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Jasco is presenting Pakistan’s largest generator’s range consist of number of models, with its services and low price in comparison of other generators, a huge support is given to the buyers of Jasco generators form sale, after sale, repairs and maintenance, and regular support in taking care of your Read More

 Jasco Generators Price in Pakistan

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Jasco Generater 1900 DC Price in Pakistan

Jasco Generater 1900 DC
Rs. 25,699

Jasco J 9000 DC Price in Pakistan

Jasco J 9000 DC
Rs. 103,999

Jasco J 7500 DC Price in Pakistan

Jasco J 7500 DC
Rs. 91,499

Jasco J 4500 DC Price in Pakistan

Jasco J 4500 DC
Rs. 50,500

Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500 Price in Pakistan

Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
Rs. 47,000

Jasco j4001DXE Price in Pakistan

Jasco j4001DXE
Coming Soon

Jasco j3001DXE Price in Pakistan

Jasco j3001DXE
Coming Soon

Jasco GMP 30PXS Price in Pakistan

Jasco GMP 30PXS
Coming Soon

Jasco GMP 20PXS Price in Pakistan

Jasco GMP 20PXS
Coming Soon

Jasco GMP 15PXS Price in Pakistan

Jasco GMP 15PXS
Coming Soon

Jasco DB-2500 BN Price in Pakistan

Jasco DB-2500 BN
Coming Soon

Jasco DB-2200 Price in Pakistan

Jasco DB-2200
Coming Soon

Jasco DB-3800 Price in Pakistan

Jasco DB-3800
Rs. 63,000

Jasco J-1800DLX Price in Pakistan

Jasco J-1800DLX
Rs. 20,499

Jasco J2000DLX Price in Pakistan

Jasco J2000DLX
Rs. 21,998

Jasco J1500DLX Price in Pakistan

Jasco J1500DLX
Rs. 22,499

Jasco DB-3000 Price in Pakistan

Jasco DB-3000
Rs. 49,500

Jasco DB-5000 Price in Pakistan

Jasco DB-5000
Rs. 78,049

Jasco DB-6500 Price in Pakistan

Jasco DB-6500
Rs. 88,699

Jasco DB-8000 Price in Pakistan

Jasco DB-8000
Rs. 99,999

Jasco J1800DLX Price in Pakistan

Jasco J1800DLX
Rs. 20,499

Jasco J-1800DLX-S Price in Pakistan

Jasco J-1800DLX-S
Rs. 25,499

Jasco GMP 42PXS Price in Pakistan

Jasco GMP 42PXS
Rs. 5,000,000

 Jasco Generators Reviews

اپنی رائے یا سوال یہاں لکھیں
Dear Sir Please give me some detail of generator sound low self start gase kit my home load is 1.Three fan 2.saver 5 3.fridge please tell me price of generator
Abdul Hakeem Mon 25 May, 2015
Jasco performs such an efficiency when you use it full petrol. I just have Jasco Generater 1900 DC for home use, no doubt it never disoppointed me while I use it the three to four hours continuously, I love it.
Farhan Fri 22 May, 2015
BILAL Wed 20 May, 2015
Only the main issue in this Jasco GMP 20PXS generator is diesel because the price of diesel is very expensive but this generator is totally act on my requirement due to its power and outcomes, hope that I ourchase it.
Rauf Sat 09 May, 2015
jasco geneator very cool but the price very heavyy. i use the 3000D-B this sound is ver low and very cool geerator.
Muhammad Haroon Thu 07 May, 2015
I want to buy 3kv generator please inform me about price and efficiency means how much fans it can run
SIMTULLAH Fri 01 May, 2015
PRINCIPAL Tue 28 Apr, 2015
For those who wants to run generator in the petrol this Jasco J2000DLX is the best idea for those peoples to purchase. In my shop i also use this generator which is very good to perform in a low sound.
Sajiada khan Fri 24 Apr, 2015
I decided to buy Jasco 1.2 KVA generator but later i realized that it will not run on gas as well, there is only brand which provide natural gas capability in their generators in that low capacity which is Firman.
Uzair Thu 23 Apr, 2015
i thing after the popular branded generators like Honda and Yamaha, Jasco is the most trustworthy brand which is cheaper and better from the other Chines models of generators available in all across Pakistan.
Yasmeen Wed 22 Apr, 2015
TARIQ Mon 20 Apr, 2015
2Kva with self price
sajid awan Thu 02 Apr, 2015
sir, i want to buy jasco generator for home. which generator wil be better for me.
NASIR Thu 05 Mar, 2015
I felt Jasco is better than other Chinese made generators available in Pakistan, most of my friends have that and there is no complaints at all, but i am still very confuse buying it because there is no longer warranty there.
