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Printed Khaddar Stitched 2 Piece With Printed Khaddar Dupatta (Shirt/Dupatta) (KD-188)
the quality of has always been fabulous but this time i don't know what happened, the quality of linen suits was terrible. I don't know whether this was the case with everyone or just happened with me. the overall service by shoprex was really good but the product was very disappointing. i ordered 4 dresses in total but only 3 of them was as expected. the remaining one was very disappointing. i would suggest you to ask quality before buying linen suits.

Tue 15 Aug, 2023

Khaddar Dresses Collection 2023 2024 Suits Sale Online:

Khaddar dresses in Pakistan are one of the most popular collections. The reason behind their popularity is the traditional and cultural aesthetics this fabric possesses. The khaddar fabric is a very special fabric which should not be taken as an ordinary fabric. Shoprex commits you complete range of Khaddar collection by almost every brand. Brands like khaadi, sana safinaz, motifz, bareeze and many more order vast khaddar collections which are all available on shoprex in complete volumes. With its never ending variety of khaddar collections shoprex guarantees you extreme level of choice. These khaddar collections are ideal for your winter desires this year. To provide you with maximum satisfaction shoprex has several services. Our 7 day return policy has got you covered for any inconvenience you face. Moreover our quick and reliable delivery service is also there for you to get your hand son your favorite khaddar dress as soon as possible.

Limelight is a modern brand that has established itself as a quality oriented brand. Limelight has launched its latest Khaddar dresses 2023 which is an extremely elegant and well-designed collection. With hundreds of different designs to choose from the limelight khaddar collection can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. This collection has raised the bar for quality and design in the market with its appetizing and colorful dresses. The highlight of the limelight Khaddar collection 2023 is the super soft and comfy fabric used in this collection. The fabric used in this collection displays the versatility and beauty of khaddar fabric in the best way possible. The limelight khaddar collection 2023 consists of stitched and unstitched varieties which include 1 piece, 2 piece and 3peice brilliant suits. The design language of the collection focuses on the modern needs and demands of the Pakistani women in a very professional way. However the designs look even more captivating because of the vibrant color pallet used in the collection. The limelight khaddar dresses 2023 2024 showcases the expertise of limelight in handling the khaddar fabric expressively.

When it comes to fabric specific collections khaadi is one of the most senior players in the fashion market. Khaadi knows extremely well how to create masterpieces using different fabrics being demanded in Pakistan. Their skills in weaving through khaddar fabric can be seen in there all new khaadi khaddar suits 2023 2024. This khaddar collection is very marvelous combination of intricate prints, unique patterns, and catchy color pallet. And endless variety. The design language of this collection by khaadi is based on modernism. The design language also draws inspiration form the Pakistani culture and tradition which makes it a one off collection. The khaadi khaddar unstitched collection 2023 is also a very beautiful collection as it is perfect for those women who look for precisely created dresses that suits their physique perfectly. However there is a volume known as khaadi stitched collection 2023 as well which is there for those women who want the best khaddar dresses to wear on the go. The price range of this year’s khaddar dresses 2024 by khaadi is another major highlight of this collection. The collection is a complete package in terms of quality, fabric, and design and color theme. Shop now from shoprex to get the best khaddar dresses from khaadi.

Bareeze, a renowned name in the world of Pakistani fashion, has once again captivated the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with their stunning Khaddar Collection 2024 for 2023. This latest offering is a testament to the brand's commitment to timeless elegance and traditional craftsmanship. The Bareeze Khaddar Collection 2023 brings forth a captivating blend of rich fabrics, intricate embroidery, and vibrant hues. Khaddar, a versatile and comfortable fabric, has been transformed into a canvas for artistry and style. Each ensemble in this collection embodies the essence of Pakistani culture, making it a perfect choice for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. The use of warm, earthy tones and deep jewel colors resonates with the seasonal spirit, ensuring that you stay both cozy and stylish. The collection beautifully fuses tradition with modern trends, allowing you to make a statement at any occasion. The Bareeze Khaddar suits 2024 is not just clothing; it's a testament to heritage, craftsmanship, and the enduring charm of Pakistani fashion.

Sana Safinaz, another powerhouse in Pakistani fashion, presents its 2023 collection that effortlessly blends tradition with contemporary chic. While Bareeze focuses on the timeless elegance of Khaddar, Sana Safinaz takes a distinct approach, appealing to those seeking a modern twist on traditional aesthetics. The Sana Safinaz khaddar Collection 2023 showcases a unique fusion of classic craftsmanship and innovative design. With a penchant for experimentation, the brand offers a diverse selection of outfits that cater to different fashion sensibilities. Expect to find silhouettes that play with asymmetry, bold prints, and a mix of fabrics like silk, chiffon, and organza. The collection emphasizes intricate details and embellishments, which are a hallmark of Sana Safinaz's design philosophy. The vast color pallet along with matching prints and embroideries carefully weaved onto the fabric is something which makes this collection truly irresistible. The designs are often characterized by contemporary cuts, sleek lines, and a modern take on traditional motifs, making them a perfect choice for those who appreciate a fusion of heritage and modernity.

