The technologies in laptops are significantly changing day by day with the variety of features, the touch screen has also included to the latest laptops, which enables you to use your laptop without need of using mouse as a pointing device. The keyboard has also changed with the illusion devices Read More
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The laptop price in Pakistan is going higher and higher day by day, the old laptop cannot be bought with out proper checking as they mostly have a problem and some issues and repaired which are not be trusted.
sohaib Lahore Fri 19 Dec, 2014
Sir please suggest me a best laptop within 35000.also tell me please me can u shipping your item any where in pakistan country.?
Ikram Ullah Pindi Tue 16 Dec, 2014
The price of Toshiba Satellite C50-A107 Core i3-4000M laptop is very reasonable, i just want to confirm that it is a brand new piece or refurbish. Dell is also a well known brand and the size of its LCD is also good that is it i am noting the address of this shop.
RAZZAK Lahore Mon 15 Dec, 2014
New Hp laptops are getting better and better than others, the touch screens, touch keyboards, detachable, lighter and thinner and much more media features included as well as the better power timings are also be increased which is the main feature of the HP latest laptop models,
aleem khan Lahore Mon 15 Dec, 2014
I am using a toshiba laptop in my office, i like its features and it is also a very reliable brand that is why will buy Toshiba Satellite L850 - B453 for my home use, it is little bit expensive but good in working.
irfan Dubai Fri 12 Dec, 2014
I heard the new Hp laptop has arrived that is called to be the HP's most slimiest laptop ever made, but i want to know it prices in Pakistan which i have not found yet at any local website or store. i think its gonna available in Pakistan in 2015 and the price will be available in the same.
HP laptop Karachi Wed 10 Dec, 2014
i have bought finally a n3542 by dell. it is amazing laptop with killer looks and specs . i have played all heavy games on it but they do show signs of lag. note the fact that when u buy a laptop buy one whose i series model number ends with an M, not a Y or U as U and Y represent low power processors resulting in lower performance and M series are strong normal voltage PC's.
ahmed Karachi Sat 06 Dec, 2014
the biggest problems in today's laptops are the battery problems, which is hard to solve, we have to spent lot of money on that in order to get the better and original batteries for or laptops, it is cost a lot and there is also no longer life for that.
danish ahmed Lahore Sat 06 Dec, 2014
I want a core 2 duo laptop please tell me where to buy it, my budget is 20000 rupees, the laptop should have all the working features in excellent condition, can i get a new laptop in that budget.
Tanveer Hyderabad Tue 02 Dec, 2014
assalam-o-alaikum, i have compaq laptop in my house with me but sadly the screen has suddenly gotten all scrambled. everything else is finei have tested but the screen is not at all fine. so please tell me a way to fix this problem. i cant really live without a laptop.
zarmeen Karachi Tue 02 Dec, 2014
hello. i have heard now in rumours that there is new intel cpu for pc coming in markets now that you can just attach via a usb and it will provide external cpu to your laptop using a quad coe cpu and the pcs monitor. i think it is best technology.
zakir Karachi Mon 01 Dec, 2014
dell inspiron series are a power house of the most mosntrous quality ever avalaible. it completes all my grpahical intensive tasks in mere seconds. i never have to wait for lags or stuff it quick so much. i think its a powerhouse disguised as a alaptop.
nasim karachi Sat 29 Nov, 2014
i want dell laptop with 360 degrees rotating screen and also it can be detached easily. its really important for me as i cant afford to own a laptop and tab bot h and i require both functions at the same time. so please name a model according to my requiremtns.
afzal yaar karachi Fri 28 Nov, 2014
hello shoprex. i want to buy a touch laptop but i want to play gta 4too, i think touch laptops are less powerful and it certainly cant play heavy games. am i right. please tell ?
ghazanfar Karachi Wed 26 Nov, 2014
dell inspiron is every bit as illumiating as the universe. its design is very attractive and more importantly its very handy. while the perfromance may be a little cit down the actual durability and product life far exceeds that of any brand known or unknown. i think HP and dell are two brands that can never grow old.
madiha karachi Mon 24 Nov, 2014
HP Pavilion x360 Laptop
this is a very good laptop but only ifi t had i series processor instead of pentium it could have been an excellent seller. i suppose its decent for those who want it for office but those needing it for gaming or intense work may not find it appealing.
zameer Thu 18 Dec, 2014
Dell Inspiron HD7737 Silver Ci5 4200U 1.6 GHz / 6GB / 1TB / 2GB GPU / 17.3 Inches HD+ / Dos
Can i also buy a used dell laptop of this model from techno city laptop market? I want an old Dell Inspiron HD7737 Silver Ci5 4200U 1.6 GHz / 6GB / 1TB / 2GB GPU / 17.3 Inches HD+ / Dos because i also use it in my office.
owais Sat 06 Dec, 2014
Toshiba Satellite L850 - B453
very nice laptop. i have seen the highest sales of only toshiba laptop and also highest standard and status. my toshiba laptop i bought second hand and also its running for up to about 4 years.
dominic Sun 30 Nov, 2014
Mac Mini - MD387ZA Ci5
Look at the processor of Mac Mini - MD387ZA Ci5 which is brilliant better from my laptop which i used yet that is why i will sell my laptop and buy this beautiful brand device.
saad Sun 30 Nov, 2014
Dell INSPIRON N5421 TOUCH Ci5 3337U - 1.8GHz
Dell INSPIRON N5421 TOUCH Ci5 3337U - 1.8GHz and the other configuration is also good like its camera, i feel interest to buy it so kindly any one tell me the process if i will buy it from here?
fayyaz Sat 29 Nov, 2014

