Khaadi Lawn Eid Dresses 2024 Designs Collection Sale Stitched / Unstitched

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Reviews on Khaadi Lawn
khaadi lawn Eid dresses are one of the most impressive and safe options when it comes to fashionable and stylish Eid clothing. I was quite impressed overall with its way of styling and embroidery which spoke of an easy and simple yet very elegant and high fashion appearance which to my eyes was a refreshingly rare and unique mix.

Shabana 64
Sun 14 Apr, 2024
Is this stock available now?

Khaqan Haider
Sun 31 Mar, 2024
i recently ordered the 3 pc embroidered lawn suit by khaadi. my favorite part of this order of mine was the swift delivery service by shoprex. I received my order within 3 to 4 days of ordering it. this really gave me the confidence to order furthermore dresses from shoprex. when it comes to the dress i think the color theme of the dress is superbly designed to perfection. even the embroideries are keenly weaved onto the fabric in matching colors which gives a very good contrasting look to the dress. I think this is the start to my endless orders from khaadi for this years summer season.

Tahira 64
Tue 30 Jan, 2024
khaadi lawn collections are an absolutely amazing and mesmerizing collection for lawn. I find there lawn collections the absolute best mix of modernistic and trendy new design language, lively yet sophisticated color palette and a great high quality fabric that is comfortable and feels luxurious overall. I have yet to find a lawn dress with a better product mix than khaadi as of 2023 and will definitely remain a loyal customer.

Shah jehan 64
Sun 29 Oct, 2023
Khaadi lawn is one of the best fabrics right now in the market. Khaadi has struck the perfect balance in my opinion between a superb lawn dress pattern+design as well as a superb fabric quality that literally makes you feel like the dress is an extension of you. Pretty incredible stuff in the super amazing price khaadi has priced its dresses at.

Umaima 64
Thu 21 Sep, 2023
Khaddi ka result bht acha h but mery city sy is ki frenchise khatam kr di h q g?

Memona salman
Thu 14 Sep, 2023
i ordered 4 dresses of khaadi lawn collection and I must appreciate that the designs are very good. but i felt that khaadi has dropped its standards of the fabric quality as i felt that the fabric is a bit too much hard. the fabric just not felt right for the summers here in Pakistan. the quality of design language and colors were good but if they improve on their fabric i think it is one of the best lawn collections out there. the quick delivery service of shoprex enlightened my shopping experience even more.

Fri 25 Aug, 2023
The product's design was different from what was depicted in the image. Despite not having the exact same design as the image, it appears to be similar. displeased this time. We previously purchased other quality products from this supplier.

Tue 30 May, 2023
I made an order for a total of 13091 via the official website today at 1:23am. Around 1:30 PM today, I received my order, which was packaged with all the necessary information, including my name, address, phone number, and, amazingly, the amount and Khaadi.

Tue 23 May, 2023
can u tell me do u have khaadi Daily chic summer pink Dresses avaialble in sale price can u tell me latest khaadi summer dresses on my number I love the dresses thanks

Wed 03 May, 2023
hello do u have khaadi lawn suits sale price collection i need khaadi black lawn dress please guide me how i can buy on ur store thanks

Thu 20 Apr, 2023
I m find some 3pcs cut khaadi suit for my kids please tell me range of khaadi dress and printed suits please update me latest khaadi collection on my page thanks

Wed 19 Apr, 2023
I am khaadi collection fan we need some online shopping from ur store please tell me best rates of khaadi fabirc shalwar kameez with best rates thanks for update me

Tue 18 Apr, 2023
khaadi is best designer in pakistan i think but now days we are wating new khaadi eid lawn collection for girls now they noit launch yet we are waiting :(

Sun 19 Mar, 2023
I bought the XS in khaadi black, and I adore it so much! The straps are a good length, and it fits incredibly tightly and body-huggingly! When I go out, I'll definitely wear a bra with it, but at home, the girls are good and it's snug enough to not need one. Keep in mind that it's rather long—I'm 5'4 and it skins the ground—but it's easy to change that. Very soft and elastic fabric! a little different from Skims, but based just on appearances, you wouldn't know. Excellent comfort!

