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Dafni Hair Straightening Brush

Rs. 2,500
Rs. 1,990

Royal Posture Support Belt

Rs. 1,590
Rs. 590
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(11 11 SALE) 5 in 1 Beauty Spa Care Face/Skin Massager
The massagers here are pretty damn amazing. I was so happy with the way it was providing one of the utmost impressive experiences without charging too much premium in it.

Wed 10 Feb, 2021
Easy Care Blood Sugar Monitoring Device + 10 Test Strips
GLucose meters were really impressive in my opinion. I was so happy with the way it manage to provide some of the most impressive qualities ever. I enjoyed it beyond measure.

Wed 10 Feb, 2021
Steamer & Inhaler for Blocked Nose & Facial Usage
Is this a good option as compared to branded ones. My main aim is long term durability and it should also be really easy to use. Thanks.

Wed 10 Feb, 2021

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