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Generators are getting more efficient day by day by their performance, they are becoming more powerful with more electricity generation, low noise, safe and secured which leading them to be the best generators in the world, the more research are on the way to achieve these goals. Generators use same Read More
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Homage HGR-2.50KV-D Price in Pakistan

Homage HGR-2.50KV-D
Rs. 36,000

Hyundai Generator HGS7250 (6.5KW) Price in Pakistan

Hyundai Generator HGS7250 (6.5KW)
Rs. 105,000

Hyundai Generator HGS3500 (3.0KW) Price in Pakistan

Hyundai Generator HGS3500 (3.0KW)
Rs. 49,500

Homage HGR 5.00KV-D Price in Pakistan

Homage HGR 5.00KV-D
Rs. 65,000

Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500 Price in Pakistan

Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
Rs. 47,000

Homage HGR-1.00KV-D Price in Pakistan

Homage HGR-1.00KV-D
Rs. 28,599
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No doubt the engine of yamaha is very reliable because i have this Honda Generator 2 KVA which engine is still seal pack but i am using it in three years, i just change its filter and engine oil many times.
Momo khan karachi Fri 24 Apr, 2015
30-35 KV diesel or gas/petrol generator price and company please
ajmal Faisalabad Thu 16 Apr, 2015
assalamualikum 2 kva kitny ka ha our kitny fans chlata ha
abdul rahman islamuabad Wed 08 Apr, 2015
sir g out put 3000w wala kitna ka hy call me 03366369621
khalil d g khan Fri 03 Apr, 2015
sir g out put 3000w wala kitna ka hy
khalil d g khan Fri 03 Apr, 2015
I live Small flat I think I waana buy Small GENERATOR.. anyone tell me How much cost Small GENERATOR in Karachi Eletronic market..???
Tayyab rao Pindi Mon 16 Mar, 2015
I really gonna need it guys, the warm summer is arrived in Pakistan, i am in hurry to buy a better generator me my home.
Taha Wazeristan Thu 05 Mar, 2015
From where i can purchase the original accessories of the branded generators like yamaha and kenwood? Actually i recently change the filter of my generator but i am not satisfy about the performance of it, it sounds are also very large.
momo Lahore Wed 04 Feb, 2015
This Grannitto Generator GT1600ES comes in four stroke engine with automatic voltage adjustment system make it advance in the functions, this such a great appliance for the home requirement but also need some care.
Asad khan Pindi Tue 27 Jan, 2015
I have Homage Generator 2.5 KV which give a very good output, its engine performance is also good, the main thing which i get in this generator is that it comes in factory fitted gas kit which is very good in the quality and work in low pressure of gas.
Irfan khan Islamabad Tue 20 Jan, 2015
There is no any tube light in my home but i use energy saver bulb instead of it and six fans, can it is enough to run with Honda Generator 2 KVA generator ? I make a mind to buy this generator because it is a famous brand.
Irfan Khan Lahore Fri 16 Jan, 2015
The use of our generators is less in winter days but we are still using it because of keep it running, otherwise the generators get out of order when they are not in use for a long time.
safia Lahore Thu 15 Jan, 2015
I am using Yamaha EF1000FW 0.8 KVA generator in my garments shop in hyderi market in which i run four energy savers buld and also a two fan, it give a perfect output that is why i only recommend this brand to the other peoples.
Nadia khan Lahore Tue 13 Jan, 2015
I have homage brand 2.5 KVA generator which is very teasing me in working. I will sale it very soon and try Hyundai HHD3500 generator because this result is good, i am using 0.8KVA generator in my shop of this brand.
sikander Lahore Fri 09 Jan, 2015
The features of grannitto generator really attract me to purchase it because its oil changing alert indicator i only find in this brand generator and the price is also affordable of 2.5KVA generator.
tamina Pindi Tue 23 Dec, 2014
Pel Portable PG 5040 D 5.2KVA Petrol (Stand by)
specifications of pel 5.5kv generator
sami basit Fri 24 Apr, 2015
Jasco J1800DLX
Dear Zawar Raza, it will not work on natural gas.
Shoprex Admin Thu 23 Apr, 2015
Jasco J1800DLX
gas or petrol per working kare ga
zawar raza Wed 22 Apr, 2015
Homage HGR-2.50KV-D
Dear Abbas Raza, yes it can also be run on Gas and you may use fans, tube lights, TV and other small power stuff with it.
Shoprex Admin Wed 22 Apr, 2015
Hyundai Generator HGS3500 (3.0KW)
Dear Abbas Raza, you may run tube lights, energy savers, fans, fridge, LCD, computer, water pump and other small home appliances.
Shoprex Admin Wed 22 Apr, 2015

Generators are getting more efficient day by day by their performance, they are becoming more powerful with more electricity generation, low noise, safe and secured which leading them to be the best generators in the world, the more research are on the way to achieve these goals. Generators use same purpose at small and large scales with the same mechanism of generation electricity and power.

The generators which generates electricity from the solar powers are also getting much popular in Pakistan with the best electricity power generation features, the solar generators are the system which include the processes of observing sun light and heat and transform into the electricity in daylight which can also be stored in the batteries, these generators are easy to setup with not very complex parts. Look at the all types of generators available in Pakistan with their prices here.

Generators are usually sold according to the power need of the company, home and offices, which are usually calculated in KVA, all the generator manufacturing brands manufacture their generators with keeping these capacities of electric power which required different in different needs of electricity powers, in order to buy a generator the power needs of the area is calculated, the more power is needed the more number of KVA is required, which also increases the horsepower the fuel requirements, the size and the other technical properties of the generators, here you can see all types of generators with prices in Pakistan.

The generators can be powered by diesel, natural gas and petrol which depends on its engine make and manufacturing, generator can generate two types of generators such as Direct current generators and Alternating current generators, in the direct current generators there are also further types like Homopolar generators and MHD generators, where, Alternating current generators also have three types like Induction generators, Linear electric generators, Linear electric generators. The most common uses of these generators are Roadway vehicles, Roadway vehicles, Bicycles, Sailboats and more. Electric generators can also be human powered in order to generate electricity. In order to get the electricity there is a simple mechanism is followed in every generators that is there is a motors fitted with any generator called turbine which is rotated by the engine or other sources of generator, the rotation of that motor result in making electricity which is weather be stored and uses at run time. Some of the more methods of generating electricity is been discovered in order to fulfill daily electricity demands and need which in increasing day by day.

Generators are used to have back up of electricity source if there is power break down or non-availability of electricity. Generators may be 2 types which are outdoor and indoor, the indoor generators are small and compact design which can also be carried and move wherever and wherever you want, while outdoor generators are used as large scale for fulfilling large electricity power needs.There are several enormous reasons behind the popularity of power generators in Pakistan, and to fulfill these requirements several brands are operational locally and internationally such as Honda generators, Yamaha generators, Jasco generators, Rato generators, Lifan generators, Loncin generators and Lutian generators, these are the most prominent and reliable brand in manufacturing and assembling generators in Pakistan, shoprex.com assist you to know about pricing and details in Pakistan.

You are looking now Generators price in pakistan including in all major cities, Generators Price in Karachi, Generators price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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