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TVs are the result of latest innovation in technology, there is a high quality display results with the thinner body result in taking little space, they are little expensive in the markets for now but the prices would go down with the arrival of new models and featured LEDs in Read More
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EcoStar CX-50U560 Led Tv Price in Pakistan

EcoStar CX-50U560 Led Tv
Rs. 67,999

Orient LED TV 32 Inches LE-32F6508 Price in Pakistan

Orient LED TV 32 Inches LE-32F6508
Rs. 35,499

Samsung 32" EH4800R  LED TV Price in Pakistan

Samsung 32" EH4800R LED TV
Rs. 50,999

LG 50 INCH LED TV LN5420 Price in Pakistan

Rs. 99,499

Samsung 65HU9000 Curved Led Tv Price in Pakistan

Samsung 65HU9000 Curved Led Tv
Rs. 595,999

TCL L32E5300 32 Inch LED TV Price in Pakistan

TCL L32E5300 32 Inch LED TV
Rs. 29,000
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i am residing in karachi temporarily and i recently went out in the market. there is a great variety of tv's thats really less priced thatn at lahore. i want a tv that has wifi, android, atleast a Dual-Core CPU and also is Web Cam ready. my range is about 200000 and i can easily go up by 20000 more. please recommend me a model ticking all the boxes.
jasmine karachi Sun 23 Nov, 2014
LED TV prices are really through the roof now, still despite coming down a lot tehy are still expensive. sure you can buy an ecostar or something but it still wont be able to give you the performance a samsung does.
zahida karachi Sat 22 Nov, 2014
I have an old phillips TV, in every winter season its picture color is change that is why this time i want to change it with LED TV but i am not sure which brands is best in limited budget.
owais khi Sat 22 Nov, 2014
is haier LE 32T10000 avalaible in stock and what is price without fittings and stuff
emad Karachi Thu 20 Nov, 2014
hello, i want to tell all people that i recently bought a haier tv and all those saying it sucks, well it doesnt. for one it has a gorgeous panel that reproduces the colors in an incredible way. no way it can be that bad as you all saying. the other thing is that its priced at quite a low price.
anamika karachi Sat 08 Nov, 2014
TCL is not actually a brand. its a company that makes objects on order for other large companies specially companies like success who dont have there own factories to manufacture stuff. the product is made simply according to instructions of quality and standard.
raza karachi Thu 06 Nov, 2014
hello as we all know that Android is finally integrating into TV sets is the same happening with windows? i really like windows 8 and windiows 10 UI and i want tghe same experience on my TV as well . is anything like this happening soon.
beenu karachi Mon 03 Nov, 2014
is there any brand that makes copies of Samsung or son brands. you know first copies or so . i hear they are very cheap, and pretty much the same thing except too much fancy features. so is it true, do i really buy the copyor add about 10k more and get original
usayd rawal Sat 01 Nov, 2014
why is haier small LED TV so cheap. is it using low quality components in it or is it for promotional purposes. can we compare the performance of haier to changhong or nobel company ?i am waiting for answer shoprex. please reply soon.
rashid ahmed karachi Fri 31 Oct, 2014
I BOUGHT RECENTLY uhd tv> OF 60 ". MY FRIENDS. WHAT IT IS CAN ONLY BE EXPLAINED by watching it. whatever you watch on it is so simply stunning with a sense of clarity. sound is superb and watching movies on it is the best. and the size, well it can only be imagined how large it is.
naila Lahore Mon 27 Oct, 2014
i want full HD TV with only WIFI, no android or any fancy nick nack but just FULL HD resolution good quality panel and also wifi. i want full HD as pakistan does not have HD transmissions yet but i can watch bluray movies with ease.
umais Karachi Thu 09 Oct, 2014
i want honest opinion that are expensive lcd's are better or cheap led's are better???
rameel karachi Wed 24 Sep, 2014
I want to attach an LED to my PlayStation 3 to an LED TV i want to match its response time with the PlayStation's response time, which is typically faster than the most of the today's LED monitors.
Raheel Karachi Mon 22 Sep, 2014
hello, myself ghani abbas. mujhay yai mallom karna tha kai aap tv kai saath stand all wall bracket supply kartay hai. pehlay changhong ka tv purchase kiya tha par us kai saath aisa kuch nyi aya tha. kia yai zaruuri hai kai ham wall mount baad main alag sai kharidain ??
jamal tirmidhi Karachi Wed 17 Sep, 2014
the price of HD LED tvs on shoprex.com is so much less than other websites. i also did not know this but when i compared not only was it better but also cheaper than others. there is also a surprisingly large variety of tv's here
Adnan parekh karachi Wed 10 Sep, 2014
Changhong Ruba LED 46 inch 46C2000
Excellent Image quality ! Excellent ! In all chinese brand this is awesome fantaastick ! Im relly impressed with it ! Awesome
MuxxXit Thu 20 Nov, 2014
Samsung 55H8000 Curved Led Tv
I am looking a new style curve LED by samsung but i want it in the least price of samsung which is under the one lakh rupees. Samsung is a best electric brand which LED TV is awesome.
fawad Tue 18 Nov, 2014
LG LED TV is very expensive but looking good for its features, i have also a washing machine of this brand which work is absolutely fine, i hope i will also satisfy after buy it.
kashif Tue 18 Nov, 2014
Orient LED TV 24 Inches LE-24F6510
Very good Led tv
Khawar Tue 18 Nov, 2014
Haier LE24T1000 Led Tv
i want to buy this led tv
waseem Sun 16 Nov, 2014

TVs are the result of latest innovation in technology, there is a high quality display results with the thinner body result in taking little space, they are little expensive in the markets for now but the prices would go down with the arrival of new models and featured LEDs in market. Today, we also see the cured display designed LED TVs which are the more efficient way of experiencing the high quality displays. Check out more about LED TV prices in Pakistan at Shoprex.com.

The LED Television is an amazing technology in multimedia devices, LED offers best RGB colors than any other television technology. LED TVs are available in several different sizes that also have different categories which also different in prices.Some of the most popular brands in Pakistan include Sony LED TVs, Samsung LED TVs, LG LED TVs which also have unique curve LEDs, Changhong Ruba LED TVs, Philips LED TVs, Panasonic LED TVs, Toshiba LED TVs, Haier LED TVs, Orient LED TVs, Sharp LED TVs, TCL LED TVs, Nobel LED TVs, APEX LED TVs, EcoStar LED TVs and more. Find all brands and their prices in Pakistan. LED are the most innovative and futuristic kind of a display device and thousands of newest qualities and better performance than LCDs and Plasma which are its elder brothers. Also known as flat panel display this has LED back lighting. Today LED display TV is much common in stores due to its outstanding display quality and attractive designs which are getting thinner and lighter than LCDs. Shoprex has well-known brands of LED makers with detail specifications for making it easy for you to select the best products.

You are looking now LED TV price in pakistan including in all major cities, LED TV Price in Karachi, LED TV price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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