The Saya Khaddar Collection for 2023 is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering both comfort and style, all in one package. Saya, a name that resonates with quality and tradition, continues to uphold its reputation with this stunning collection that caters to those who prioritize warmth and style during the winter months. The Saya Khaddar Collection 2023 brings forth a splendid range of Khaddar outfits that are designed for everyday elegance. The collection emphasizes the use of rich, high-quality Khaddar fabric, known for its soft texture and excellent insulation properties. This makes the outfits ideal for staying warm and cozy in the cooler seasons. What sets the Saya Khaddar Collection apart is its focus on simplicity and practicality. The designs are timeless and versatile, featuring classic silhouettes and elegant color palettes that transcend trends.

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BinSaeed Latest Khaddar Dresses Designs 2023
BinSaeed Latest Khaddar Dresses Designs 2023
Bin saeed is a brand that has always been known for its sophistication and quality. Bin saeed has always kept its customer happiness the main priority. With a versatile experience of operating in Pakistan bin saeed utilizes this experience brilliantly to create superb collections that stand out amongst others. The designers at bin saeed always try to combine the global fashion trends with Pakistani fashion styles to create something truly unique. Bin saeed displays its excellence in almost every fabric and succeeds in ruling hearts of Pakistani women. The latest collection by bin saeed is the all new bin saeed khaddar collection. Khaddar is a fabric that has deep traditional root sin Pakistan and that is the reason behind the love people have of this remarkable fabric. Bin saeed has nailed it in this collection this year. What sets Bin Saeed's Khaddar Collection apart is its unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship. Each garment is a testament to the meticulous skill of their artisans, who bring out the best in this traditional fabric. The attention to detail, from the weaving process to the finishing touches, ensures that every piece is a work of art. Bin Saeed understands the diverse occasions and lifestyles of their clientele. Their Khaddar Collection reflects this understanding with a range of designs suitable for casual, semi-formal, and formal wear. Whether you're looking for an everyday ensemble or an outfit for a special event, Bin Saeed has you covered.
Latest Khaddar Collection of LimeLight
Latest Khaddar Collection of LimeLight
When it comes to modern brands in Pakistani fashion market limelight is one of the best brand out there. Limelight came into existence over a decade ago with the mission to provide Pakistani women with a progressive and modern apparel range to enjoy. Limelight is also known for its punctuality in launching exclusive collections at regular intervals. The design philosophies by limelight in every collection are truly unique and distinctive. Although limelight knows very well how to play around with every fabric but khaddar is a really complex fabric which every brand cannot handle. The limelight khaddar collection 2023 is a flagship collection by limelight this year that showcases the expertise of limelight in creating such masterpieces. The limelight khaddar dresses this year are a totally different vibe as they are created on an independent design language that is designed to infuse the Pakistani cultures with modernistic patterns to derive something unique. This mesmerizing design language is combined with a keenly chosen color range that includes hundreds of different shades which match each design perfectly. Delicate embroideries with attractive laces also accompany the dresses which are also done in matching colors. You can witness the perfection and flawlessness in every dress of the limelight khaddar collection. Limelight has also taken care of the quality of each and every thing used in this collection. The khaddar fabric used in it is really soft and comfy making
Almirah Winter Khaddar Dress Latest Design
Almirah Winter Khaddar Dress Latest Design
Almirah is another word for classical elegance which is blended with modern demands in the best way possible. Almirah has raised the bar for the Pakistani women in terms of design and quality. Almirha launches new and innovative collections throughout the year in the form of fabric specific and seasonal collections. But the highlight of the collections by almirah is the sense of affordability it gives to its admirers. If you are looking to fill your wardrobe with something truly exotic this year then almirah is your one stop solution which provides you with everything under one roof. Khaddar collections by almirah is one of the best in the market currently. Every year almirah evolves its khaddar collections and launches it with massive improvements in terms of quality and design themes. This year’s almirah khaddar collection is also a treat for khaddar lovers. If you are looking to embellish your wardrobe with the excellence of style and sophistication so the almirah khaddar collection is an ideal choice for you. This collection is created on a newly created design language that pays back a wonderful tribute to the Pakistani culture and traditions. With over hundreds of different khaddar dresses to choose from almirah has tried its best to fulfil every want of yours through this collection. The almirah khaddar collection is available in stitched as well as unstitched varieties which are all equally good in terms of quality. The vast color pallet which is integrated in to
J. Junaid Jamsheed Khaddar Winter 2023 Designs
J. Junaid Jamsheed Khaddar Winter 2023 Designs
In the world of fashion, where trends change faster than the seasons, Junaid Jamshed (J.) has carved a niche for itself by preserving the timeless essence of Pakistani culture and tradition. It is one of the very few brands nowadays that has kept the true traditions alive in their raw form. But their experience lies in how flawlessly they combine these traditions with modern trends to give those collections a modern touch as well. The Junaid Jamshed Khaddar Collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to blending tradition with modernity, offering an exquisite range of khaddar ensembles that resonate with the heart and soul of Pakistan. The khaddar collection by J. this year celebrates the rich heritage of Pakistan while meeting the demands of the contemporary fashion. The khaddar fabric by junaid jamshed this year has been elevated to new heights in terms of quality. One of the defining features of the Junaid Jamshed Khaddar Collection is its intricate craftsmanship. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously designed and detailed to perfection. From delicate embroideries that pay homage to traditional motifs to the choice of colors that reflect the natural beauty of Pakistan, every element is thoughtfully curated. The collection offers a diverse range of options to cater to different preferences and occasions. Whether you're looking for a casual day-to-day outfit or a showstopper for a special event, you'll find something that suits your style. From elegant