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I Have bought many stitched and unsctitched dresses from shoprex and so far I have been having a spledid and very worthwhile experience. My value for money has been absolutely amazing and the overall way that shoprex delivers and deals with the customers is beyond amazing. I ordered these dresses last time and they were very nice. Overall they gave a distinct and very comfortable feel while the look was that of a high end luxurious dress with amazing quality and thread work. I must say the colors and design choice in itself was also impeccable with excellent tailoring all for a very very reasonable price.

Dania 64 Karachi
Thu 17 Aug, 2023
I just received my order of stitched women suit today which included stitched raw silk maroon 3 pc stitched organza heavy suit and 3 pc printed silk maxi. It was delviered in just 3-4 days and the overall packaging was great and protected my dress from all sorts of stains and dirt through the transport. The product itslef was remarkably well amde adn offered excellent value to money. The quality, design, looks and craftsmanship was great considering the low price point. Its sometihng I would definetley buy again and would recommed to otehrs as well.

shabana 64 Karachi
Thu 17 Aug, 2023
Stitched Chiffon Pink 3 PCs MAXI Dress With Lace Work Dupatta (RM-143)
Stitched chiffon in pink color and 3 piece colors are quite literally one of the best and most astounding summer wear for me. Although pink color restricts the events I can wear it to, it still looks amazing wherever and whenever I wear it. I would really recommend people to try this, the embroidery, quality and print, everything is absolutely top notch and high quality.

Farzana 64
Sun 14 Apr, 2024
Readymade 3-Piece Embroidered Maroon Chiffon Maxi with Chiffon Dupatta (RM-50)
Tee ready made 3 piece embroidery is one of the most impressive and exciting options here so far. Although its a slightly more formal style of dress, I manage to wear this almost everywhere I can fit a formal dress. Its exceptionally made with amazing embroidery work on the front and gorgeous cuffs, sleeves and panels. I really think its overall comfort and look makes for a dress that punches way above its price category. Plus with shoprex's quick delivery before Eid, I think this is the dress to get definetley.

Ghania 64
Thu 11 Apr, 2024
Readymade 3-Piece Embroidered Maroon Chiffon Maxi with Chiffon Dupatta (RM-50)
I have ordered many maxis from online websites, but this readymade 3-piece embroidered maroon chiffon maxi with chiffon dupatta is a fabulous piece of creativity. I think with a catchy color pallet and tremendously crafted design language this maxi is not an ordinary apparel piece. if you are looking for a perfect maxi out there in affordable price to wear on wedding and other formal occasions this maroon maxi is a must have option for you this year. the dress displays luxury and elegance form every aspect of its design. I highly recommend you all to try out this 3-piece maroon maxi as you will not get such product in this much affordable price.

Jahanara 64
Fri 08 Mar, 2024

Pakistanis have always been a huge lover of pret wear. This is the main reason why every brand launches its exclusive collections for stitched women apparel. Stitched dresses are famous for the utility they provide. You can choose your favorite stitched collection on the go without waiting for it to get stitched. Shoprex makes it extremely easy for you to try out stitched collections from every brand out there in the Pakistani fashion market. Shoprex has always focused on providing its customers with a high quality experience by providing a vast variety of stitched apparel options. Stitched collections at shoprex are not just your ordinary collections but rather the most up to date collections in the market. At shoprex we offer you with different stitched dresses like winter stitched collection, summer stitched collection, lawn pret wear, chiffon stitched collection and many more, all of which will surely impress you. To guarantee our customers a flawless experience with shoprex we offer our customers a 7 day return policy in case you find any fault or defect in the stitched dress delivered to you. This not only guarantees you maximum satisfaction but also gives you a peace of mind when shopping from shoprex.

Almost every other brand launches its own stitched suits 2023 in different varieties. One of the most popular brand which has launched its stitched collection this year is cross stitch. The cross stitch ready to wear collection is a true appetite for the welcoming Pakistani audience which is always craving for something new and attractive. The all new cross stitch ready to wear collection is a blissful combination of modernistic and traditional approach. It handles each aspect of design and décor in a very proficient way. The collection is a vibrant display of catchy colors which are combined with floral patterns. Together with this the cross stitch ready to wear collection 2023 also encompasses some delicately weaved embroideries which go along with the overall design language of the collection very well. The collection provides you with a perfect range of ready to wear dresses. The color pallet chosen in this collection pays a tribute to the seasonal colors. With over a hundred dresses to choose from cross stitch ready to wear collection 2023 adds to the color range in a different way with every dress.

