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Reviews on Sifona Lawn Collection
this is one hell of a brand honestly. i have been using it actively since about july. i have ordered about 3 different dresses of this brand for various purposes like gift and own use. i think for casual home wear this is a nice choice that doesnt come in the way.

Mon 08 Aug, 2016
last time i visited this collection of Sifona, there were more different designs are available, but not there are few left, i want to buy that again, and waiting for the availabily again.

Wed 22 Jun, 2016
sifona lawn collection is my best and favorite lawn piece suit.

Sat 11 Jun, 2016
sifona lawn collection makes me feel the best in all aspects and it can the best for me in my all dreams. undoubtedly its the best lawn collection to date.

Thu 09 Jun, 2016
sifona is one of the best lawn collections. i doubt any one can beat the quality of sifona. i have loved it every step of the way. in my opinion i have been most happy with the sifona embroidered collection. for me its a great and quite good dress.

Mon 06 Jun, 2016
sifona lawn 2016 collection is one of the best and it offers superb value for those who like it too. i have always preferred sifona lawn honestly because it has the added advantage of being amazingly superb in aspects like print and longevity.

Tue 31 May, 2016
sifona is great lawn collection i love how well it can be a simply amazing sort of dress. yet i always love its absolutely amazing price and quality as well too. please tell me where i can get it for free.

Thu 26 May, 2016
sifona lawn collection is one of the best and most amazing lawn collection available. i think it is cost effective enough but honestly if a price falls down a little bit i wouldn't mind as long as quality is kept constant or better. absolutely love it

Sat 21 May, 2016
sifona lawn collection is awful and its colors are not at all good. although i dont really think that its the best in aspects like colors i also tend to think that its not good designed. but maybe thats because i compare it to the others.

Fri 20 May, 2016
sifona lawn collection really is one of the best in all aspects. i think that it charges a decent enough price because the quality we receive is really really mesmerizing and sifona does not compromise on quality at all.

Wed 18 May, 2016
sifona lawn collection is amazing and feels really really great. i am thinking of getting my next and new eid collection of sifona through here. i think the prices are exceptionally well priced and they are one of the best currently.

Tue 17 May, 2016
sifona lawn series are so much amazing and although they are the best in any sort of lawn collection i think that there secret is the superb and amazing colors used. although they bold they are not kachay colors.

Wed 11 May, 2016
sifonas lawn collection feels absolutely mesmerizing in every aspect. although i have used it for amazing and truly great events but now i feels as if sifona is not making the same old great prints. i know with time the prints change but they shouldn't really change for me.

Tue 10 May, 2016
sifona really does know what it takes to make a ravishing good suit. i really really love it and sifona is only the one i will buy again and again.

Sat 07 May, 2016
sifona embroidered lawn suits are the most amazing and best sort of lawn suits that can be bought right now in 2016. i have always found it to be cheaper than most other alternatives. i have never really found it to be a good replacement for expensive originals however.

Fri 06 May, 2016
Sifona Embroidered Lawn Suit (SF-02)
i think the price is a little much expensive accordingtothis suit so please make the price a little bit cheaper thenm i will buy it otherwise its useless and a waist of money to buy it so please do it.

Sun 16 Oct, 2016
Sifona Embroidered Lawn Suit (SF-01)
very amazing bright and superbly made lawn. i was surprised by the quality when i received my parcel as it was alot above what i expected. soon after i ordered 10 more pieces of the same brand since this is the best value for money dress.

Mon 04 Apr, 2016
Sifona Embroidered Lawn Suit (SF-06)
Dear Abdul Hanan, Please visit your desire product page and place an order by filling up the "order form" at the right top of the screen, in order to buy product. For more details please call us at: 0311-7467739.

Shoprex Admin
Mon 28 Mar, 2016

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