Khaadi Big Sale 2021 Online Lawn Dresses

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Reviews on Khaadi Lawn
Banarsi Jacquard suit from Khaadi lawn collection is just perfect to wear as it has a premium quality.

Tue 12 Oct, 2021
Khaadi Winter Collection has several amazing products. I have recently ordered a product from this collection.

Sat 09 Oct, 2021
100% items are Khaadi sale products out of stock ALWAYS how do i shop online?? please update website thx

Tue 05 Oct, 2021
I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I just wanted to let the # khaadi management know that the # Khaddi North namzmabad karachi has a fantastic staff. I wasn't feeling well, and the store was about to close, but they not only accommodated me, but also assisted me in selecting items and making sure I was comfortable. If not a raise, these individuals should be awarded a bonus. Many thanks to everyone who assisted me that day! God Bless You

Mon 06 Sep, 2021
Khaadi Sale collection was a really amazing piece of lawn. I really enjoyed it soft and smooth quality and feel. Its something I would rate 5/5 because in every way it was perfect.

Thu 02 Sep, 2021
Hello i m ur regular customer khaadi , i dont understand why u not launch khaadi 3 pieces collection on ur web store ! i cant visit ukhaadi store Islamabad ... please please share khaadi lawn collection pics on my number!

Thu 27 May, 2021

Thu 29 Apr, 2021
Khaadi lawn is great and really feels good in the provided price. I couldn’t ask for more in this price as I feel it would be over imposing.

Wed 14 Apr, 2021
IO love this khaadi collection very much i need some lawn suits for my wife in this brand pelase gudie how to buy khaadi lawn suits on ur website ...

Mon 15 Feb, 2021
میں نے سوٹ لیا آج ملا واپس کرنا ہے نمبر سینڈ کریں

Sat 06 Feb, 2021
V good

Tue 26 Jan, 2021
Soft, premium and the most stylish, I doubt you can get Khaadi quality elsewhere.

Fri 10 Jul, 2020
Khaadi lawn collections have really impressed me time and time again with the latest volume I was quite disappointed to see that our traditional flair was completely abandoned just to appear more modernistic and copycat western.

Wed 24 Jun, 2020
I received my parcels Good quality stuff Thanks

Ahmed shafqat
Wed 24 Jun, 2020
khaadi has been around for years and its exceptionally well thought out design philosophy is my favorite.

Sat 13 Jun, 2020

Khaadi was founded in 1998 by Shamoon Sultan. It has emerged as one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan with a wide following and fan base in Abroad too. It is one of the very few clothing brands in the country which lets you wear new, trendy and stylish dresses without making a dent in your wallet. Khaadi is one of the most worn clothing brands in the country, it is loved by everyone due to its quality fabric, appealing design and premium feel. The brand has a wide presence in all over Pakistan with over 50 physical outlets and online presence in each and every corner of the nation. The brand also have Khaadi Winter collection outlets in UK and UAE, while other international outlets are in the pipeline and may launch soon. It is one of the very few clothing brands of Pakistan that made it to international markets and received praise by international customers.

Khaadi has managed to gain the market leader position in clothing and apparel. It offers a diverse range of products including stitched and unstitched suits for every gender and age group, number of accessories, home improvement items, bedsheets, pillow covers etc. The brand is physically present in all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Peshawar and others. The brand is equally popular amongst overseas Pakistanis residing in Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and other parts of the World. The Brand is equally popular and well known in other Eastern countries like Bangladesh and India.

Latest Khaadi Lawn Design 2021-22:
Being one of the top selling brands, Khaadi proves to be a deserving position holder by introducing its much awaited Lawn collections every year with breathtaking design, premium quality finish, over the top quality, wrinkle free and clinger free material. The latest Lawn introduced by Khaadi is inspired from Tropical beauty. Khaadi lawn collection consists of an array of bright, bold and neutral tones that pleases the eye and gives a refreshingly beautiful look. Khaadi Lawn 2021 has become a trendsetting collection with the launch. It includes the Khaadi lawn 2021 this year consists of a lot of greens, blues, and yellows with a touch of pastels, while the fabrics mostly used are chiffon, lawn, jacquard, etc.

Khaadi Lawn Spring and Summer Collection:
The tropical theme Khaadi has opt for this time exhibits a brighter and rich color palette with an array of flowers, intricate wines, boteh designs, and bold leaves fused beautifully together with stripes and geometric patterns. While the other categories gracefully displays the more traditional concept of spring and summer, showcasing soft pastels, rich floral prints, gem tones, and vibrant motifs with Flow-y Chiffon Dupattas composed of intricate and feminine prints. Most of the patterns incorporate neat and minimalist embroidery with flowers, leaves, gardens and other nature inspired elements.

The Spring and Summer Lawn Collection by Khaadi is available in all the official Khaadi outlets and reputable Online Stores. The prices of Khaadi Spring and Spring Lawn Collection starts from Rs. 1,500 and goes up to 8,500 depending on the type, design and collection. The stars of Khaadi Spring/summer Collection 2021 in our opinion are the embroidered lawn shirts with plain lawn shalwars, printed chiffon dupattas. The Summer and Spring collection by Khaadi provides a fresh start for stepping into spring and summer with style for women and young girls alike.

Khaadi Major Collections 2021:
Khaadi Major Collections this year are going to be:
- Khaadi Lawn Collection
- Khaadi Khaas Collection
- Khaadi Pret Collection
- Khaadi Kurti Collection

Khaadi Eid Collection 2021:

Khaadi is one of the audience most favorite brands to shop from. Khaadi Eid Collection is one of the most awaited collections for its users. This brand is serving national and internal consumers as well with its suitable texture, rich color palettes and signature look. Khaadi owns plenty of different clothing textures but their Chiffon Eid Collection, Lawn Eid collection and Fancy Collection are always being favorite for its audience. Khaadi launch a wide-range of clothing on Eid festivities in which includes stitch, unstitch and kurtis are most likely to buy from people. Khaadi started just as a women brand but now are dealing with kids and men collection as well.

Khaadi Store Direction:
Almost every major city in Pakistan mall has an outlet of Khaadi even they are located in separate outlets which are not in malls. Some of them are well known and following.

• Khaadi Outlet, Dolmen City, Clifton,
• Khaadi Outlet, Ocean Mall

• Khaadi Outlet, Dupatta Gali
• Kaaddi Outlet, Liberty Market

• Khaadi, Multan Gulgasht

• Khaadi Outlet, FSD Gateway

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