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Haier 1 Ton HSU-12HQA-R2-DB DC Inverter

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Reviews on Fujitsu Split AC

Fijutsu air conditioners offer cooling and heating solution with best designs to provide zoned comfort for your residence, offices, restaurants, hotels or anywhere. Fujitsu split AC air conditions have managed to establish a goodwill among split ac customers and is achieving a handsome number of response with good cooling systems that work as per your needs and gives you the result and performance. Find rates and reviews for Fujitsu split ac’s on ShopRex.

Fijitsu RL2 Series Aplit A/Cs:

Fijitsu RL2 Series Aplit A/Cs are manufactured with the Inverter Technology, advanced Wireless Remote Controller, easy washable panel filter, Auto Mode Smart System, Humidity Control, Cold Prevention, Auto Changeover, Low Ambient, Economy Mode, Auto Louve and more.

Fijitsu Classic Range series Split A/Cs:

These are the classic type A/Cs by Fijitsu with simple functions and basic performance which allow you to use it in common rooms and areas. Also due to simple mechanism and functionalities it provides long life with smooth operations without need much maintenance.

Fijitsu Lifestyle Range Series A/Cs:

Fijitsu Lifestyle Range Series split A/Cs are stylish and high capability and functions split A/Cs, it provides multiple functions in order to maintain the cooling and air flow as you needed in your home, there are different designs and color included with these split A/Cs.

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