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Homage is a well famous brand in Pakistan, Homage is manufacturing several types of generators in respect of use and requirement either for company, firm, office and homes. They are equipped with latest technologies such as ATS (Automatic Transfer System) that starts automatically when power goes off. Homage generators are Read More

 Homage Generators Reviews

اپنی رائے یا سوال یہاں لکھیں
Assalam u Alaikum, sir homage 3.00 HGR kvD ki kya prize hai market prize btain ?
muhammad haseeb Thu 25 Jun, 2015
After using two years continuously a homage 2 KVA generator without any problem it starts getting problems now a days, yesterday I got changed th whole sealed of its engine oil because in it some leakage.
aslam Sat 09 May, 2015
I recently purchase HOMAGE GENERATOR 5KVG ATS because in which two separate plug with on or off buttons are the best option for the consumption of electricity if you want to to supply it other home.
Nabeel Mon 04 May, 2015
Hello, Sir i want to buy homage generator 2.5 kv Please tell me market price??? I cant but new if anyone sell homage generator plese contact with me . Thanks
Shabana khan Sun 03 May, 2015
I have purchased homage generator 2.5 KV. I want to assemble its wheels, fit gas kit, put engine oil in it. kindly send me pics/video guiding to do all these jobs.
Muhammad Zarif Mon 06 Apr, 2015
is this generator avail in 3kvg? please reply this comment
saad Fri 27 Mar, 2015
Hello, Respected, I am from ISAJI & Sons Abbottabad and we want the dealership of Homage Generators in Abbottabad and plz let me know the price of 4kva generator price and delivery time in Abbottabad. Thx. M. Azam Khan
M. Azam Khan Wed 25 Feb, 2015
homage generator model number ATS 6KVG is a good generaotr. however when i bought it thereis a problem with the fuel tank that it dispatches more fuel than normal . i had it checked but the guy couldnt repair it. tell me please how to do it or whats the problem. too much fuwl loos already.
pareshan Sun 02 Nov, 2014
hello, i live in the united arab emirates and i even saw homage generators there. although not a generally used brand but still its good enough to pick the load of my home and also the reception tube lights. its a really great company
nisha Wed 29 Oct, 2014
homage has got what it takes to make amazing generators. powerful yet simply operaitng generators.i know this as in my coaching centre i have homage. my honda generator same power used to shut down due to load but homage somehow manages.
yahya Mon 27 Oct, 2014
good rates and reliabel product. i guess thats what is really required for a wonderful generator. or you would have honda and you would haven p option but to pay its high price. cheap alternatives all the way . i am using them myself.
dawar Tue 21 Oct, 2014
i have used homage kitchen appliances but they are no good however this generators are very fine and good.honestly didnt expect this much out of homage but apparently it is good. keep up the fine work and i will be loyal.
ramis kafil Fri 03 Oct, 2014
dear i have a 1 KV homage genrator with gass kit red color. if any one like to purchase. i bought it as on 22-jun-2014 with Rs of 23000
Muhammad Awais Thu 25 Sep, 2014
i have to sell homage generator i won in inaam ghar by dr . aamir liaqut. he came to me and handed me it itself but problem is i cant afford to run one with all the rising fuel prices and stuff. its petrol, red color and has two tires below. can be portable but not too much. interested ones contact. price tbd
bassam tanoli Wed 24 Sep, 2014
homage is a lower end brand and should not be trusted with industrial type equipment like genrators.
sahabzada naveed Mon 22 Sep, 2014
Homage HGR 3.00KV-D
I need power full gas generator the work for 3 aircondation
alam Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Homage Generator 2.5 KV
Dear Hammad, Sorry, there is no seller currently available online for this product, you may try again later.
Shoprex Admin Wed 01 Jul, 2015
Homage Generator 2.5 KV
How can I have this 2.5 KW generator at Taxila (Wah Cantt)?
Hammad Tue 30 Jun, 2015
Dear Tariq khan, you may check all brand's generator models in the following link: http://shoprex.com/electronics/power-supplies/generators/
Shoprex Admin Fri 19 Jun, 2015
Dear sir, tumharay pas kon kon say company ka generator ha.
Tariq khan Thu 18 Jun, 2015
Homage HGR-2.50KV-D
I am using this generator and i have found this generator as excellent in running, it operates on gas and petrol both, i start it on petrol and after 30 seconds convert it on gas and it runs very good
shoaib Wed 10 Jun, 2015
Homage HGR-2.50KV-D
Dear Hira, yes it is a Chinese brand.
Shoprex Admin Tue 02 Jun, 2015
Homage HGR-2.50KV-D
AOA homeage company china ki hai ?
hira Tue 02 Jun, 2015
Homage HGR-2.50KV-D with ATS
Dear Dildar, An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is often installed where a backup generator is located, so that the generator may provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails and the warranty of this product is provided for up to 1 year officially, there is only a price difference between ATS and with ATS generators.
Shoprex Admin Tue 12 May, 2015
Homage HGR-2.50KV-D with ATS
Sir, Assalaam o Alaikum, i want some information about Homeage Generator Model (Homage HGR-2.50KV-D with ATS)Product Code: SR0031023 first thing, what does it mean "with ATS" similarly another Model Homage HGR-2.50KV-D without ATS (Product Code:SR0031336) what is the difference b/w these two models. is there price difference too..? i wana purchase it from Haripur Dawlance Employees Shop. shohpkeer telling me its price Rs. 43,900. i don't know about ATS and model which he giving to me, whether it has ATS or not, kindly guide me, is it accurate price..? kindly give me detailed information about my questions. At the end, is there warranty of these generators..? if.. how many years/months..? your quick response 'll highly appreciated. Regards.. Dilar Ahmed (Jadoon) Haripur (KPK,Pakistan)
Dildar Mon 11 May, 2015

Homage is a well famous brand in Pakistan, Homage is manufacturing several types of generators in respect of use and requirement either for company, firm, office and homes. They are equipped with latest technologies such as ATS (Automatic Transfer System) that starts automatically when power goes off. Homage generators are available in 1.5, 2.5, 5 and 6 KVA. It offers several different models with several different features. Homage also provides several offers and packages for their generators with different useful accessories and discount pricing. Some of the key features of Homage generators include Built-in maintenance free battery, Heavy duty wheels and handle for easy mobility, Electric starting system with low noise, large fuel capacity tank and Company fitted gas kit. Get all that models of Homage generators with prices in Pakistan with the generator models introduced in 2015 with all the related sellers at Shoprex.com. Some of the most common features that come with the homage generators are listed below:

Lead Acid Battery:

Homage generators contain the lead acid batteries which are the most powerful battery ever introduced in the any generators so far, it has a long life, low maintenance and more power in order to start and run the generator.

Wheels and Handles:

Homage provide the wheels and the handles with it’s almost all the generator models which are not in compact design and easy to carry. Wheels at the bottom of the generator provide the easy mobility while the handles make it convenient to hold it and move in the right direction without damaging your generator.

Preinstalled Gas Kit:

Homage is one of those brands which are offering the built-in Gas kit for their generators which is especially designed for them, with considering all the technological aspects of the generator and its engines. These in house gas kit protect you generator engine from overload and deficiency of the gas also keep you engine healthy as it is fully compatible for it.

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