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Its hard to figure out which deep freezer is perfect for your needs and requirements, Dawlance make it very easy to choice your perfectly needed deep freezer, which contains all the functions and features you need under your budgets. They provide normal startup on low voltages, keep you freezing for Read More

 Dawlance Deep Freezers Reviews

اپنی رائے یا سوال یہاں لکھیں
As per my requirement this Dawlance VF-1035 WB Deep Freezer is enough, you know it’s a dawlance brand that is why I never panic about the quality of the interior and specially the compressor of it.
Miyan Fri 22 May, 2015
I decide to buy Dawlance VF-1035 AD Deep Freezer because it is good to save a large area which which reserve to keep horizontal deep freezer, I think it such a good choice for small apartment.
Najma khan Sat 09 May, 2015
Usually i see only white color in the deep freezer but this time dawlance launch some different for the users of this brand. I will definitely purchase Dawlance 500 TWIN SS/VCM Chest Freezer because i need two door deep freezer.
azhar Sat 18 Apr, 2015
freezer is not very good of dawlaence. the best thing dawlanece has is fridges and AC split units but really when it comes too deep freezers you may want to think again about buying them.
hashaam Thu 23 Oct, 2014
not very exciting dawlance. i expected the year 2014 to give some new ideas to dawlance and a bunch of innovative deep freezers but i see the same models as before with no change at all.
rashid Wed 22 Oct, 2014
dawlance ki jo fridge ki baat ahi wo deep freezer main nyo hai. bohat hi achi fridge ki perfromance but still deep freezer acha nayi hai. amin nai lai kai 2 dafa condensor repair karwaya hai. electrician nai kaa kai halka wal fit hoa wa hai jo support nyi karta heavy machine ko. very sad dawlance
furqan jalil Fri 03 Oct, 2014
I cannot find any problems with my Dawlance freezer to date. It is quite, freezes fast and the drawers are deept so can get a lot of food into it.Good ammount of storage
haniya Wed 10 Sep, 2014
one of my favorite fridge companies is dawlance. i have been using fridge of dawlance for 10 years.
usaid iman Thu 28 Aug, 2014
Dawlance double door deep freezer are perfect for bakra eid, can store lots of meat for several days, keeps it fresh and healthy. I am gonna buy it this eid ul Azha.
Iqbal Mon 25 Aug, 2014
dawlance deep freezers arent certainyl the deal i would refuse. i mean excellent quality, modern designs and the most useful features are not something you forgoe easily. i prefer dawlance as my everyday appliance. do you ??
umair zai Tue 19 Aug, 2014
Hashim! I really agreed what u just said about the disappointment on Dawlance products i also have experienced the same disappointing behavior with some of Dawlance products recently... which really impact on their image...
Noman Khan Mon 18 Aug, 2014
Hello, I think dawlence deep freezer is best as compare to waves Freezer. My family have been using a dawlence deep freezer from over 10 years and it is working fine. Over all perfect.
Asad Mon 11 Aug, 2014
personally I always used to prefer dawlance but recently dawalnce products have done alot to disappoint me. I dont know the performance of its deep freezers but the fridges have detoriated over the time. i bought a monogram fridge and within the first month we discovered that the tubing was faulty and the door was also faulty. we replaced the door by warranty and now we have an unbalanced door with no lock system. So dawlance, it was the last time i bought anything from you. i hope i never have to encounter with you again.
Hashim Wed 16 Jul, 2014
There are only old models of Dawlance deep freezer please add some of the latest designs and advanced featured.
Waseem Wed 25 Jun, 2014
I am impressed by Dawlance manufacturing processes and the quality of material they use, which can't be found in any other brand.
Ghaffar Tue 10 Jun, 2014
Dawlance VF-1035 AD Deep Freezer
Dawlance VF-1035 AD Deep Freezer Reviews all Detail
mohsin Mon 02 Mar, 2015
Dawlance VF-1035 WB Deep Freezer
how can ct you we contant you
aamir Sun 15 Feb, 2015
wow. i think i have stuck the jackpot here with just paying 36k i get dawlance dual doore fridge,. its like really big and also works noiselessly. basically all the flaws that pel has, dawlance doesnt. i am definetley buying this n the coming week.
tauseef zia Sat 18 Oct, 2014
Dawlance 500 TWIN SS/VCM Chest Freezer
its a freezer that's bigger than the biggest, despite being two door it retains a very a large size and best of all it runs noiselessly. dawalnce has really hit off with these spectacular designs. i bet dawlance has become a company hard to compete with.
madiha janvi Thu 09 Oct, 2014
Dawlance 500 SS VCM Chest Freezer
can shoprex.com put more pictures of this deep freezer here because i need to fully scan the product before purchase. it would be really convenient if you do so. thanks alot.
waris ahmed Mon 22 Sep, 2014
Dawlance 500 TWIN SS/VCM Chest Freezer
i want to know that do the 2 compartments have completely different mechanisms meaning compressor condensor etc. or do both share from one. it is a feature that strongly influences my decision so kindly tell about it. also is it available in any other color like creamy white. i don't like this color at all. is the wiring copper or silver? awaiting replies.
rameez khawaja Mon 08 Sep, 2014
Dawlance 200-P Deep Freezer
Few years before I always purchased dawlance products because their tag line is DAWLANCE RELIABALE HAY but this tag line not applicable now because I found many bugs or fault in dawlance refrigerator. My dawlace refrigerator compressor gas have been leaked many time I dont know why I repair and refill gas many time but every time gas leaked again and again. please tell me what should I do now?
Imran Tahir Mon 01 Sep, 2014
Dawlance 500 TWIN SS/VCM Chest Freezer
i bought the dawlance twin freezer and honestly i found the design to be better than the freezer itself. its color was simply cool, not white but a chamapgnish sort of color. beautiful shade anyway. THe cooling was good and due to one component serving to two parts there was no frost which pleased me. keep up the good work dawlance.
iman Fri 15 Aug, 2014
Dawlance 300-P Deep Freezer
Why 2 prices are showing in this page one is 27400 and another is 27800? I am little confused after saw 2 prices in single page. please help me. I want to buy this product at low price. One more thing is that can you please give my some discount on dawlance deep freezer because my rance is 25000 rupees and current dawlance deep freezer price in Pakistan is 27400 and 27800.
Beenish Ather Tue 12 Aug, 2014
Dawlance 400-P Deep Freezer
one of the things i like about dawlance is it's very simple and practical designs that it makes. it does not focus on excess of features but a design that proves to be extremely practical. the cooling is extremely practical due to 13 CF of space. the rust resistant body. furthermore the front drain is extremely useful in letting out any unwanted liquids out of the freezer effortlessly. It also consumes up less space.
saad Sun 27 Jul, 2014

