Electric Heating Lunch Box

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Avail now the best online offer with discount on Electric Heating Lunch Box Price in Pakistan - Get the most innovative lunch box of the century which is known as electric heat lunch box, this specially designed launch box can heat up your meal before taking out of a lunch box, it operates with electricity. It is safe and easy to use with high temperature resistant material, also an energy saver with just 40-Watts. It is portable and can be carried anywhere you want. It operates at 220V/110 Volts. Order this amazing electric lunch box today across Pakistan. As electric lunch boxes can greatly save the family budget, one stainless steel breakfast, and lunch box can cost 2-3 time more expensive than this office lunch box.

Looking for the best heating lunch box online? The modern online market of heating equipment’s is so diverse that is very hard to select the ideal option for non-specialists. Probably, electric lunch boxes are today the most common variety of heating. An enough range of designs and Portable models have been developed and available in Online Shopping Pakistan. The Electric Lunch Box has traditionally placed a portion of rice, small delicacies such as for eggs, vegetables and for fried meat, etc. Choosing an online lunch box for the office – not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. On the other hand, it has to be strong, light and portable, at the same time it should be fairly easy to open, without much effort.

How to Fill In the Lunch Box?

All of the food stays fresh and delicious; there are a few basic rules of lunch boxes:

1. Do not pack stale food of questionable quality;
2. Prepare food in a clean kitchen, and as little as possible to touch food hands before starting to eat it;
3. Durability depending on the consistency of the food put it in a lunch box and close tightly;
4. Use additional separate sealable containers for sauces;
5. Tomatoes, Cheese Cubes, Eggs, or other simple food/ vegetables - ideal contents of these boxes.

Electric Tiffin Lunch Box Online For Sale in Pakistan

Lunch boxes for food by segments – compact and hermetically sealed electric boxes, which can keep your food fresh and appetizing form as sandwiches for a quick snack or a full dinner of three different dishes. All these things relay on the form, volume and quantity of units for different dishes. However, there is no issue with the high-quality container, because the requirements are obvious: it should be light in weight to carry, durable and do not take up much space in bag.

Shoprex.com is offering more and more original Electric Heating Lunch Box with a compact and ergonomic stuffing and various attractive coupons and discounts. Lunch box available for sale in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and all cities, home delivery – with lunch boxes collections for children/ school., adults/ office, tourist – try to understand an comprehensive range of such convenient and quality Electric Lunch Box for eating to make the right choice at reasonable Electric Lunch Box Price.

Electric Heating Lunch Box
Safety conceal PTC heating element
Portable and easy to operate
Safe and High temperature resistant material can withstand high temperatures up to 70 Degree Celsius
Energy efficiency consumes 40-Watts
Size (L x W x H cm) 17 x 12.5 x 25
Weight (kg) 0.61
Rated power::40W
Rated voltage::220V/110V


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Reviews & Comments
Lunch boxes are quite good and provide a reasonably well built structure especially in the electronic category. I think innovation is at a particular peak right now.

sami lahoree
Wed 08 Aug, 2018
Lunch boxes was so amazing in my opinion and it was pretty quick in delivery times too.

Sara lahore
Mon 30 Jul, 2018
Totally admire the lunch boxes being sold here. At a price I think is lower than the market especially for the electronic variant, it’s a dream come true.

Sohail Lahore
Tue 17 Jul, 2018
Lunch boxes are so damn amazing. I was so amazed at the way it was presented in my opinion.

nasra lahoree
Wed 11 Jul, 2018
Really nice variety of lunch boxes in my opinion. Its super clear and provides a reasonable priced variety too in my opinion.

sameer lahore
Fri 06 Jul, 2018
Lunch boxes have been really nice here but I was pretty disappointed with the way it provided quality .I really do think quality can be a lot nicer for the price I am paying.

sadia kahn pindi
Mon 02 Jul, 2018
Lunch boxes have been one of the best when it comes to being overall easy to purchase and quick to receive. I have always liked the ease of use and now it’s faster than ever.

yasir lahore
Fri 29 Jun, 2018
Lunch boxes were quite high quality and in my opinion packed all the absolute necessities in my opinion.

sabia lahore
Mon 11 Jun, 2018
Lunch boxes here are definitely amazing and higher quality than those available in the market at higher rates and yet break on the slightest jerk. Kid’s lunchboxes require durability and that’s where shoprex comes in

Sabeeb lahore
Wed 16 May, 2018
there is no other match with this lunch box, this is super way of enjoying the best hot meal everywhere any time.

jalaj M Jamshoro
Thu 22 Feb, 2018
I am happy to get this lunch box today with the heating features, it is working perfectly fine so far, i have tested it several times and it is actually working and producing heat.

Azeem M Upper dir
Wed 14 Feb, 2018
It is a great example that how fast the world is progressing, just few years back no one even think of this type of lunch boxes.

Jhangir M haripur
Mon 12 Feb, 2018
I think it would be better idea to buy this lunch box instead of buying an expensive microwave oven, which take more electricity and more space at home also cannot be transported anywhere you want.

owais M Karachi
Fri 02 Feb, 2018
Electric lunchboxes are good but they are not like oven, which takes seconds in heating up the meal, they are just simple heaters but effective.

Salman M Jamshoro
Tue 30 Jan, 2018
Whoever invented this, is a great idea of taking food with you, this could be more batter if you improve the quality and power of this lunch box, i have one and i want to buy another one.

faizan M Bahawal pur
Fri 19 Jan, 2018
Lunch from home is the most precious thing for me as i am not a big fan of having restaurant's foods because there is a danger of food poisoning and unhygienic issues.

Salman M nowshehra
Wed 17 Jan, 2018
it works very well, its heating features actually work with its full capabilities, also it has nicer sleek design with cutlery which make it ideal to carry with you anywhere you want.

sameer m Jamshoro
Thu 11 Jan, 2018
I keep it in m,y desk while working with food, when i need to have food i switch in on and eat instantly in it, no headache of going in kitchen and prepare food.

owais M Jamshoro
Mon 08 Jan, 2018
But the greatest distribution of lunch boxes have all the same in the Pakistan, as containers for storing school lunches and dinners.

gohar karachi
Mon 18 Dec, 2017
Now today everything is portable, i also buy only portable things from the market, as they are easy to move anywhere like this heating lunch box which is portable oven.

kamal m haripur
Wed 13 Dec, 2017

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