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Womens clothing is a very nice section here on shoprex. I was pretty amazed and impressed with the quality especially. THe designs were really quite nice and gave an exquisitely gorgeous radiance that can only be executed with such grace by a designer who has years of experience under the hood. I was pretty happy overall with its and enjoyed the dress thouroughly.

Mainmoona 64 Lahore
Tue 31 Oct, 2023
i ordered the new silk heavy embroidered dress and was absolutely mesemerized with its looks. I for one am a customer that rates looks beyond anything else as a good design is not easily found, especially one with intricate attention to detail and matching the color of the suit as well. THe dress I bought i felt was perfect for me in every way when it came to looks. It really captivated my heart upon first glance and was even more gorgeous in person. the sophisticated combination of the detailed embrodiery and designs with the dark and mature blue color that has subtle hints of adventure yet retained a cool, calm and composed nature was no less than a work of art for me.

shafiqa 64 lahore
Sat 23 Sep, 2023
This section is one of the most impressive and my personal favorite as well. I bought lawn suits from shoprex and it was one of the most impressive options in my opinion when it comes to value for money at this very low price point. I was pretty happy with it overall and the quality of prints were super awesome as well with a very trendy and forward age design and color palette.

rania64 Karachi
Sun 06 Aug, 2023
Digital Printed Lawn Dress With Digital Lawn Dupatta (Unstitched) (DRL-1801)
these collections have been one of the most impressive Eid collections so far. I was pretty happy with it over all since it provided such exceptional and good quality dresses at such economical prices. I think that it provides one of the most impressive selection of bright and vibrantly colored options in my opinion. The liveliness is simply gorgeous and feels so fine and unique as well. I think that it was delivered fairly quickly as well.

Fri 12 Jul, 2024
3 PCs Heavy Embroidered Lawn Dress With Broshia Diamond Dupatta (Unstitched) (DRL-1804)
GUl Ahmed lawn is an exceptional brand ever since I started wearing lawn dresses. This year the prints are so gorgeous and creative with a certain unique attractiveness to them which other big brands simply don't have. GUl Ahmed has taken its time to explore its personality and finally knows what its customers want and how it will give it to them. Undoubtedly some of the most exceptional embroidered and color combination works I have seen in a while

Fri 12 Jul, 2024
Digital Printed Lawn Embroidery Patches Dress With Printed Chiffon Dupatta (Unstitched) (DRL-1806)
Sana safinaz lawn collection feels exceptional. My dress of choice this year was the M242-010B-CT which felt exceptional in every way. The looks were absolutely mesmerizing, with a unique and really soft yet sophisticated, elegant touch with black and white contrasting colors and prints which fully utilized not only these colors potential but also the stark contrast in black and white. It was exceptional in my opinion.