Its hard to figure out which deep freezer is perfect for your needs and requirements, Dawlance make it very easy to choice your perfectly needed deep freezer, which contains all the functions and features you need under your budgets. They provide normal startup on low voltages, keep you freezing for a long time and best performance at any weather and atmospheric conditions. The extra space keep you food stuff as it they without damaging and messed up. Go ahead and check latest models of all Dawlance deep freezers price in Pakistan.

Dawlance deep freezers are most commonly used deep freezers in Pakistan during the warm weather and winter seasons. Dawlance deep freezers have great features that are highly modernized and advance such as Powerful cooling which is the result of powerful compressor technology, front drain system that makes it easy to clean, the Fan cooled condenser increase the cooling capably of the deep freezer in any condition with better cooling retention. The smartly painted rust resistant body prevents rusting for long time. The doors are secured with locks system that disallows the children and others to open it without keys. Shoprex.com offers all Dawlance deep freezer price in Pakistan with details. Dawlance deep freezers have Strong pace with Nano silver foundation and anti-bacterial drawers, they also feature greater cooling preservation because of 60mm dense lining. Five pipe oil cooled compressor provides powerful cooling. The compressors are imported from Matsu which is stunning in quality. Find prices of Dawlance deep freezers in Pakistan. Dawlance just not has a penetrate in deep freezer expertise, but an enhanced everyday life, a well storage space key and that too at an reasonably priced that will make simpler the lives of numerous people who are weary of troubles allied with deep freezing technology.

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