Reviews on Umar Sayeed Lawn Collection
This collection is so amazing with the truely reflection of new designs and culture of Pakistan, my all friends are admiring it.

Fri 17 Feb, 2017
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Sun 17 Jul, 2016
After the female designers, the males are also offering nice collections in our country.

Mon 08 Feb, 2016
This Umar Sayeed Summer Lawn 2015 is the dress which color is more beautiful in the combinations of the shades of dark and green which also like mehndi color, soon i will visit to buy this suit.

Fri 22 May, 2015
I like USL 3B 2015 which is very lovely for the wearing in the party because its color is very attractive, specially the trouser in blue color looking so cool that is why I will purchase if it is available in the shop.

Fri 22 May, 2015
Such an eye catching cool print i see in the shop of umar sayeed which is Umar Sayeed Lawn 2015 (USL 6B) but this shirt piece is full sleeves, i make it half sleeves before wearing.

Sat 16 May, 2015
Green and yellow are the best combination for the summer in which you feels cool in your body. After a long survey I found this color in umar sayeed outlet, where I bought USL 6A 2015 dress which I like.

Sat 09 May, 2015
Plenty of designs which is very eye catching in the shop of umar sayeed in which i get confuse to choose which one is better for me, my color is not much fair that is why i like dark color.

Shezad khan
Fri 01 May, 2015
I am the owner of a men saloon for that i am looking a floor standing AC which can able to cool my shop in this summer for that i think Tarrington house mobile air conditioner mac2510c.

Danissh khan
Fri 24 Apr, 2015
The fabric which i see in the shop of umar sayeed it is not suitable for the summer because there is much humidity in the weather condition of karachi specially in the month of may june.

Shani khan
Fri 24 Apr, 2015
In the fancy dresses i bought Umer Sayeed Spring 2014 By Al Karam UCL 14 Black - Single Version Shirt, last time i went here with my sister home where i weared this beautiful dress which every one like because its made me good.

altaf khan
Sat 18 Apr, 2015
I really like Umer Sayeed Spring 2014 By Al Karam UCL 11 Green - Single Version Shirt, any one tell me can i also purchase the same designs in 2015 because this was the design of 2014? The quality of the fabric is also good which i want to wear.

najeeb khan
Mon 13 Apr, 2015
Last season when i visit with my sister in the shop of umer sayed we bought three dresses for the party wearing but this time all the collections are not success to attract us, i hope it launch next volume very soon.

shaida khan
Fri 10 Apr, 2015
Last time i just bought this Umer Sayeed Spring 2014 By Al Karam UCL 16 Blue - Single Version Shirt but in this season no one dress like this but all the designs are looking old printed designs which i saw last year.

umer khan
Fri 27 Mar, 2015
What is the color of the trouser of this beautiful dress Umer Sayeed Spring 2014 By Al Karam UCL 13 Yellow - Single Version Shirt? I think it is single shirt piece with extra sleeves but i can wear it in the jeans.

sohaib ahmed
Tue 24 Mar, 2015

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