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Pack of 2 Nicer Dicer Plus & Manual Double Beater
This pack of 2 combination is ideal for our kitchen, there is no better options available for blending and cutting fruited and vegetable for us.

Rabia M
Mon 29 Jan, 2018
Nicer Dicer Plus
Nice is one of the best kitchen accessory, it can does everything in just few seconds and make kitchen work so quick, now i dont have to spend hours in kitchen for cooking and making other food stuff,

faizi M
Mon 22 Jan, 2018
Nicer Dicer Plus
This is really nice nice dicer, i can work for the knife, cutters and choppers also slicers before it, we had to buy different things separately but now i can have all these at the same time.

Laiba M
Wed 17 Jan, 2018

Buy Nicer Dicer Online @ Best Prices in Pakistan - Nicer Dicer Vegetable Cutter is vigorously manufactured small kitchen appliance that completely relay on human input, it does not require electricity to chop, slice anywhere anytime, and without any electricity power unlike other blender and choppers. Now, you do not require any expensive or heavy slicer, cutter or chopper to complete your kitchen tasks.

Knives, a cutting board, bowl for folding products are not all the time at hand and it take up too much room in your kitchen. And Nicer Dicer Plus with knives, cutting board, slicer, despite the huge number of devices in the kit such as double beater! Nicer Dicer Price in Pakistan is economical and it is convenient both in the apartment and at the cottage. It is easy to wash – at first simply you have to detach the nozzles from the blades of the dicer from the container and rinse under water, or you can simply put them in the dishwasher.

Quickly cut the vegetables into cubes into a salad, without any extra energy cut the potato slices – wide range of Nicer Dicers Plus, Nicer Dicer Fusion and many more will help you. This is the best deal for fruits, vegetables and meat as it cut into cubes, straws, slices – all with the help of different devices attach with Nicer Dicer – simply best for saving your time! It has stainless steel blades specially designed in such a way that fruits and vegetables with a peel are not crinkly when cut up. You can easily cut tomatoes, potatoes or pineapple.

Nicer Dicer Vegetable Cutter

Nicer dicer plus is also a multi chopper which is proved to be perfect for cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables. This slicer and dicer has stainless steel blades 11 different methods of cutting, nicer dicer uses smart way of cutting which results chopping and making salads in seconds. It is also known to be an onion dicer which is a major vegetable that is chopped daily in kitchen. All you need to do is place a vegetable or fruit on blade and press.

Nicer Dicer Vegetable Cutter

Dicer Slicer is smart cutting mechanism which does not required any extra effort or power to use, it can easily be used and operated by any men or women. It contains different part which are assembled together in order to make it work or gaining desire results. All you need to do is to select your required size blade or slicer, assemble it to the nicer dicer plus multi chopper, place you vegetable or fruit to the dicer and press the cover which will automatically chop and drop it to the container below. You can also watch Nicer Dicer plus manual or watch Nicer Dicer plus video review to see how it works, which contains complete details regarding this product and its use in kitchen.

Nicer Dicer Plus Price in Pakistan 2017

Shoprex is offering best price nicer dicer plus in Pakistan online in 2017, there is no such e-store across Pakistan which is offering free home delivery and 7 days return and exchange policy on this high quality nicer dicer as seen on TV or ads. Specially, nicer dicer price in Karachi & nicer dicer price in Lahore are also listed. All the 12 pieces will be included in same price listed for Nicer Dicer Vegetable and fruit cutter.

What you will get in Nicer dicer plus’s unboxing:

Your order will contain nicer dicer itself with its 12 pieces, which may include Cutting Insertion, Cutting Base, Transparent Receptacle, Cling-lid Collection Containers, Blade Insertion, Plug Cutter, Professional Peeler, Blade Guard, Product Holder with Users Guide, User Guide Video CD & nicer dicer manual which contains full guide of assembling, using and washing nicer dicer.