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Dawlance manufactures quality microwaves ovens with supreme features, It has best technology to use and one of the major experiences in home appliances manufacturing industry, the product is scattered to all over Pakistan as well as other countries due to its quality and reliability. It offers perfect dimension for your Read More
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 Dawlance Microwave Oven Reviews

اپنی رائے یا سوال یہاں لکھیں
I have a Dawlance DW-395 HP Cooking Series Microwave Oven in which child safety lock is also available but any one tell me that how I can get into the working? It is very necesaary tools.
nimra Sat 06 Jun, 2015
This model Dawlance Microwave oven DW-391HZ is also a common, its digital functions and the handle door is also make it beautiful, the beautiful glass work in the door make it also show class.
Moona Fri 22 May, 2015
In the digital microwave oven this DAWLANCE MICROWAVE OVEN DW-295 is very reliable and its price is also very affordable. Dawlance maintain its quality in the every products like its microwave.
sabia Sat 09 May, 2015
When i bought a micro wave oven that time the price of it was very cheap but unfortunately it is recently out of order, now i need an other micro wave oven, i wants this DAWLANCE DW-387 because dawlance is reliable.
younus Sat 18 Apr, 2015
please discount it
sana Wed 11 Feb, 2015
Is there any type of microwave in Dawlance that can automatically switch off is the food stuff inside start burning.?
sohail Wed 10 Dec, 2014
dawlance has been the king of frideges long enough and i think now is the time to get hold of another title. i have used dawlance microwaves and recently purchased one and it is safe to say that it is one of the best fridges avaialble. infact i even got a discount of 1000 by the person dealing at the store. I really like this thing by dawlance. i bought the md-5 and it was excellent for basic usage.
hashim Thu 30 Oct, 2014
dawlance microwaves are the best. no hasle of learning how to operate and stuff. pure and simple operations just like that. i wonder why pel makes it so difficult to use there touch models. dawlance has the same but with easy go operation and also prebuilt recipies. could not get better,.
madiha naved Sat 18 Oct, 2014
i have dawlance microwave oven for sale. its not new, its about 2 years 4 months old. however its condition is just like new as i was in USA and i bought it and i got knowledge that i was accepted for immigration. now i have to sell many things one of which is the microwave.
mICRO 8000 RS Thu 09 Oct, 2014
I want to make tikka in My Dawlance microwave this eid, it that possible to do that, can yew tell any recipe or procedure to that?
Shahmir Wed 24 Sep, 2014
Dawlance microwave-oven Works brilliantly. Heats quickly and evenly, and the defrost is much better than previous microwaves. Loads of clever programmes, most of which I have yet to try, but the ones I have work well. Good internal light, easy to see what is happening inside.
Shanzey Thu 18 Sep, 2014
Dawnalance microwave oven looking awesome and very easy to use, the buttons speak for themselve, I dont like why women cry to use microwave. Its a microwave oven, not a lunar lander:)
shnai Wed 10 Sep, 2014
well i dint think that dawlance had what it took to be a top seller of microwaves. the one that i have is wonderful and the best thing is the outer metal body ensuring its shell to be durable and scratch resistant. although it is a bit expensive i like it
yasir Sat 30 Aug, 2014
dawlance products are the best. i agree they are not the best quality but the process they are sold for seems like totally worth it. despite the quality fact they seem to work well specially microwaves. its a good choice while remaining in budget for middle class
rameez Thu 28 Aug, 2014
Dawlance I Really like this Brand Product,Im Use Microwave Oven MD-5 N Very easy to use, heats up quickly and dead easy to clean as well.great microwave best one
Kavia Mon 25 Aug, 2014
Dawlance DW-115 CHZ Baking Series Microwave Oven
can u send me dw 115 chz microwave oven cd link on my mail id bcz my cd is not working and i am unable to see recipes.i will be thankful to u
sanjeela aamir Thu 23 Apr, 2015
Dawlance DW-373 Cooking Series Microwave Oven
which one series is best
ALi Thu 12 Feb, 2015
Dawlance DW-115 CHZ Baking Series Microwave Oven
very gud
Nouman Ijaz Mon 02 Feb, 2015
Dawlance DW-360-C
dear sir/Madam i want to purchase microwave oven so would u like to recomend which company brand and model will be best n better
Naymat Thu 08 Jan, 2015
Dawlance DW-395 HP Cooking Series Microwave Oven
Dear Afeera, all you need to set the temperature at 450° Fahrenheit and set the timing 10 minutes.
Shoprex Admin Mon 05 Jan, 2015
Dawlance DW-395 HP Cooking Series Microwave Oven
what code i should enter to cook pizza?
afeera Sat 03 Jan, 2015
Dawlance DW-115 CHZ Baking Series Microwave Oven
please send dvd by chef gulzar to cook different menue on dw 115 chz for better understanding and its operation, thanks
khalid Wed 31 Dec, 2014
farooq Tue 23 Dec, 2014
Dawlance DW-115 CHZ Baking Series Microwave Oven
i have bought it before a month but now i realized that it takes much time in warming food, more than 5 to 10 minutes. for which it is mostly used. it doesnt quickly warms things. not satisfied at all.
umair Fri 19 Dec, 2014
Dawlance DW-115 CHZ Baking Series Microwave Oven
AOA Sir I need build up recepies book in PDF format of Dawlance DW-115 CHZ series Microwave Oven.Please send me the recepie book by E.mail at amjadiqball73@yahoo.com I shall be very thankfull to you
AMJAD IQBAL Sun 14 Dec, 2014

Dawlance manufactures quality microwaves ovens with supreme features, It has best technology to use and one of the major experiences in home appliances manufacturing industry, the product is scattered to all over Pakistan as well as other countries due to its quality and reliability. It offers perfect dimension for your home space and need where you can choice your own. The capacities are also very flexible for all. There are number of types such as grill, roast, baking, heating and more. Dawlance offers heavy micro powers in their microwaves for best performance check out its prices in Pakistan.
Pakistan’s leading microwave oven creators Dawlance has vast range and verity of microwave ovens with latest technology and designs, Dawlance has categorized its microwave oven in three different categories such as classic series, cooking series and backing series. They are able to perform different task on various different food stuff. The classic series features the old styled microwave with manual operations and functions. Cooking series is particularly designed for cooking purposes where the backing series is for backing stuff. Dawlance is manufacturing Pakistan one of the leading microwares. Dawlance contains latest and innovation technology with feature such as Digital /Jog Wheel control, microwave power settings, Speed Defrost Child Lock, Mirror Finish door window and other features which may also not found in any other brands. Shoprex.com offers wide range of all Dawlance products with prices in Pakistan. Dawlance provides mechanical and digital both of rotary controls both, which is convenient and comfortable for everyone who are used to of it, the rotatory controls are also called the classic series of Dawlance microwave ovens. There are 6 microwave power settings that allow cooking and baking several foods at their own natural temperature of cooking and baking. There are also different colors and designs available that easily fit in your kitchen’s theme. Dawlance makes different capacity microwave ovens in 20 Liters, 23 Liters, 25 Liters, 26 Liters, 30 Liters, 36 Liters, 38 Liters and 45 Liters. They are energy efficient, defrost setting and express cooking featured. Find our more regarding prices and details in Pakistan of Dawlance microwave ovens on Shoprex.com.

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