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There are number of PC tablet manufacturers are available including Samsung Tablets PC, Dany Tablets PC, Lenovo Tablets PC, Apple Tablets PC, XPOD Tablets, Ainol Tablets PC, asus Tablets PC, Huawai Tablets PC, GRight Tablets PC, Dell Tablets, Qmobile Tablets PC, HP Tablets PC, Sony Tablets PC, Ployer Tablets PC, Read More
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Gright is also making considerably better Tabs now ? look at there tabs i mean, they are equipped with intel CPU's and desktop class power to complete normal funcions. i thing gright just needs to improve on its brand image and product quality t succeed in pakistan.
hariss lahore Thu 20 Nov, 2014
Tablet PCs are the best alternatives of desktop PCs with, you can work browse internet, do stuff you want to, check multimedia, business conferences and much more online. but when it comes to serious task it does act like desktop PCs which is little irritating. over all they are good.
Yaseen Hyderabad Tue 18 Nov, 2014
i remember seeing the first ever tablet of amazon and if i can recall it is the amazon kindle series. it was a fairly new concept meant pretty much for reading books only but now if you look at it its a whole PC .
omais karachi Thu 13 Nov, 2014
I dont understand one thing that why tablet are cheaper than smartphone. they use bigger screens, they use more powerful processors and have got mediocre cameras so why are they still much less prices than a smartphone. please tell so i can buy suitable tab.
nadhi Pindi Thu 06 Nov, 2014
Don't purchase any product of DANNY, it is cheep and no quality product, I have experienced speakers, mouse, tablet and MP3. WAQAR KARACHI
WAQAR Karachi Sun 05 Oct, 2014
i want to clarify one thing. a tablet PC is just a Smartphone with a enlarged screen, than why the hell do people call it a PC. you can do the same thing on a smartphone what you do on a tablet PC. the only difference is that it has got a larger or smaller.
nasir karachi Wed 27 Aug, 2014
dear Mr ahmed, the range that you have show is quite low but still if you search on the Ainol, Qmobile and Dany series than you should be able to get a very suitable one. i myself would recommend getting Dany. not any other brand.
usaid yawar Karachi Sat 23 Aug, 2014
I am using samsung T3 SM T211,one sim, performing excelent performance, i am satisfied with good price.
Waseem Shaikh Karachi Mon 21 Jul, 2014
theres so many tablets in the market out there that its impossible to like justo ne. the competitive prices, extremely large variety and the tech craze has made the industry prosper more and more with enough potential for future growth.
jahanzeb karachi Sun 01 Jun, 2014
I need a tablet during travel and like to use it with PTCL EVO 3G Wingle. Which tablet (price not more than Rs 20000/-) will be best?
Ahmad Islamabad Tue 20 May, 2014
The biggest disadvantage of using PC tablet is this can't be used as like your desktop PC at all, even attaching keyboards, there is not much USB ports, no CD drive, and other several ports that can easily transfer your data and other stuff, also u are not able to use most essential tools as well.
Shahid Thatta Thu 20 Mar, 2014
i purchased samsung tablet pc in shopping festival at dolman mall.
shaan lahore Fri 20 Dec, 2013
Nice collection of tablet pc in ur website..I want to buy Touchmate 8 Inch 3D Android Tablet.. how i buy send me process.
shani khan Lahore Tue 10 Dec, 2013
Dany Genius Tablet G4 Dual Core & Sim
Dear Anisahmes, it is made by China with no SIM support.
Shoprex Admin Fri 21 Nov, 2014
Dany Genius Tablet G4 Dual Core & Sim
WHERE IT MADE? in g4 tab sim will operate?
anisahmes Fri 21 Nov, 2014
Apple iPad Air 32GB
Dear Haris, it does come with warranty.
Shoprex Admin Wed 19 Nov, 2014
Jolla Tablet
I am a big of jolla. welldone jolla. I dont like tablet pc but i am waiting upcoming jolla smartphone.
shani Wed 19 Nov, 2014
Nokia N1
Nice try from Nokia in making of first android tablet PC, but it should be completely Android nothing should be doped down in that. Like play store and other Google services.
Ghaffar Tue 18 Nov, 2014

There are number of PC tablet manufacturers are available including Samsung Tablets PC, Dany Tablets PC, Lenovo Tablets PC, Apple Tablets PC, XPOD Tablets, Ainol Tablets PC, asus Tablets PC, Huawai Tablets PC, GRight Tablets PC, Dell Tablets, Qmobile Tablets PC, HP Tablets PC, Sony Tablets PC, Ployer Tablets PC, Microsoft Tablets, Acer Tablets PC, Pipo Tablets PC, touchmate Tablets PC, AVIA Tablets PC, Nokia Tablets, LG Tablets PC, G Five Tablets PC, Sencor Tablets PC, merlin Tablets PC, Intel Tablets, Onda Tablets PC, BlackBerry Tablets PC, HTC Tablets PC, Toshiba Tablets PC, ViewSonic Tablets, Asus Mobiles Tablets PC, Spice Mobiles Tablets PC, Coby Tablets PC, Nvidia Tablets PC, orange Tablets, EVO Tablets PC, iTab Tablets PC, BEEMO Tablets PC, Tango Tablets PC, Amazon Tablets, Sarah Tablets PC and more.

Tablet PCs may have different operating system depending on brands and manufacturers which mostly include Android operating system, iOS operating system, Windows Phone operating system, Firefox OS operating system, Sailfish OS operating system, Tizen operating system, Ubuntu Touch operating system, BlackBerry operating system, Symbian operating system, Windows Mobile operating system, Palm OS operating system, Bada operating systems and more.

You are looking now Tablets price in pakistan including in all major cities, Tablets Price in Karachi, Tablets price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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