Sana Safinaz Lawn 2017

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Reviews on Sana Safinaz Lawn
sana safinaz is one of the better brands here in my opinion. I was amazed at what awesomeness was beign provided here. Truly sana safinaz is the most premium brand of lawn.

Nayyar khan
Fri 26 May, 2017
I was Sana safinaz happiest customer when I received my order via shoprex. It was a timely delivery made in the best possible way with one of the most amazing products ever.

Fri 19 May, 2017
the sana safinaz were one of the best collections of clothes ever. I think that not only is there brand instantly recognizable if shown but also over the top in terms of overall usability. It encases truly what’s important in an eloquent dress.

Sana ahmedl
Mon 15 May, 2017
truly an iconic collection that delivers amazement beyond expression with smooth flowing of all colors and summer palette into a beautiful dress that everyone looks back to stare it.

Thu 11 May, 2017
The sana safinaz collection is one of the most anticipated lawn collections each year. With over hundreds of new designs now each dress is a new mood and emotion that is induced with premium fabric and light wear.

sana khan
Sat 06 May, 2017
I am fan Sana safinaz brand ... How do we get to c ur ready to wear collection in UK? any outlet in UK?

Wed 03 May, 2017
When your Sana safinaz eid collection is coming? i am waiting!

Wed 03 May, 2017
Sana Safinaz Muzlin - Spring Summer '17 Code: 11A and 11B 1 Piece Price: Rs 1490 Now available at all SANASAFINAZ outlets nationwide and online at

Salma khna
Sat 15 Apr, 2017
Sana Safinaz Designer request to Plz make some lawn frocks for girls.

Sat 15 Apr, 2017
Sana Safinaz lawn online shopping Web site is not opening, What sholud i do for Sana Safina Muzlin vol -1 Pre booking! i wanna buy sana safinaz Muzlin volume 1 suits for my wife!

Sat 08 Apr, 2017
sana safinaz Muzlin Vol 1: Rev up your engines and be the first to grab your favourite designs tonight with online pre-booking only at , But not open my laptop

sana khan
Sat 08 Apr, 2017
I can wait more Please Upload sana safinaz Sana Safinaz Muzlin collection picture upload in site ! i saw on facebook Sana Safinaz Muzlin effect has us hypnotised with 54 designs you can't help but fall in love! Launching nationwide and online on 10 April.

sadia ahmed
Tue 04 Apr, 2017
Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection - Browse through our Best summer Lawn premium 3 piece lawn unstitched suits adorned with delicate embroideries silk dupattas and pure chiffon.

Tania khan
Mon 03 Apr, 2017
I like sana safinaz Brand very much ! I live Uk I wanna buy sansa safinaz Brand Summer desses plese tell me How to place order for out of country ?? Give me some discount on sana safinaz brand suits!

Sun 02 Apr, 2017
what is the difference between sana safinaz lawn n sana safinaz muzlin?

Sun 02 Apr, 2017

Sana Safinaz Lawn Muzlin Vol 1 collection 2017 Launching nationwide and online on 10th April 2017. - Sana Safinaz is a popular Lawn brand that is owned and founded by two sisters Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer. It is considered as one of the top brands of Lawn in 2017 in Pakistan and competes directly with brands like Nishat Linen and Al-Karam Fabrics. Sana Safinaz has emerged as a powerful brand in the industry and is well-known for being one of the most major attire brands being owned by women. With its new launch catalogues Sana Safinaz Eid Collections, Spring/Summer 1-B, 2-B, 2-A, 1-A, 3-A, 3-B, 7-B, 9-B are best for summer season and designers showcasing vibrant colors that is finest for day time dress up and events. Embrace yourself now! The new collection of Lawn spring ’17 available in stores, featuring the gorgeous Amna Baber.

Sana Safinaz Lawn 2017 Summer Collection with Prices

Sana Safinaz online lawn collections tend to be quite a decent affair. The Lawn itself is of a premium quality with light feathery texture and improved wrinkle free looks. For 2017 Sana Safinaz has visually changed the variety in Pakistan, UAE and the U.S. The floral patterns and digital printing packs a punchy color pallette, little hints of figurines can be observed and the summer colors can be noticed consistently throughout the volumes. Its stitched variety consists of a very different cut work and tailoring, a fusion of eastern base with western tastes and fabrics that flow freely to attract people of all ages and regions.

The new collections from Sana Safinaz catalogue include:

• Sana Safinaz Spring/Summer 2017
• Sana Safinaz Eid Collection 2017
• Sana Safinaz Muzlin Vol 1

The export variety infuses a spirit of fun and freshness with the softest cotton available to make a very glamorous and bold statement with variation. Sana Safinaz sophisticated bridal couture has also gained much fame due to its elegant tailoring, diffused colors, audacious cutworks and a sophisticated feel.

Sana Safinas Online Store in Pakistan

Rejoice the season with stunning and unique from one another, dressers further add enhancement on its colors, borders (in some dresses silk fabric & embroidered borders uses). This year! It was so easy to place an online order for Sana Safinaz Lawn in Pakistan; compare prices, see product details and customer reviews.

Unlike other major brands like Khaadi, Sana Safinaz does not tend to cater to the lower/mid income segment but only the higher end of the market. This allows them to constantly work upon a mindset that’s developing fastly and combining a rare mix of traditions and modernism. Hence any Sana Safinaz dress you see will most probably be very different from the typical traditional suit you see every now and then. That assisted by a variety of stores worldwide in UAE, U.S and Europe as well as a dominating online presence via well-known third-party retailers like Shoprex.

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