Star Lawn Suit (SC-94)

Rs. 1,800
Rs. 1,590

Star Classic Lawn 2017 (SC-97)

Rs. 1,800
Rs. 1,590
Reviews on Asim Jofa Lawn Collection 2017
Hello, this is only available at the stores website:"" Thanks

Asim Jofa
Tue 14 Mar, 2017
I wanna Buy some New asim lawn embroidery dresses .. Is it available online? waiting!

Tue 14 Mar, 2017
one of the most successful fashion brand in Pakistan. I buy recently from their physical store located in Block 9, Clifton, Near Do Talwar from karachi

Noma Shahid
Mon 13 Mar, 2017
Hi I am Aiman from Lahore, Asim Jofa is my favorite brand specially when I want to wear Lawn suits. All the Time Asim Jofa comes with new ideas and variety

Tue 07 Mar, 2017
Asim Jofa is the sign of luxury in Pakistan, his dresses give me exceptional personality and elegant look among others. when i need to be little formal in clothing i only wear asif jofa lawn.

Thu 02 Mar, 2017
I request to Asim jofa Ceo please open asim jofa lawn out in main Islamabad GT road .. we wanna buy ur lawn dresses 2017.. I am very thanks full!

Thu 02 Mar, 2017
I love the luxury and i can only buy it in asim jofa collection 2017 as lawn dresses, its dresses are so elegant and precious.

Sun 26 Feb, 2017
I live in France ,how can i get the lawn of asim jofa here, b/c there is`t any outlet of asim jofa

Thu 23 Feb, 2017
i pick some of the suits from their premium collection which are very good. Is it is possible to set notification alert when Asim joffa unstiched collection for 2017 sprint available in markets

Faria Tahir
Fri 17 Feb, 2017
Asim Jofa is one of the best designer for lawn as well as bridal dresses across Pakistan, it got huge sale last year and i was also there for struggling to get my favorite suit.

Fri 17 Feb, 2017
Asalam u alikum I am an amidst admirer of Asim Jofa Brand from USA. Eagerly looking forward to buy 2017 Collection since announced at Asim Jofa Facebook page.

Asim Jofa
Wed 15 Feb, 2017
When will come the new collection of Asim jofa?

Wed 15 Feb, 2017
hello Asim jofa will launh lawn collection 2016 on 5 May 2016... I Love Asim Jofa Lawn Collection!

Tue 26 Apr, 2016
Very nice

Sun 17 Apr, 2016
Asim jofa k 2016 k designed kiun nhe hain plz reply

saima zafar
Wed 30 Mar, 2016

Asim Jofa Online Store for Latest Asim Jofa Lawn 2017 Collection with Prices Online in Pakistan!

Asim Jofa Lawn 2017 - Asim Jofa is a relatively new designer and brand name in the lawn industry. committing a very risky move by emerging in a market where the big boys had already established themselves paid of for Asim Jofa as it is now one of the well-known luxury Lawn brands available in Pakistan.

For 2017 Asim Jofa lawn has decided to play it safe. Combining the usual traditional florals on top of geometrics or the popular digital printing has helped Asim Jofa’s latest Lawn collection remain intact with the cultural roots of pakistan. Little hints of experimenting can be seen where in some unstiched prints figurines and geometric patterns are diffused beautifully in a pallette of very vivid and fun colors to strike life and spirit in the otherwise scorching summers.

Asim Jofa is quite well-known to play amongst only the your segment of the market. it is hence if little doubt that Asim Joffa focuses on product development rather than strategic pricing to keep itself in the game. Celebrity endorsements at award shows and major brands events are actively practised by the company to create demand. Annually a magazine with the outlines of the volumes to be released are also made available for selections of possible designs and so on.

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