The technologies in laptops are significantly changing day by day with the variety of features, the touch screen has also included to the latest laptops, which enables you to use your laptop without need of using mouse as a pointing device. The keyboard has also changed with the illusion devices which is also available on touch.

The laptops containing core i7 processors are the latest and fastest processor laptops so far, they are available in 4 different generations which timely launched, there number of laptops available manufactured by several different brands with core i7 processors in different generations, The brands include HP core i7 processor Laptop, Dell core i7 processor Laptop, Apple core i7 processor Laptop, Sony core i7 processor Laptop, Acer core i7 processor Laptop, Toshiba core i7 processor Laptop, Lenovo core i7 processor Laptop, Samsung core i7 processor Laptop, Asus core i7 processor Laptop, Fujitsu core i7 processor Laptop, Wintouch core i7 processor Laptops and more. Get core i7 prices in Pakistan.

Core i5 laptops contains high performance with abundant of features, it has several different generations available with different brands, the models also provide different display screens, RAM memories shapes, colors and other features in core i5 processor laptops, the brands include HP core i5 processor Laptop, Dell core i5 processor Laptop, Apple core i5 processor Laptop, Sony core i5 processor Laptop, Acer core i5 processor Laptop, Toshiba core i5 processor Laptop, Lenovo core i5 processor Laptop, Samsung core i5 processor Laptop, Asus core i5 processor Laptop, Fujitsu core i5 processor Laptop, Wintouch core i5 processor Laptops, explore each of core i5 Laptop Prices in Pakistan here. The core i3 processors were introduce in January 7, 2010 initially for desktop PCs but later they are also available in laptops and notebooks, this is one of the remarkable processors with better performance than previous, the brands offering core i3 processors in Laptops include HP core i3 processor Laptop, Dell core i3 processor Laptop, Apple core i3 processor Laptop, Sony core i3 processor Laptop, Acer core i3 processor Laptop, Toshiba core i3 processor Laptop, Lenovo core i3 processor Laptop, Samsung core i3 processor Laptop, Asus core i3 processor Laptop, Fujitsu core i3 processor Laptop, Wintouch core i3 processor Laptops, take a look on core i5 laptop prices in Pakistan here.

Quad Core processors are usually considered for gaming purposes, it runs games smooth and faster and provide better graphical interface to gamers, quad core processors are also available in Laptops under various brands in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and other generations, such as HP Quad Core processor Laptop, Dell Quad Core processor Laptop, Apple Quad Core processor Laptop, Sony Quad Core processor Laptop, Acer Quad Core processor Laptop, Toshiba Quad Core processor Laptop, Lenovo Quad Core processor Laptop, Samsung Quad Core processor Laptop, Asus Quad Core processor Laptop, Fujitsu Quad Core processor Laptop, Wintouch Quad Core processor Laptops and more. The update prices can be seen on Shoprex.com of all branded Quad core processor laptops.

Core 2 Duo Laptops are very common, in offices and daily use, they are mid-range laptops just for common usages, today, Core 2 Duo laptops are cheap and considered to be the most reliable laptops, almost every brand offers Core 2 Duo laptops at its own for example HP Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Dell Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Apple Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Sony Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Acer Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Toshiba Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Lenovo Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Samsung Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Asus Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Fujitsu Core 2 Duo processor Laptop, Wintouch Core 2 Duo processor Laptops, their prices in Pakistan are listed on Shoprex.com.

You are looking now Laptops price in pakistan including in all major cities, Laptops Price in Karachi, Laptops price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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