Dauood Tue 24 Feb, 2015
Required 30 KVA , Jasco Generator
Fayyaz Mon 12 Jan, 2015
Jasco J 4500 DC
sir aslam alekum sir mere shop photo state ki hay aur mein light se buhat preshan hoon mein app se ek question karta hoon k agar mein sara din ganrater chalaon to kon sa lon.jasko j7500dc/or jasco j9000dc mere shop ka laod hay. 3 tube lights/2 fans/ ek photo state machine/ek printer/ek computer.
FAWAD KHAN Fri 15 May, 2015
Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
Dear FARHAN RAFIQUE, yes you may run water pump motor at this generator.
Shoprex Admin Thu 14 May, 2015
Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
FARHANRAFIQUE Thu 14 May, 2015
Jasco Generater 1900 DC
Buhat he acha generator he or patrol average bhi acha he or gas pressure kum p bhi acha perform karta he
Muhammad Hussain Detho Mon 11 May, 2015
Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
I want to buy a good reliable and price wise economical Generator on gas
Ashfaq Fri 08 May, 2015
Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
Dear Abeel, you may get the details of your desire product here http://shoprex.com/electronics/power-supplies/generators/jasco-db-3000-mpid2801
Shoprex Admin Mon 27 Apr, 2015
Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
2kv ka generator kitne ka hai
abeel Sat 25 Apr, 2015
Jasco J1800DLX
Dear Zawar Raza, it will not work on natural gas.
Shoprex Admin Thu 23 Apr, 2015
Jasco J1800DLX
gas or petrol per working kare ga
zawar raza Wed 22 Apr, 2015
Jasco GENERATOR-J-3500
apna contect mujy send kary plz me ap sy contect karna chahta o
hamza Tue 21 Apr, 2015

Jasco is presenting Pakistan’s largest generator’s range consist of number of models, with its services and low price in comparison of other generators, a huge support is given to the buyers of Jasco generators form sale, after sale, repairs and maintenance, and regular support in taking care of your generator. Jasco generators have unique technology which makes it long life and ideal quality generator for offices, companies and home use which can be categorized in three different categories which are described below. All the generator types and models listed and described below are available at Shoprex.com with the prices information.

Jasco Diesel Generator:

The Jasco Diesel Generator are designed to use at large scale with such as a company and a whole building, it contain enormous power outputs which starts from 12 Kw to 16 Kw, 24 Kw and 34 Kw. The Fuel Capacity is available at 40 and 60 Ltrs. It is usually comes with canopy and consumes more space than other generators, they can run almost all the office electronic equipments and home appliance depending on the power they are generating, GMP 15PXS, GMP 20PXS, GMP 30PXS, GMP 42PXS are the models of Jasco generators available in the market.

Jasco Gasoline Generators:

Jasco Gasoline generators are the most commonly and widely used generators at home and small offices, its runs on petrol, They may run the major home appliance in home such as fans, lights, TVs, refrigerators and others. Jasco offers 1.2Kw, 1.5 Kw, 2.2 Kw, 2.5 kW, 2.8Kw, 3.1 Kw, 4.4 Kw, 5.5 Kw and 6.5 Kw, models in such category with 10 liters to 22 liters. The models include J-1800DLX, J-1800DLX-S, DB-3000, DB-3800, DB-5000, DB-6500, DB-8000, DB-2200, j3001DXE and j4001DXE.

Jasco Natural Gas Generators:

Jasco Natural Gas generators are the most popular in the household power needs, as the natural gas is available abundantly in Pakistan, these generators does not require any refill as natural gas supply is directly attached to them, also it contains gas kits which regulates the natural gas flow in generator engine. In Jasco there are 2.0 Kw, 4.5 Kw, 9.5 Kw, 14.5 Kw of power generators are available in this category in DB-2500 BN, DB-6500 BN, RES-14, RES-20.

You are looking now Jasco Generators price in pakistan including in all major cities, Jasco Generators Price in Karachi, Jasco Generators price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.
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Jasco Generators Price in Pakistan
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