Fri 12 Jul, 2024

BinSaeed Latest Khaddar Dresses Designs 2023
BinSaeed Latest Khaddar Dresses Designs 2023
Bin saeed is a brand that has always been known for its sophistication and quality. Bin saeed has always kept its customer happiness the main priority. With a versatile experience of operating in Pakistan bin saeed utilizes this experience brilliantly to create superb collections that stand out amongst others. The designers at bin saeed always try to combine the global fashion trends with Pakistani fashion styles to create something truly unique. Bin saeed displays its excellence in almost every fabric and succeeds in ruling hearts of Pakistani women. The latest collection by bin saeed is the all new bin saeed khaddar collection. Khaddar is a fabric that has deep traditional root sin Pakistan and that is the reason behind the love people have of this remarkable fabric. Bin saeed has nailed it in this collection this year. What sets Bin Saeed's Khaddar Collection apart is its unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship. Each garment is a testament to the meticulous skill of their artisans, who bring out the best in this traditional fabric. The attention to detail, from the weaving process to the finishing touches, ensures that every piece is a work of art. Bin Saeed understands the diverse occasions and lifestyles of their clientele. Their Khaddar Collection reflects this understanding with a range of designs suitable for casual, semi-formal, and formal wear. Whether you're looking for an everyday ensemble or an outfit for a special event, Bin Saeed has you covered.
TARZZ Bridal & Partywear Dresses 2023 Designs
TARZZ Bridal & Partywear Dresses 2023 Designs
Tarzz is one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Pakistan. Tarzz started to operate in the Pakistani market from 2016 and since then it has truly stunned the Pakistani audience with its mesmerizing collections. Their aim is to set competitive standards that set new trends in the market. Their customers feel confident and easy when wearing tarzz which is a core reason for their success in the fashion market. With its diverse range of products tarzz has developed itself into a progressive brand that caters the cultural, traditional and stylish demands of the Pakistani women. Out of the numerous collections launched by tarzz this year the latest and most modernistic collection is the all new tarzz party dresses collection 2023. It is a collection that specifically provides you with fabulous dresses for your parties and other formal occasions. With over hundreds of different designs to choose from the tarzz party dresses collection 2023 provides you with an endless level of choice for your special day. This collection is based on a rich and elegant design language that is blended marvelously with the fabric. Tarzz has opted for high quality premium fabric which includes chiffon and silk fabric that is chosen to provide you with high degree of comfort and ease at parties. To make these dresses more appealing they have been embellished with delicately weaved embroideries that are of matching colors. Moreover there are several dresses that are filled with different Latest Bridal & Agha Noor Party Dresses Design Latest Bridal & Agha Noor Party Dresses Design
Agha noor is a premium high street brand that started to offer flawless women apparel to the Pakistani audience. They started their operations about two decades ago and since then agha noor has ruled the hearts of Pakistanis. Agha noor has always believed that affordability and high quality should come side by side. Their fashion concepts are accepted widely by the Pakistani audience due to its uniqueness and innovation. Agha noor offers it’s eagerly awaited collections in almost every known fabric and offers it for every season. Agha noor party dresses collection is the latest offering added to the portfolio by agha noor. This collection is created after a lot of efforts in making these appetizing designs that stand out from every aspect. The designs of these dresses reflect the true Pakistani traditions and cultures that are combined beautifully with modern trends and patterns that makes this collection an extremely progressive and modernistic collection. Agha noor has launched this collection to provide you with a different experience on parties and other formal events. Agha noor understands the importance of well-designed dresses and that is why the attention to detail in this collection is unparalleled. From the necklines to the embellishments every element of the agha noor party dresses collection is designed to provide you with a memorable experience. Agha noor guarantees you utmost comfort and ease in this collection through the fabulous fabric which is chosen Latest Party Wear & Bridal Collection Latest Party Wear & Bridal Collection
Maria b is a brand centered at the goal of ruling the fashion market with highly innovative and original collections which provide you with an exceptionally well range of women clothing to choose from. Maria b is loved for the beautiful design philosophy it creates every time in each collection. From fabric specific collections to seasonal collections maria b launches premium collections in all these fields. (Online Shopping in Pakistan) The latest party wear Bridal Dresses is a luxurious collection with a wide range of top notch options for you to wear on your parties this year. This is the all new maria b party wear collection 2023. This is a collection based on a completely redesigned design philosophy inspired from the modern virtues of Pakistani audience and also from the triggering classical traditions and cultures. The collection depicts a new level of fashion statement within its design language. This design language has been weaved onto the fabric keenly and precisely to bring the best party wear collection for you this year. The maria b party wear collection 2023party wear collection 2023 is a vast collection based on a range of different fabrics which include the super luxurious chiffon fabric as well as net and silk fabric. Each dress showcases its own uniqueness and distinctiveness. To make this collection even better for you the collection is filled with bright and catchy colors which complement the design language marvelously. The collection consists of

Bridal Dresses season is one of the most loved seasons out there and 2024 has been made even more memorable through the mesmerizing bridal collections by nearly every brand. This year the bridal collection in Pakistan has been created by considering the modern virtues that have taken over the Pakistani fashion market in the past months. The women bridal collections in Pakistan for 2024 are launched by brands like khaadi, bareeze, agha noor, motifz and many more each of which have created masterpieces when it comes to bridal collections. However this year is like no usual year and the bridal collections this year are truly fascinating and trendsetting.

