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Thu 04 Oct, 2018
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Heavy Embroidered Chiffon Bridal Dress Unstitched (CHI-80)
Kindly let me know about the length of this dress is it maxi ?? or short from ????? Plzxx

Wed 26 Sep, 2018

Compare the complete collection of bridal dresses with prices, designers’ details, and specifications to find useful trending wedding dresses. These wedding dresses are necessary in every woman’s wardrobe. These beautiful designer dresses include popular types of collection, such as Embroidered Dresses, Lawn Dresses, Maxis & Frocks, Cocktail Dresses and more. You can buy online Pakistani bridal dresses, latest collection 2018 according to footwear and match accessories for special occasions or an outfit for your wedding. Those classic, modern, stylish outfits can be worn to attend any occasions several times.

Find Best Wedding Dresses Online: Buying Guide

Due to the high demand, there are a lot of different beautiful dress styles you will discover on, you can easily find a variety of low prices lawn dress, cocktail dress, chiffon dresses best for your party and wedding occasions. Also in Pakistan there are different lengths of suits Women’s prefer most dress length falls just a few inches lower the knee. Comparing the trend of long dresses to short cocktail suits, short cocktail suits are quite more famous. But you have to select the length of the outfit as per your body shape and personality shines. If you are not a tall girl, short length suits can go well with you with such shape. But another important fact you should know about before picking wedding suits is the fabric, material is the only thing that can make you feel more comfortable. There are different fabrics available, for example Jersey is soft but it is not the best option for formal occasions like wedding, cotton suits are lightweight and breathable but it can make you feel casual. Specially choosing a prom dress made of silk fabric can make you look more elegant and evoking.

Popular Types of Wedding Women's Dresses

  • • Embroidered Dresses: Every season we see major changes in fashion trends; gorgeous design included in designers catalogue featuring wonderful embroidery. There are different stitching styles of the embroidered dresses in Pakistan because matching the creative styles with beautiful color patterns makes your outfit look more traditional and cultural.
  • • Lawn Dresses: Now, as far as latest fashion trend is going; either for casual occasions or for formal occasions like Weddings, EID, and Festivals and for many other formal purposes, this latest Lawn collection 2018 has got a wonderful range of variety of famous designer like Sana Safinaz, Maria B, Deepak Perwani, Umar Sayeed, HSY and many more.
  • • Chiffon Dresses: Looking for a best chiffon dress? Now range of optimum unstitched embroidered collection and latest chiffon fabric collection 2018 available online at Chiffon wedding outfits come with embroidered top, neck, bottom, Daman, back, sleeves and sleeve ends in different styles include Pakistani, Indian, and Asian. These chiffon dresses are specially designed for Pakistani weddings, which are typically rich in colors with hues as per season. The range is from the simple to the luxurious bridal chiffon dresses with the flexibility in the work type and features. These chiffon bridal dresses lineup also include bridal frocks, Shararas, flappers and Ghararas with the range of color variation and their mishmashes.

These wedding dresses are important to give you value. So what are you waiting for? Pick the perfect Pakistani Bridal Dresses available for sale online at with Home Delivery and Cash on Delivery service nationwide.

Top Pakistani Wedding (Bridal) Dresses Designers in Pakistan

Pakistanis celebrate weddings as one of the major events in life, which is completely traditional and cultural event in sense of clothing, make over, trends and food. These traditional have been there for years and meet with the history of the entire region of South Asia. The most elegant and expensive dresses are worn in weddings of Pakistan which designed with fancy fabrics and clothing accessories.

Due to the high demand of wedding dresses across Pakistan, the business of designing bridal and wedding dresses is on its peak growth as people spend more in wedding than any other event of their entire life. In result, there are number of top brands are in competition in Pakistani markets which are producing and designing Best Pakistani Wedding (Bridal) Dresses throughout season.

Deepak Parvani

Deepak Parvani is one of the big names in the male designers of Pakistan who majorly provide the bridal elegant bridal and wedding dresses not only Pakistan but all over the world.

Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn is also one of the leading names in designing and producing premium bridal dresses which are also known to be expensive. Which are available all the leading stores across Pakistan.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz are the couple of hardworking sister who have done stunning job in giving a Asian bridal a new look, their brand is tremendous in introducing the latest designs in bridal wearing category and known for the best fabric work among all.

Asifa & Nabeel

Asifa & Nabeel is tha brand of Pakistan who claims to be the best in making bridal wedding day with their vibrant bridal dresses, Asifa & Nabeel use variety of shapes, types of fabric and embroidery in their creation to make it unique and exceptional.

Maria B

Maria B is also a name in the top of the list in the race of best bridal outfits in the country, which are also be exported outside Pakistan. Maria B is one of the oldest names in apparel and offers high quality clothing to Pakistanis, they have pastels, reds, mehndi, saris, shirt trousers and western cut in wedding wardrobes.


Like other top fashion brands of Pakistan, Mehdi has greatly managed to make its significant place in the market with its high quality bridal dresses that feature excellent embroidery and fabric.


Karma offers the large range of clothing not just only in Pakistan but USA, Europe, England and Canada. The bridal dresses from Karma are known to be the perfect for royal weddings, which include the variety of Karma Red, Karma Pink, Karma Princess and More which are perfect for high profile weddings.

Umar Sayeed

Umar Sayeed is recognized among to top fashion designers across Pakistan and has been prominent for his stunning bridal collections. Umar Sayeed designed some of the greatest bridal wear over the decades.

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari bridal dresses truly reflect the ancient bridal wear trends which has been popular for years all across south Asia, these dresses are designed with dense Asian colors and embroidery patterns.


When it comes to a luxury, HSY is hard to neglect being in Pakistan, HSY produces the most luxurious bridal dresses across the work for the entire south Asian region. Which is popular worldwide especially in indo-pak. Each dress is highly details with exceptional fabric and designs, ideal for royal weddings.

Pakistani Wedding Dress With Prices in Rupees

Wedding is one of the biggest occasions in Pakistani society and culture, large number of preparations are made at this event of life in which the bridal dresses are prominent and highly considered, Pakistani bridal dresses contain rich designs which are combination of various clothing part and decorations, which make them unique and prominent for that event. Pakistani bridal dresses are comparatively high in prices than the other dresses being worn at occasions, which cost more than 50 thousand as minimum.

The reason behind the high Pakistani bridal dresses prices in rupees is its dense work of expensive accessories and decoration items, which include laces, high quality embroidery, chiffon and silk fabrics, studded stones. Red is the most favorite and traditional color in bridal dresses 2018 across Pakistan which is also made in any color. These designs and traditions came up from the history of sub-continent region which include India, Afghanistan and Iran, and later evolved as Pakistani wedding dress which is a blend of all these cultures and ancient traditions. Buy a large variety of Pakistani wedding dresses with prices in Pakistan online at with the variety of colors, designs, look, work, types and more. Order any type of wedding dress online from all across Pakistan.