Reviews on Ab Rocket Ab Machines
Tell me it's price

Sun 31 Jul, 2016
Hi sir I need one ab rocker twester

Fri 13 Nov, 2015
i Wont Ab Rocket Twister

Hassan Iqbal
Wed 12 Nov, 2014
AB ROCKET machine work fine only women body its not work well at man body.. how much price in Pakistan county this machine please conform me thanks

Sun 02 Feb, 2014
Tummy Trimmer Double Spring
Tummy trimmers here are so awesome in my opinion. It provided great gym like feel and product without having to pay excessive premiums to simply get something which is basically a basic product.

Tue 11 Jun, 2019
Tummy Trimmer Double Spring
This tummy trimmer really does help us into becoming one of the most incredible and impressive exercise machines so far. Really great in all aspects.

Mon 10 Jun, 2019
Tummy Trimmer Double Spring
Tummy trimmer was a great and reasonable way to enjoy it in my opinion. I was happy with the way it managed to provide superb exercise experience at decent price.

Tue 23 Apr, 2019

Ab Rocket Tummy Trimmer Ab Machines are complete package of indoor exercise offering brilliant workout at home. Ab workout device help for harmonizing stomach muscles or consolidation core. It contains head and Back gear contentedly maintains your neck and head. Thanks to rolling pads brings mild massage during work out, it offers three different confrontation levels. Get the Ab Rocket Ab Machines prices in Pakistan on shoprex.com.

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