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Dany has become well famous brand around the world and especially in Pakistan. Dany is providing premium electronics & IT products specially Tablet Pc’s. Dany is approaching to the consumers of tablets with a product that fulfills the need and demand of everyone. Dany Tablets have a vast Read More

 Dany Tablets Reviews

what is dany tab that runs real racing 3 and nova 3 with ease and has sharp resolution screen. i have to gift to my brother who is gaming fanatic and since he loves tech i am guessing he love my gift, please tell.
jawed Sun 23 Nov, 2014
i have heard after slaes of dany is pure crap. they instead of reparing the product furhter damage it by carelessness and even have the dare to ask us for there fees. i would like to see one chaumpoo suited man first breaking my tab and then asking for money, he would as well book up in advance with a dentist perhaps.
saad rafi Sat 22 Nov, 2014
i am a teacher andmy school has started favouring the use of IT in education. its a very good schol and cast amongst the top. anyways the principal wants me to get tablets that will be distributed to students. which one is good and powerful enough for students education.
tabassum Fri 21 Nov, 2014
made by China but we are happy to hav the warranty and reliability as the day is just not only the unknown Chinese brands like other here, this is one of the trustable source of tablets that we can have.
Tanveer Tue 18 Nov, 2014
any upcomingl atest dany tablet pc with quad core CPU, atleast 2GB RAM, 7 inch or more display and at least 5MP camera so please tell me as i need a good tab and the specs are for tabs that truly perform well.
rajal Thu 13 Nov, 2014
hello bhai main nai suna hai kai apple apni chips sell karraha hai tablet companies ko. kia yai baat sach hai ya aisay hi afwah urai gayi hai.
nureneder Wed 05 Nov, 2014
Hello to all I want to sale dany tablet S5 awesome condition with all original accessorieOnly serious interested people contact with me 03135174573.
shana Tue 28 Oct, 2014
Hello, sir Has Anyone purchased this tablet "Dany Genius Talk T220"? My Brother is going to purchase a tablet mobile as soon as possible. Please give me suggestion. He has a range of 15,000 pakistan rupess.
Nayer khan Mon 15 Sep, 2014
When Will Dany Make Mobile Phones. I don't know What is difference Between Tablet and mobile phone? I think Dany Should make Best mobile plus tablet.
danish khan Mon 11 Aug, 2014
my dany genius tab s5 is hanged when use for minimum 25 min i am terrible worry about it because i was buy bought it yesterday from metro lahore. plz tell me how fix it
uzair Sun 10 Aug, 2014
Sir Very Low touch quality Tab hai. Not recommended. Mine went out of order after 1 months of just light use. Thanks. But I don't know How is latest model Dany Genius Talk T1000? .
Sidra Ansari Thu 07 Aug, 2014
Assalam u alikum, sir please tell me Why not open www.danytech.com/ in my pc?. I check all tab info ur site. Thanks alot u update all new dany tablet with price and videos keep it up good work.
nisha khan Wed 06 Aug, 2014
Dany has the best range of PC tablets, with the launch of the PC tablet with voice calling it has become the best PC tablet all the time. Even Qmobile tabs can't compete it, great performance and reliability.
Shaan Wed 06 Aug, 2014
Dear Mr. Abdul Samad! Yes, DANY tablets are approved by FCC standards. Thanks
shoprexadmin Wed 06 Aug, 2014
please tell me dany k Tablets FCC Standards say approved hote hain? I think Dany should make 12 inch tablets just like samsung.
Abdul Samad Wed 06 Aug, 2014
Dany Genius Tablet G4 Dual Core & Sim
Dear Anisahmes, it is made by China with no SIM support.
Shoprex Admin Fri 21 Nov, 2014
Dany Genius Tablet G4 Dual Core & Sim
WHERE IT MADE? in g4 tab sim will operate?
anisahmes Fri 21 Nov, 2014
Dany Genius Talk T1000 Tab
Very Bad..... i returned within 10 days of purchase... losing a lot of money... but to my opinion it's not worth that money... u can add around 8 - 10 k any buy a samsung original tab with no problems at all... i rate dany devices as 0 out of 10... makers should test it before sending to market...
Unknown Tue 28 Oct, 2014
Genius Talk T220
Dear Sabir Munir, you may find the sil slot at inside the back cover of the device.
Shoprex Admin Mon 27 Oct, 2014
Genius Talk T220
How to insert sim in t220
sabir munir Sat 25 Oct, 2014
Dany Tablet Q3 Quadcore
ABDULLAH Thu 23 Oct, 2014
Dany Genius Champ 4 Kids Tablet
the kids tab is really meant for kids. adult task i doubt can be run on these tabs like heavy games or stuff, only things like webpages, and stuff like documents etc can be created easily. resource intensive task i doubt are a specialty of this tab
abdullah Tue 14 Oct, 2014
Genius Talk T220
is it really worth buying. o noticed that tab prices were imminently lower than smartphones, actually, a lot lower than smartphones. i dont get why this is but however i still prefer smartphones thanks to the fact that they are handy.
abdul mirza Tue 14 Oct, 2014
Dany Genius Talk T4‬
this is an amazing tab. only better tab than this i feel is the Samsung series due to there UI. anyways this given the price is something more than spectacular. i do however hope its not shutting down as i will have power to purchase it in about 2 months
jaffar Tue 14 Oct, 2014
Dany Genius Talk T450 3G
can you tell me which chipset is in it(intel or mediatek or qualomm?? what is its weight and dimensions?? How much is its battery life??
Saboor Sat 11 Oct, 2014

Dany has become well famous brand around the world and especially in Pakistan. Dany is providing premium electronics & IT products specially Tablet Pc’s. Dany is approaching to the consumers of tablets with a product that fulfills the need and demand of everyone. Dany Tablets have a vast range of models with excellent features. The tablets Pc’s of Dany are available in different sizes from 7 inch to 10 inch. The latest model of Dany tablets include “Genius Talk T220”, “Dany Genius Champ 4 Kids Tablet”, & the “Dany Genius Talk T450 3G” are the famous ones. Dany Tablets are multitasking; it could be use as Computer, Media Player, Mobile Phone, and Video Game and may other things. The Dany Genius Talk T450 3G is a fully loaded Tablet with Quad core processor and dual SIM facility with latest android operating system. You can find the best Dany tablets with complete details of specifications and prices on shoprex.

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