The women bridal collection in Pakistan 2023 is a vast array of Pakistani wedding traditions and cultures which have been infused in to this trendy women bridal collection for 2023 to create a unique and distinctive design philosophy. The progressive design language have been combined with beautiful color scheme to magnify its beauty standards and multiply its glory so that you can create your own environment while wearing these bridal dresses at weddings. The women bridal collection not only consists of dresses for the bride but also for the participants so that they can celebrate the weddings of their loved ones with the same level of enthusiasm and excitement. The women wedding collection in Pakistan 2023 is a healthy combination of long maxis, ghararas, lehenga choli and the simple and traditional shalwar kameez. Each and every type of Designer bridal dress in this collection is enriched with attractive prints as well as extensive embroideries which are truly astounding. The embroideries spread out across the design language and is done in matching colors. The highlight of the bridal collection in Pakistan is their extremely affordable prices which allow every one of you to make your special day memorable with the best bridal dress in the market that showcases modernism as well as sophistication.

Buy  Wedding Dresses For Girls Online Shopping 2023  is a different section covering miscellaneous and gorgeous possibilities for fashion industry. Through us you can now explore the exciting world of unstitched women clothing online! Explore the latest ladies fashion (Online Shopping in Pakistan) trending online consist of unstitched designer dresses, unstitched ladies kurti, lawn collections, abaya, tights & trouser, unstitched chiffon unstitched lawn and what not! has all the multifarious options in stock for all those well dressed and fashion lovers.

Now pick among an array of unstitched clothing for Women; take a virtual cart and enjoys the largest variety of online unstitched ladies dresses. offers shopping for Pakistani Womens Clothing with payment on delivery, here you can find and choose all women fashion designer dresses for sale online with the number of brands and hundreds of fabric and designing type, the designer dresses are also be sold on Shoprex e-store in each season with amazingly discounted and cut off prices. We are facilitating out online shoppers with fancy dresses 2023, select online party fashion women clothing with high quality fabric and finest embroidery ideas trending. provides the safe and secure way of payment methods for women clothing shopping in Pakistan, which ensures the solution of payment while purchasing online, you only have to pay after your dress reaches at your door step, which is also known as Cash on delivery payment system. Also the delivery is absolutely free (cash on delivery), each time you order at, there is no hidden or delivery charges for online shoppers.

Women Clothing Category details on

In Pakistan clothes online season is on always in both winter and summer seasons. All these for women clothing are match with the latest trending fashion which such as designs for bridal, party, prom, stylish, wedding dresses pakistani and seasonal dresses; these designs are inspired from the historic, cultural and traditional values of the country as well as entire sub-continent include cultural dresses codes.

Party Wear Chiffon Dresses Collection:

Party Wear Chiffion fancy Suits  are renowned mostly as dedicated party wear. It’s very light and breathable nature with a very strong weave is what paves the way towards its main selling point; heavy embroidery. Chiffon complements your natural look, exudes elegance in a casual dinner with friends or a Formal event and is structurally strong so that it can support gorgeous embroidery all over, yet, its light core fabric makes it very comfortable so that it can be worn both outdoors and indoors gracefully.

Lawn Dresses & Designer Collection:

Lawn Sale Suits is a refined and very light cotton variant that has gained much popularity over the last few years due to its exceptional adaptability with the scorching Pakistani weather in the most stunning way. Suited for just about any occasion in the embroidered varieties and for casual home use in printed one’s, the options with lawn are quite literally endless. Its breathable nature and cool to the touch fabric makes it great for prolonged wearing and gives you a vast choice of designs too. Lawn can be best described as “crisply vibrant “conclusively.


Women's Cotton Suits:

Cotton dresses remain the comfortable choice for the Pakistani audience at a price that doesn’t take a bite off of ones kidneys. Cottons breathable nature in itself allows this to be worn in summers, autumn and spring with graceful designs and gorgeous prints for all ages. Comfort is the keyword for cotton dresses and this is why it has remained a Pakistani favorite for as long as one can remember.

khadder Dresses :

khaddar winter outfits are highly demanded and popular amongst women, the khadder  collections are designed with the printed three or 4 pieces by top textile manufacturers. We showcase all these premium quality khaddar collections of 2023 at store with highly discounted rates.

