The companies making laptops for ages now considering different ways of making it more better and convenient for working and entertainment, some of the latest designs that is going to be introduced in 2015 include Ultrabooks which is designed as thinner as possible in order to reduce weight and consuming Read More
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Samusng launch some decent items in the market but in the internal criteria of this appliances are full of specifications that is the reason that i am using a Samsung NP540U3C - Series 5 laptop which is with me for a long duration.
samina khan Lahore Fri 17 Apr, 2015
The body of DELL LATITUDE E6440 ,Core i7-4600M is very beautiful and reliable, it protects its from the damage or breaking that is the reason that many peoples wants dell laptops and desktop.
Sadia ahmed Pindi Sat 11 Apr, 2015
I can see there are many Lenovo laptops are there in the market, which are low in prices but good in performance, i want to know that are they really good or it is just only a hype.
Usman Fri 10 Apr, 2015
I feel interest to purchase this lenovo brand laptops because its price is much better than hp or dell laptop and we get more advance features in this brand, i choose Lenevo G580 Core i5 win8 3210M to buy.
Shezad khan Lahore Mon 30 Mar, 2015
i have never before seen the wintouch laptop series. tell me is it reliable laptop or just the same old bad tech and cheap price trick to use on ill informed people. i think that it would be better in the case to buy a refurbished hp rather than this company.
farrukh Karachi Tue 24 Mar, 2015
Very wide display of Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540 2GB Dedicated laptop, it is such an advance invention specially the intel core processor i never see this type of fast and beautiful package.
Lubna ahmed Lahore Tue 24 Mar, 2015
Laptops are getting cheaper these days, i bought the Dell's laptop in core i5 processor in 2nd generation with 4 GB RAM and 250 GB hard drive just for 20 K.
Yaseen Karachi Tue 17 Mar, 2015
Pleace Give Me Best And Good Laptop.
Mujahid Engineer KhairpurMir's Pakistan. Tue 17 Mar, 2015
Brilliant list of best laptops, but Apple Mac is all awesome in all above, it is just really thin, with everything more than any other ordinary laptop has, it amazed me much with its design.
sohail khan lahore Tue 10 Mar, 2015
I want to buy a laptop of HP having range 40-45 thousends, plz help me to choice a best one
abdul manan khan islamabad Sat 07 Mar, 2015
I have no idea which laptop is the best play games, all of the laptops look same i need any expert suggestion in order to buy a laptop, i want you to guide me through.
Tahir Dubai Fri 06 Mar, 2015
just watching the LCD display of this Sony Vaio Fit SVF14N12SGS i decide to purchase this laptop but this is very expensive in price, i am searching a used laptop of this model in the market.
Faraz ahmed pindi Tue 03 Mar, 2015
In my opinion SATA hard drive is very reliable that is why i am choosing this Lenovo G510-2GB Dedicated brand laptop. Lenovo is also a second name of IBM brand, hope that it can also perform well.
Shamin Lahore Fri 27 Feb, 2015
The new coming laptops are getting higher and higher in prices while the older are getting lower and lower in prices, i bought my laptop for 60 k but now one want to buy it in cheap
afzal Okara Mon 23 Feb, 2015
The processor of my HP ENVY TS 14-K035TX, Ci5 4200U (F0B87PA) is 1.6GB but here i see that its turbo version cab be upgraded to 2.6Gb that is it i want to upgrade it because my requirement wants at least 2.4GB processor to run internet.
Rao Khan Karachi Thu 12 Feb, 2015
Dell Inspiron N3542 Ci3-4030U – 1.9GHz
sir plz tell me about Dell care office in lahore pakistan
ali raees Tue 07 Apr, 2015
Hp EliteBook 6930p
Dear Misbah, it must be available in the market.
Shoprex Admin Mon 06 Apr, 2015
Hp EliteBook 6930p
how can i buy product hp 6930p core2 duo?
misbah Sun 05 Apr, 2015
Toshiba Qosmio X70-A100X (PSPLTL-00P01H) Ci7
I love Toshiba products.
ghulam muhammad Thu 02 Apr, 2015
MacBook Air 13.3" - Z0P0001B4 - Ci7
great laptop for ork adn study. the OS is quick responsive and optimized for students and professionals. however i realized that it doesn't have large library of games mainly as its OS doesn't support many. for gaming windows is best i guess.
burhan Tue 24 Mar, 2015