Tue 24 Jan, 2023

Latest Summer Design Lawn Collection of Khaadi
Latest Summer Design Lawn Collection of Khaadi
With an aim to develop a bold fashion statement in the market khaadi came into existence 25 years ago. The brand has showcased its expertise and proficiency in every collection which it has launched throughout. (Pakistan Online Shopping) Khaadi has always been famous as a progressive brand which has constantly evolved and expanded into the women wear. Khaadi has marked its existence in almost every fabric and has nailed it when it comes to the collections launched with these fabrics. The latest collection by khadi in the lawn fabric category is the khaadi lawn fabric collection 2023. This collection is only based on the fabulous lawn fabric by khaadi which has always inspired the Pakistani women to opt for this marvelous piece of art. This year’s lawn collection by khadi is based upon a newly developed design language which focuses on simplistic yet beautiful designs which allow you to wear these dresses in casual daily life as well as semi-formal occasions. The khaadi lawn collection 2023 is a versatile collection with a vast range of differentiated dresses and sub categories. The design language is inspired from the modern trends and patterns being followed in the fashion market. Moreover the color pallet chosen for the khaadi lawn collection 2023 this year is also truly unique. The use of distinctive shades of various colors makes this collection stand apart from other collections in the market. The lawn dresses 2023 contains a vast variety of ready to wear as well as
Latest Khaadi Winter Dresses Collection 2023
Latest Khaadi Winter Dresses Collection 2023
Winter is the most awaited season nowadays which is being welcomed by khaadi through the launch of their new khaadi winter dresses collection 2022-23. This collection is the newest addition to the market by khaadi designed especially to satisfy your clothing cravings in winters this year. With over hundreds of different and new designs in this collection this collection is an umbrella to many subsections which are a part of it. Each and every part is based on its own distinctive design language. The whole collection depicts high quality throughout form every aspect. From the designs to its colors and then the fabric the khaadi winter dresses collection 2022-23 is a perfect collection which is complete from every angle. That is why do not wait and start looking for your favorite dresses from the khaadi winter dresses collection 2023. The colors chosen by khaadi are also extremely beautiful as they are suited with their respective designs extremely well. The khaadi chiffon winter dresses collection 2022-23 is a part of this marvelous collection. This collection includes a vast variety of commendably well designed dresses which are made even more special with the super soft and fine chiffon fabric which is the key feature of this whole collection. Khaadi has always amazed the Pakistani audience with its fabric and this time also there is no doubt regarding the quality of chiffon in this collection. The collection is based upon an enriched design language that looks extremely
Khaadi is a modernistic brand which was established almost 25 years ago. Since then khaadi has evolved a lot and excelled itself in every aspect of women clothing. Khaadi has redefined the fashion trends in Pakistan with its bold and characteristic collections. Khaadi knows very well when to launch which type of collection. This is the reason behind this brands continuous success in the Pakistani fashion market. Khaadi launches its exclusive collections for every season and for every type of clothing. It deals in lawn, chiffon, linen, net as well as premium fabrics like silk. Khaadi is where innovation and sophistication come together, and this can be witnessed in each collection launched by khaadi. Khaadi has always focused on the wider Pakistani audience has always contributed largely to serve this audience. In an effort to make women clothing a norm for everyone khaadi has made fashion an affordable choice for most of the Pakistani audience. Khaadi has been making it possible for women to dress in an inspiring, vibrant, affordable way whilst celebrating their uniqueness with every style, stitch and weave. This is what has made khaadi a relevant and a modern choice for the modern era women.

Summers are just about to arrive and khaadi wants everyone to experience their graceful attire they have designed for summers this year. To help you in deciding the best lawn collection for you khaadi has launched the all new khaadi lawn sale 2024. This lawn sale is the flagship collection by khaadi this year which comprises of affordability and beauty in the same collection. The collection is a healthy mix of all the modern trends and patterns along with vibrant color pallet which enhances the feel of the whole collection. The collection is based on a newly developed design language which is inspired mainly from the true Pakistani traditions and the colors of it. These traditions are carefully weaved onto the super soft lawn fabric. The lawn fabric used in the khaadi lawn sale 2024 is the ultimate lawn fabric you will find in the market. It is extremely soft and easy to wear for your daily life as well as for any special occasion.

The khaadi unstitched lawn collection 2024 is another vast collection launched by khaadi to satisfy the wardrobe needs of the modern Pakistani women. With a wide range of newly introduce designs this collection sets the tone of unstitched collections very high from other collections. The unstitched quality of this collection make sit very fascinating for apparel lovers to create your dresses according to your body physique. The intrigue design language of the khaadi unstitched lawn collection 2024 along with a fabulous choice of fabric make sit a must have option in your wardrobe. The bright and calm colors makes this collection a very attractive and catchy one as the designs are combined with the respective color theme proficiently. The collection also includes some dresses with delicate embroideries that are a part of most of the dresses. With all of the aspects covered perfectly this collection is a marvelous collection by khaadi.

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