Linen Collection Dresses:

Pakistani Linen Suits is mostly known as casual winter wear. Combining comfort and casual style in a modern fashionable package, linen serves you well for a casual cup of coffee with friends or simply kicking back and relaxing at home.

Cotton Shrugs:

Cotton shrugs extremely chic and vibrant aesthetic has evolved it into the new apparel favorite. Available in just about any assortment you can imagine, throwing on a shrug on a pair of jeans and t-shirt gives you an immediately casual yet chic overhaul with an out-going style statement.

Women Tights & Trousers:

Tights and Pants have gained a lot of popularity given there vibrant feel and being able to complement any sort of top, it has become the quick replacement for a shalwar in the recent years. Further aided with refreshingly strong and vibrant summer Lawn releases, Tights and pants with bright colors and designs have become really popular.

Kurtis and Tops Design 2023:

Kurtis have become the new trend given there refreshingly trendy aesthetic and ability to match with just about any pants, pajamas or tights in a fashionably causal sort of way. Combined with the top quality textile expertise of Pakistani manufacturers, it has evolved into an exhilarating new top, woven with a wide variety of fabrics and available in countless designs just like you want.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses - Shoprex never sacrifice on quality for cheap prices, we invite you to explore on our women clothing category whether you are in seeking of classic and traditional, or bold wedding bridal dresses. In conclusion, we carry all the things under one roof; top designers in Pakistan and fashion trending for Walima, Barat weddings Dresses in all traditional colors such as red, white, black, pink with embroidery and decorating work. Most famous fashion wedding dresses designers for Mehndi, Baraat, volume and other greetings create that perfect balance conformity and individuality, but price-range of such best barat bridal collection for girls are expensive. No wear the most beautiful dress from our Wedding dress collection for girls 2023, with the most breath taking Jewellery.

Tips for buying Bridal Dresses Online For Girls in Pakistan:

The online market has flourished recently and has its own set pattern influenced by both the worldly and online factors alike. In this light there are a few factors that may take the online shopping experience to a new level for you with a maximum benefit for you.


Be specific in what you want and be sure to mention it in the keywords while searching for your product (e.g XYZ Lawn Collection 2023 Volume 2). Don’t be afraid to look around and ponder for longer than usual, the very vast range online means if don’t find what you are specifically looking for, you may find something better or a lower price tag than what you originally intended.

Size up:

Always have your size measured with a measuring tape in both inches and centimeters. Every website has a different units chart which it uses for measure and so it’s easier and more accurate to compare when you have your current measurements. Take care to see where the design may cause the dress to be tighter in some spaces you didn’t think of by zooming in on the picture online. Remember, no two dresses are stitched alike, inch by inch measurement occasionally goes a long way while shopping online.

Time is key:

The wildfire success of the online market can be attributed partly to the periodic discounts, sales and offers going on all year round, key is, be on the lookout for any new promotions that may save you a few worthy bucks off your purchase. Sellers usually have sales near public celebration dates and year end stock clearances.

Caution and contact:

Always look closely at the pictures by zooming in, study the details carefully and always read the shipping and returns policy before confirming your online order. Contact the seller if something is confusing and IF SOMETHING SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS.


Best Latest Barat & Walima Bridal Dreses Design Online:

To be considered the best a website needs to fulfill the three basics; Delivery, Product range and after sales. However, you can’t have your cake and eat it! Any website you pick will excel in one aspect but be blunt in the other. Be sure to see that the website has a record of timely and accurate deliveries with a strong widespread network that covers your area. Its Product range and prices match and are consistent with the quality and lastly the returns policy which should have a few days of checking warranty and easy returns facilitation. Pick a website that offers a mix that you think is best suited to your needs rather than what is generally acceptable. Part of the reason online is so easy is how it’s tailored according to your tastes and preferences and how you are empowered much much more than in the conventional setup.


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