The companies making laptops for ages now considering different ways of making it more better and convenient for working and entertainment, some of the latest designs that is going to be introduced in 2015 include Ultrabooks which is designed as thinner as possible in order to reduce weight and consuming space, another is MacBooks which are following the same ways in increasing capabilities and performance, Convertible Laptops which are also design for consuming space but performs multiple gadget takes like tablet PC and laptops both and finally the folding laptops that can be easily folded for easy carry. Look for the all latest models of 2014 laptops in Pakistan with prices.

The technologies in laptops are significantly changing day by day with the variety of features, the touch screen has also included to the latest laptops, which enables you to use your laptop without need of using mouse as a pointing device. The keyboard has also changed with the illusion devices which is also available on touch.

The laptops containing core i7 processors are the latest and fastest processor laptops so far, they are available in 4 different generations which timely launched, there number of laptops available manufactured by several different brands with core i7 processors in different generations, The brands include HP core i7 processor Laptop, Dell core i7 processor Laptop, Apple core i7 processor Laptop, Sony core i7 processor Laptop, Acer core i7 processor Laptop, Toshiba core i7 processor Laptop, Lenovo core i7 processor Laptop, Samsung core i7 processor Laptop, Asus core i7 processor Laptop, Fujitsu core i7 processor Laptop, Wintouch core i7 processor Laptops and more. Get core i7 prices in Pakistan.

Core i5 laptops contains high performance with abundant of features, it has several different generations available with different brands, the models also provide different display screens, RAM memories shapes, colors and other features in core i5 processor laptops, the brands include HP core i5 processor Laptop, Dell core i5 processor Laptop, Apple core i5 processor Laptop, Sony core i5 processor Laptop, Acer core i5 processor Laptop, Toshiba core i5 processor Laptop, Lenovo core i5 processor Laptop, Samsung core i5 processor Laptop, Asus core i5 processor Laptop, Fujitsu core i5 processor Laptop, Wintouch core i5 processor Laptops, explore each of core i5 Laptop Prices in Pakistan here. The core i3 processors were introduce in January 7, 2010 initially for desktop PCs but later they are also available in laptops and notebooks, this is one of the remarkable processors with better performance than previous, the brands offering core i3 processors in Laptops include HP core i3 processor Laptop, Dell core i3 processor Laptop, Apple core i3 processor Laptop, Sony core i3 processor Laptop, Acer core i3 processor Laptop, Toshiba core i3 processor Laptop, Lenovo core i3 processor Laptop, Samsung core i3 processor Laptop, Asus core i3 processor Laptop, Fujitsu core i3 processor Laptop, Wintouch core i3 processor Laptops, take a look on core i5 laptop prices in Pakistan here.

Quad Core processors are usually considered for gaming purposes, it runs games smooth and faster and provide better graphical interface to gamers, quad core processors are also available in Laptops under various brands in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and other generations, such as HP Quad Core processor Laptop, Dell Quad Core processor Laptop, Apple Quad Core processor Laptop, Sony Quad Core processor Laptop, Acer Quad Core processor Laptop, Toshiba Quad Core processor Laptop, Lenovo Quad Core processor Laptop, Samsung Quad Core processor Laptop, Asus Quad Core processor Laptop, Fujitsu Quad Core processor Laptop, Wintouch Quad Core processor Laptops and more. The update prices can be seen on Shoprex.com of all branded Quad core processor laptops.

Core 2 Duo Laptops are very common, in offices and daily use, they are mid-range laptops just for common usages, today, Core 2 Duo laptops are cheap and considered to be the most reliable laptops, almost every brand offers Core 2 Duo laptops at its own for example HP Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Dell Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Apple Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Sony Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Acer Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Toshiba Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Lenovo Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Samsung Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Asus Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Fujitsu Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Wintouch Core 2 Duo processor Laptops, their prices in Pakistan are listed on Shoprex.com.

You are looking now Laptops price in pakistan including in all major cities, Laptops Price in Karachi, Laptops price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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