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Artificial Necklace Set With Stone Mala & Earing For Women (PS-484)
its Artificial multi color Necklace is very very very log i need short long not fot my body please advice me how i short in home this necklaces set ?? also tell me some tip clean ??

Wed 25 May, 2022
Stone With Pearls Collor Jewelry Set With Earring & Tikka (PS-461)
i like it is it stone work beacase i like stone work very much please guide me how i can make this jewelry set on home made i cant understand please confirm me Thansk

Mon 23 May, 2022
Beautiful Necklace Set With Earring & Tikka (PS-459)
Aoa apky pass sy mainy 2 year phly ik pendant lia tha. Heart shape with red stone ik heart mid ma tha zara bara 2 sides pay thy i need it again

Mon 16 May, 2022

Artificial jewelry in Pakistan - In Pakistan the general attitude towards original gold and bridal artificial Jewellery is certainly a declining one. Be it due to factors like the increasingly dangerous law and order or the rising prices of these commodities making it less of a preference for the masses. Whatever festivities you do go shopping for, you always end up spending more on fashionable apparel any way because let’s be honest, that amazing top which you’ll wear just twice a year and it’ll spend most of its life in your wardrobe seems like the safer choice any way. Also, that’s something which is not only available in a wide variety of budgets but it isn’t as prone to street crimes as jewelry Design.


However once you do adorn your favorite outfit, you’ll notice that something is amiss and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how pairing a simple article of jewelry with your attire fulfills that incompleteness with absolute charm, bringing your whole style and fashion statement together.

Accessorizing your persona and making your style statement means accessorizing yourself with the perfect set of trending jewelry complementing your outfit and in the 21st century, there’s nothing better to do exactly that then artificial jewelry which overcomes any budget or security concerns one may have with jewelry.

MODERN Online ARTIFICAL Neaklace Jewellery Design 2022:

There was a famous saying; “Diamonds are forever” but today diamonds are too expensive a hassle to carry along with your attire in Pakistan.Moreover developing fashion trends have slowly replaced the small elegant jewelry pieces like dainty diamond earrings and rings with fairly large articles consisting mainly of large structures and shapes like the dangling earrings and fist sized rings.

Why Artificial Jewelry is the Best Alternative for Gold Jewelry:

However, the beauty of artificial jewelry is that you can literally find any piece in any shape, size or form and without a doubt it’ll be as good looking as the real deal with super fine and authentic style finishing on it. Best of all, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy more than what you want as everyonehas those moments where you simply want to buy everything, artificial jewelry helps you actually do that.

Modern artificial necklace Design jewelry has adapted to the modern fashion needs of today which is why you’ll find modern and fashion artificial jewelry to be splendidly gorgeous and exuberant with a substantial presence making itself known besides your choice of outfit. Whether you prefer an ostentatious look or a simple yet gracefully elegant and tastefully sophisticated look, artificial jewelry designs in Pakistan 2022-23 will surely not disappoint you.

Type of Artificial Bridal Jewelry 2022 in Pakistan:

Some famous style and types of artificial Jewellery With Price in Lahore & Karachi at includes:

Artificial Earrings Online Shopping in Pakistan:

Earrings are one of the most popular items of earring jewelry in Pakistan. Earrings provide the most effective accessory of all as its visible all the time and perfectly captures your face. The right earrings will complement your gorgeous looks and add another dimension and depth of beauty and character to your overall look. Even a simple vibrantly colored stud atop a simple look will give your entire fashion statement a radiant depth and ton of attention. Available in not only gold and silver looks, artificial earrings are also available with a variety of imitation gems and even unique new trends like white gold looks and black aesthetics in a variety of shapes and sizes like studs, gem rocks or dangling earrings.

Online artificial jewellery Shopping in jewellery Market:

Dressing up for formal events, necklaces are often the star of the show. It’s a complex piece of jewlry that directly complements your attire and so the selection of a perfectly matching necklace for an elegant and embellishing look is crucial. For formal events simple elegant pearls or heavy set gem plaid necklaces work wonderfully well in gold, silver or white gold combinations with rich and vivaciously colored gems. For a look more simple and casual, a trendy necklace with a modish pendant will work wonderfully well, not looking to the over the top and at the same time adding a layer of sophistication to your look.


Bangles and bracelets are an accessory that beautifully replace the traditionally empty wrists. Adding a certain heft and presence to otherwise simple and boring wrists, bangles and bracelets have rejuvenated how you can simply make even the slightest of your hand movements elegantly noticeable and leave a lasting impression as well. The most popular bangles in Pakistan are gold bracelets and bangles studded with imitation colorful gems of an assortment of colors.

Artificial RINGS:

In Pakistan as well as the rest of the world, rings have integrated themselves into a part of our cultures such that they have now become nonverbal signals about the most substantial and significant details about our lives. Our marital status, how religious we may be, our fashion preferences and much much more can be showcased by one mere ring alone. Usually gold or white gold colors with diamond, ruby or emerald stones are the most popular ring selections often worn as a sing of marriage or engagement but the beauty of artificial jewelry is you can select much much more for just about any form of expression.It’s the most simple yet most expressive article you can adorn.

SILVER jewellery Design 2022:

Sometimes gold becomes too mainstream. With modern trends changing trends towards white and silver colored bridal dresses with simple minimalist aesthetics, gold sometimes looks like a bit too much which leads to silver becoming the color of choice. Having an aesthetic and grandeur completely different to gold, silver jewelry sets are something that will give you a refreshingly out of the box approach. WHY SHOPREX:

Head over to and find the latest artificial jewelry sets 2022 in Pakistan for women. We assure you the quality and the best prices in the market for just one thing, your satisfaction and happiness. We don’t mind replacing your product a week from your purchase under our 7-Day return policy and we efficiently ship quickly and securely to your doorstep wherever you are in Pakistan.