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Haire HDN-2380EG Grill

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Enviro ENR-20XM4R

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Westpoint Microwave Oven WF-823 M

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Panasonic NN-GT546W

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Reviews on Dawlance Microwave Oven
nice ovens.peoples want to take the every electronics of dawlance but appliances of Dawlance are very expensive that's why mostly people do not take the electronics of dawlance.

Fri 17 Jun, 2016
I have accidentally broken the glass plate of my dawlance microwave oven, let me know where to buy it.

Tue 05 Jan, 2016
Dawlance microwave ovens are just get ready to bake and cook the food in short time, that's really amazing.

Sun 03 Jan, 2016
No other brand can compete dawlance, this is the best product in Pakistan.

Wed 30 Dec, 2015
The dawlance is the ideal microwave for safety,

Sun 13 Dec, 2015
I have lost my dawlance manual for guidance of use, what to do?

Fri 11 Dec, 2015
dawlance have beaten the international brands in the quality of microwaves.

Sun 06 Dec, 2015
There should be a video review that how to use the dawlance microwave properly

Wed 02 Dec, 2015
People buy the microwave but dont event know how to use it, they dont have idea how to adjust the temperature and timing in different foods and recopies.

Mon 30 Nov, 2015
The balance between the temperature and the timing is the real trick in microwaves and ovens.

Mon 23 Nov, 2015
Some people here asking for the manual of their Dawlance MICROWAVE, i have also lost my manual and looking for another.

Fri 13 Nov, 2015
I am using the black version of Dawlance microwave, it has been working perfectly fine for 2 years still works like a new one.

Tue 10 Nov, 2015
DAWLANCE MICROWAVE OVEN is the quickest way of heating up you meal in seconds, also take less electricity, i have personally checked its consumption.

Mon 19 Oct, 2015
How can i bake a cake in dawlance395hp

Mon 19 Oct, 2015
nice oven

taha irfan
Wed 14 Oct, 2015
Dawlance DW-293S
Very nice microwave oven dawlance dw-293s

Asim Rafique
Sat 18 Feb, 2017
Dawlance DW-115 CHZ Baking Series Microwave Oven
Dw115 ap log bata saktey ho ya oven kesay ha muje parchase karna ha .

Sat 19 Nov, 2016
Dawlance DW-115 CHZ Baking Series Microwave Oven
I m using for the first time n I don't know how to use it.plx tell me from where can I get help

Sat 30 Apr, 2016

Dawlance manufactures quality microwaves ovens with supreme features, It has best technology to use and one of the major experiences in home appliances manufacturing industry, the product is scattered to all over Pakistan as well as other countries due to its quality and reliability. It offers perfect dimension for your home space and need where you can choice your own. The capacities are also very flexible for all. There are number of types such as grill, roast, baking, heating and more. Dawlance offers heavy micro powers in their microwaves for best performance check out its prices in Pakistan.
Pakistan’s leading microwave oven creators Dawlance has vast range and verity of microwave ovens with latest technology and designs, Dawlance has categorized its microwave oven in three different categories such as classic series, cooking series and backing series. They are able to perform different task on various different food stuff. The classic series features the old styled microwave with manual operations and functions. Cooking series is particularly designed for cooking purposes where the backing series is for backing stuff. Dawlance is manufacturing Pakistan one of the leading microwares. Dawlance contains latest and innovation technology with feature such as Digital /Jog Wheel control, microwave power settings, Speed Defrost Child Lock, Mirror Finish door window and other features which may also not found in any other brands. Shoprex.com offers wide range of all Dawlance products with prices in Pakistan. Dawlance provides mechanical and digital both of rotary controls both, which is convenient and comfortable for everyone who are used to of it, the rotatory controls are also called the classic series of Dawlance microwave ovens. There are 6 microwave power settings that allow cooking and baking several foods at their own natural temperature of cooking and baking. There are also different colors and designs available that easily fit in your kitchen’s theme. Dawlance makes different capacity microwave ovens in 20 Liters, 23 Liters, 25 Liters, 26 Liters, 30 Liters, 36 Liters, 38 Liters and 45 Liters. They are energy efficient, defrost setting and express cooking featured. Find our more regarding prices and details in Pakistan of Dawlance microwave ovens on Shoprex.com.

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