Khaadi is a brand known for its excellence in understanding the demands of Pakistani women. Their expertise in catering these constantly evolving demands can be witnessed in their all new khaadi ready to wear stitched collection 2023. This collection is a never ending experience of class and elegance which you can experience in every other dress. Khaadi has developed a revamped design language for this specific collection this year in order to satisfy your wardrobe desires. All of this distinguished beauty is embellished with bespoke tailoring and gorgeous cuts which gives this collection a stylishly modern yet contemporary vibe. The khaadi ready to wear stitched dresses 2023 helps you to carry out a diverse routine with the embroidered and printed varieties. The collection is ideal for your daily life as well as for your formal events as it has all the charm and glamour you are searching for. Fabrics like Lawn, chiffon, jacquard, cotton, linen, chicken, chicken kaari, khaddar and many more are a part of this vast collection. Each fabric is of premium quality as promised by khaadi and is chosen to provide you with a memorable experience which you cherish forever.

Sana safinaz ready to wear collections are also highly awaited every year. The feature which makes them stand out amongst others is their flawless fabric which is the highlight of every collection by sana safinaz. Sana safinaz has launched plenty of different sub collections this year for their stitched dresses section which include sana safinaz stitched basics, sana safinaz ready to wear embroidered essentials, sana safinaz mahay collection, sana safinaz exclusive ready to wear collection and much more. Each collection has its own diverse range of designs which are based on distinctive virtues of Pakistani cultures and traditions. Every collection by sana safinaz symbolizes the true Pakistani cultures and traditions in their true essence. This shows there determination to preserve the Pakistani fashion culture and promote it in a modernistic way. The color pallet chosen for each sub collection reflects the design of each dress in the best way possible. Moreover to provide you with wide range of choice to choose form you have 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece suits which are all equally well designed.

Sapphire has established itself into a go to brand for every Pakistani women regardless of their age. Their timeless collections are a source of happiness and beauty to your wardrobe. Their all new collection is the sapphire ready to wear collection 2023. This collection deals primarily with satisfying your pret wear demands. With a superb design language which is consistently followed throughout. The collection is filled with dresses of almost every fabric you can think of to make it compatible with every season. From lawn, chiffon, silk to linen, jacquard and much more, the sapphire ready to wear collection has a whole lot of variety to offer to you. The dresses are inundated with bright colors which are complemented with precise embroideries that are carefully weaved across the fabric to enhance its beauty standards. This makes sapphire ready to wear collection one of the best pretwear option out there in the fashion market currently.

Another mesmerizing ready to wear collection is by the famous high street brand maria b. Maria b is one of the most premium brands providing you with top notch designs along with high quality fabric which is undoubtedly the best amongst many premium brands. The dresses are available in embroidered as well as digitally printed varieties, each of which is created after infusing the orthodox fashion vibes with modern cuts and patterns. The flawless artistry along with mind blowing selection of colors which can be witnessed all across the collection makes the maria b ready to wear collection a must have addition to your closet this year.

