at home and decided to repair it my self, i took assembling guide of this laptop, i opened it very carefully by reading the guide and found that the main fan connector was lose, i amazed that it is so easy to repair and the shopkeeper is asking for huge amount on that. I saved my money by using my little brain.
Saleem Islamabad Mon 05 May, 2014
lenovo B570e i3 is not a good laptop according to price,because its battery timing very poor just two hours running after charging & heatup very quickly.and also speakers are not a good in which,because in my laptop one speaker is completely damage with in two months after newly purchased.i was also submit complaint with remaining warranty to company through wholesaller but no response give me back from company.
amir khanpur Mon 05 May, 2014
Buying Apple Mac book Air is not a really good idea at all, i bought it few months ago, well it is amazingly slim, but there are so many advantages you miss that u get in the normal laptop, no CD rom, not much USB slots, this is really messy, it is also very sensitive because of its thickness, there is a danger of it break if you put more weight on it, battery timing are amazing, i may use it for 4 to 5 hour without recharging, i think this is only the benefit that we have in buying this laptop. but you have to recharge it for almost 5 an hours.
Sajjad Sakkhar Mon 28 Apr, 2014
I can't figure out the differences between different laptops listed here, my previous laptop was Hp pavilion, i got one problem with that i inserted a headphone in that and accidentally the pin was broke into it and got stuck, i don't know what to to, how can i take it out, i take it to the repair shop but he was also unable to take it out, please suggest me anything about this thing.
Shahbaz Bahawalpur Fri 25 Apr, 2014
i like it very much.
shahbaz rwp Wed 23 Apr, 2014
I have a HP laptop, few month ago its display was gone i get it repaired and installed a new LCD but after a month its again gt out of order, i brought it to the market, some of the repair shop keeper said there is a LCD as well as a motherboard problem, when the external display is absolutely fine, there is also a problem of restarting, which occurs after few hour of usage, after restart the laptop goes normal, can anyone buy this laptop in this condition?
Sajjad Karachi Tue 22 Apr, 2014
I have been willing to buy the convertible laptop as well as PC which is fully transformed and easy to disassemble and reassemble, which should include the keyboard and LCD separation feature or turn around LCD feature which can easily be flipped and use as a tablet, the weight is also be light. I think HP is offering its several models like these, as well as Asus is also running in this race.
Khawar Bahawalpur Mon 21 Apr, 2014
I am willing to know more about the offer of the Hyper Star Mall placed above with the banner which is about HP laptop, tell me more specifications about this laptop, the model is good but i need all the features of a complete laptop, also tell me how many USB slots in it i need at least four USB slot in this laptop with HDMI port as well.
Uzair Thatta Fri 18 Apr, 2014
dell laptops is very goog pc he is very lacky looking thuings is very nice
waheed ali shah village sarsala post chowki tehsil samahni dist bhimber Fri 18 Apr, 2014
How do I make difference between two different Laptops with the same configurations with different designs, i want to know every aspect of a laptop before buying it because i am a designer and want to do heavy task on laptops with higher resolution, graphics, speed as well as multitasking. tell me the better option for buying this sort of laptop which is able to full fill my requirements.
Sajjad Muree Thu 17 Apr, 2014
I think HP is far batter than Mac book there, no doubt MAC book is slim cheaper and easy going but at the other hand it doesn't support CD ROM drive, less USB ports and needs extreme care, where hp is strong solid and have more options and devices included, on the software end, it is also very user friendly and free in most of the cases. Where Apple need every thing its own.
Danish Karachi Wed 16 Apr, 2014
he biggest letdown of the chrome notebook is the chrome software and the constant need to stay connected to wifi . it has 4g and a good processor but veery less HDD capacity. still a good choice but expensive
yasir karachi Wed 09 Apr, 2014
samsung lappys are the best. they offer the complete pavkage at such a low price and the experience is great with samsung
waqar karachi Wed 26 Mar, 2014
i repeat dear sarwech : according to your specs the best model that we can advise you is the SAMSUNG np300-e5v-i3 HP 630 . these are best in overall performance and also highly rated. both can play heavy games with super large screen and have a lot of great features . both are under 45000 range
ADVISOR karachi Sun 23 Mar, 2014
i repeat dear sarwech : according to your specs the best model that we can advise you is the SAMSUNG np300-e5v-i3 HP 630 . these are best in overall performance and also highly rated. both can play heavy games with super large screen and have a lot of great features . both are under 45000 range
jamil karachi Sun 23 Mar, 2014
bhai paisa sahi lagao
dawood d.g.khan Tue 18 Mar, 2014
dear sarwech : according to your specs the best model that we can advise you is the SAMSUNG np300-e5v-i3 HP 630 . these are best in overall performance and also highly rated. both can play heavy games with super large screen and have a lot of great features . both are under 45000 range
ADVISOR karachi Fri 14 Mar, 2014
he biggest letdown of the chrome notebook is the chrome software and the constant need to stay connected to wifi . it has 4g and a good processor but veery less HDD capacity. still a good choice but expensive
monis karachi Thu 13 Mar, 2014
the biggest letdown of this chrome notebook is the chrome software and the constant need to stay connected to wifi . it has 4g and a good processor but veery less HDD capacity. still a good choice but expensive
majid karachi Mon 24 Feb, 2014
sir mujhe laptop lena hai e 6400 dell, ye new core i 3 me miljaega? aur kitny ka milega? aur used me kitny ka milega? aur core 2 duo m new miljaiga daba pack? kitny ka? aur used me fresh piece 320 gb, 4 gb, 3. se above, orginal hd camera built in, wifi, lan, blue tooth, card reader, super combo, dvd, 15 lcd, black colour, unrepaired, khula huwa na ho, fresh piece ho, screen pe dots na ho, kitny ka miljaiga? sir mujhe zaroor bataiyega. 03332869405
sarwech hyderabad Fri 20 Dec, 2013
May i find any used laptops here at the same specs listed there as well as at the same prices, with all their accessories....
Haider Gawadar Wed 11 Dec, 2013
Dell Inspiron N3521 Ci3 3217U
Dear Humza, you may buy HP PAVILION 15-N236TU under your range which is one of the best models.
Shoprex Admin Fri 15 Aug, 2014
Dell Inspiron N3521 Ci3 3217U
i want to purchase new laptop in a range of 40,000 to 50,000 kindly tell me the best option.Also i want to home delivery ..any good , reliable shop in karachi.
humza Thu 14 Aug, 2014
Wintouch S10 Netbook
Dear Bilal Gujrat, yes it has cd-rom.
Shoprex Admin Wed 13 Aug, 2014
Wintouch S10 Netbook
iss me cd-rom hai???
bilal Tue 12 Aug, 2014
HP Pavilion G6 2235tx Core i7
perfromanc wise this laptop is average. as it has an I7 CPU all things will be snappy but only up to a 2.2GHZ that to be honest is below average for laptops. you will be able to play heavy games as it has 6GB RAM and turbo boost for higher clocks of the CPU. since it also has a AMD game card its one of the best portable gamers in a suitable price range.
bashr Fri 08 Aug, 2014
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