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Haier 1 Ton HSU-12HQA-R2-DB DC Inverter

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Reviews on Haier Split AC

Haier has been introducing the most ideal Split A/Cs in Pakistan for your home and office, there is wide range of models and types are available in Haier Split A/Cs with several different capabilities and features, Haier split A/Cs available in both appearances, elegant and simple depending choice of a buyer. Some of the most common features found in Haier Split A/Cs include the DC inverter technology which results in energy saving, the high tech sensors which control the air flow depending how many folks are present in that room or area, the temperature control system for up and down both which ensure over cooling and overheating in the room and last but not the least the low voltage performance and perfect running which is one of the major feature in Haier Split A/Cs. We can classify the following series of Haier Split A/Cs as follows:

Haier DC Inverter Split A/C Series:

DC inverter is ideal for saving much power which other split A/Cs don’t, it amazingly reduces the utility bill’s expenses and keep it around your pocket. The models include DC inverter HSU-12HQA/R2-DB, DC inverter HSU-12HZE/R2-DB and DC inverter HSU-18HZE/R2-DB. All these models listed on Shoprex.com with prices.

Haier Long Throw Split A/C Series:
Haier’s Long Throw Split A/Cs are designed to provide the cooling for the wider areas or rooms, where air circulation is low, the offered models in this category from Haier are Long Throw Series HSU-18LXA-ZC, Long Throw Series HSU-12LXA-ZC, Long Throw Series HSU-18LXA-ZI, Long Throw Series HSU-12LXA-ZI, Long Throw Series HSU-12LXA03ZA and Long Throw Series HSU-18LXA03ZA which are also available on shoprex.com with prices in Pakistan.

Haier 150 V Split A/Cs Series:

Due to the major electricity issues across Pakistan Haier designed a split A/C that can be run on the as low as 150 V which is considerably the lowest voltage for any air conditioner. 150 V HSU-12LEK-E1/150v, 150 V HSU-18LEK-E1/150v are the models of this type.

Haier 20% Saving split A/Cs Series:

The Haier 20% saving split A/Cs are much light on the heavy utility bills for having split A/Cs in home, it may consume up to 20% of your electricity, There are 20% Saving HSU-12LK-E10BL, 20% Saving HSU-18LK-E10BL, 20% Saving HSU-12LK-E10W, 20% Saving HSU-18LK-E10W, 20% Saving HSU-12LK-E8BL and more models featuring in this kind of split A/Cs.

Haier Rapid Cooling Split A/Cs Series:

The Rapid cooling function provides the fast cooling as seems from its name, it is mostly ideal for the room which is not continuously be used and require fast cooling when room is used, Rapid Cooling HSU-18LEK-E2, Rapid Cooling HSU-12LEK-E2, Rapid Cooling HSU-12LEK-E2, Rapid Cooling Series HSU-12LEK03E6 are the models included.

Haier All Season Split A/C Series:

Haier also keep an eye on the several different requirements of its valuable buyers who seek for different types of split A/Cs, for this there is all in one series available which is perfect for all types of temperature ranges and environments, available models are All Seasons Series HSU-18HEA03E6, All Seasons Series HSU-24HEA03E6.

Haier Cabinet A/Cs Series:

Haier cabinet A/Cs contain the unique design which is entirely different from the split A/Cs it stands in the vertical position on the floor, it is mostly used for the temporary need at a particular place, Jumbo Series HPU-24C03E1 and Jumbo Series HPU-24H03E1 are the models of cabinet air conditioners.

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