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Stitched Dresses of J. Junaid Jamsheed 2023
Stitched Dresses of J. Junaid Jamsheed 2023
J. Stitched Dresses is a well-established brand which has been dealing in the Pakistani fashion market from almost 2 decades. J. has always launched super unique and appealing collections for the Pakistani audience to vibe with. From seasonal collections to fabric related collections j. has always served the Pakistani audience with almost every type of collection. J.’s stitched or ready to wear collections are something which are always awaited by the Pakistani women. J. Lawn Sale designs its ready to wear collections after heavy research on the modern demands of the Pakistani audience. The latest j. stitched collection 2023 is a vast collection displaying a wide array of styles and incorporating modern fashion statements in its design philosophy. The design language of this stitched collection is inspired form the classical Pakistani traditions and cultures which are tweaked with modern trends to give the collection an up to date feel. From floral patterns to simplistic designs this collection has a wide range of designs for you to choose form which makes this collection an ideal choice for women of every age. This fabulous design language has been coupled with a never ending range of colors. From dark and solid shades to light and faded colors the J. stitched collection has all what you can think of. It is available in a variety of fabrics which include lawn, cotton, silk and also chiffon fabric. (Pakistan Online Shopping) J. has always taken care of the fabric it
Stitched Collection of Gul Ahmed (Trouser Shirt Dupatta)
Stitched Collection of Gul Ahmed (Trouser Shirt Dupatta)
When it comes to some of the top brands in Pakistan online shopping gulahmed is one of the top names in this category. New and trendy apparel collections launched throughout the year are the main reason for their popularity in the Pakistani fashion market. This is because gulahmed knows that fashion is an integral part of our lives and so they have always strived to bring the best apparel range to you. Out of the many different collections launched by gulahmed the gul ahmed lawn stitched collection 2023 is one of the main and most demanded collection. This collection deals with a wide range of Pakistani traditions under one roof. Moreover you can find yourself exactly what you want as it has a lot to offer to you. The gulahmed stitched collection has a keenly chosen variety of delicately embroidered as well as precisely printed dresses which are accompanied by an especially crafted design philosophy which pays tribute to the Pakistani traditions and cultures in the best way possible. The design philosophy looks extremely beautiful as it is backed by wide range of colors which enhance and magnify the beauty standards of this collection. To help you choose the best dress for yourself gulahmed stitched collection offers you with 1 piece, 2 piece as well as 3 piece complete suits along with separate attachments like dupattas and trousers. Each dress has its own distinctive design and is available in a wide range of colors which suit the design language perfectly. Moreover MID SUMMER STITCHED DRESS COLLECTION 2023 MID SUMMER STITCHED DRESS COLLECTION 2023
Sapphire stitched collection is an extremely vast and versatile collection which is a perfect choice for you to enrich your wardrobe with and enjoy the season. There are a number of different and appetizing categories in the stitched sapphire collection. (Online Shopping in Pakistan) summer new arrivals and day to day categories are one of the most highly demanded categories of this collection and are a center of attention for many women due to their sustainable feel and matching separates which make this part of the stitched collection a truly irresistible one for you in these summers. The sapphire ready to wear collection features some classical and aesthetically created bespoke kurtas and trendy embroidered outfits which include luxury pret wear as well. These ready to wear dresses follow a classic design language but still depict a modern touch and feel through its amazing fabrics. The fabric is based on the remarkable pure linen, silk as well as sapphire lawn fabric which are combined with the trendy day to day wear and vast range of formals which have got you covered for every occasion you can think of. These fabrics are especially chosen by sapphire to guarantee you an easy and remarkable experience with the ready to wear dresses. The design language of the wearables in this ready to wear collection by sapphire include printed as well as delicately embroidered range of comfortable dresses. These embroideries are keenly crafted on to the soft and comfortable STITCHED DRESSES COLLECTION 2023 STITCHED DRESSES COLLECTION 2023
Bonanza is a well reputed brand in the Pakistani fashion market known for its excellence in the ret wear segment. Bonanza is one of the very few brands which has utilized its 40 years of experience efficiently to provide you with value for money and innovative clothing solutions. (Online Shopping in Pakistan) The latest bonanza stitched collection is an epitome of creation and beauty. It is a trendsetting collection designed for those women who want to have their favorite ready to wear dress on the go. The bonanza stitched collection is a versatile collection based on a lengthy design language which encompasses simplistic designs as well as modern designs which all show that bonanza really knows how to deal with the modern demands of the Pakistani women. The design language of the bonanza ready to wear collection is inspired from the classic design virtues which promote a rather straight forward and simple design philosophy which is imprinted onto the fabric. Bonanza stitched collection is based on bonanza lawn, chiffon and cambric fabric which is chosen in respect to the hot weather of Pakistan. These fabrics are extremely soft and breathable which allow you to remain cool and comfortable in these summers. The dresses in this collection include many embroidered dresses which have been dealt with extreme care and precision. Moreover organza stitching and fancy lace detailing is also a very prominent part of the design language of these bonanza stitched dresses. They are