Electric Heating Lunch Box

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Avail now the best online offer with discount on Electric Heating Lunch Box Price in Pakistan - Get the most innovative lunch box of the century which is known as electric heat lunch box, this specially designed launch box can heat up your meal before taking out of a lunch box, it operates with electricity. It is safe and easy to use with high temperature resistant material, also an energy saver with just 40-Watts. It is portable and can be carried anywhere you want. It operates at 220V/110 Volts. Order this amazing electric lunch box today across Pakistan. As electric lunch boxes can greatly save the family budget, one stainless steel breakfast, and lunch box can cost 2-3 time more expensive than this office lunch box.

Looking for the best heating lunch box online? The modern online market of heating equipment’s is so diverse that is very hard to select the ideal option for non-specialists. Probably, electric lunch boxes are today the most common variety of heating. An enough range of designs and Portable models have been developed and available in Online Shopping Pakistan. The Electric Lunch Box has traditionally placed a portion of rice, small delicacies such as for eggs, vegetables and for fried meat, etc. Choosing an online lunch box for the office – not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. On the other hand, it has to be strong, light and portable, at the same time it should be fairly easy to open, without much effort.

How to Fill In the Lunch Box?

All of the food stays fresh and delicious; there are a few basic rules of lunch boxes:

1. Do not pack stale food of questionable quality;
2. Prepare food in a clean kitchen, and as little as possible to touch food hands before starting to eat it;
3. Durability depending on the consistency of the food put it in a lunch box and close tightly;
4. Use additional separate sealable containers for sauces;
5. Tomatoes, Cheese Cubes, Eggs, or other simple food/ vegetables - ideal contents of these boxes.

Electric Tiffin Lunch Box Online For Sale in Pakistan

Lunch boxes for food by segments – compact and hermetically sealed electric boxes, which can keep your food fresh and appetizing form as sandwiches for a quick snack or a full dinner of three different dishes. All these things relay on the form, volume and quantity of units for different dishes. However, there is no issue with the high-quality container, because the requirements are obvious: it should be light in weight to carry, durable and do not take up much space in bag.

Shoprex.com is offering more and more original Electric Heating Lunch Box with a compact and ergonomic stuffing and various attractive coupons and discounts. Lunch box available for sale in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and all cities, home delivery – with lunch boxes collections for children/ school., adults/ office, tourist – try to understand an comprehensive range of such convenient and quality Electric Lunch Box for eating to make the right choice at reasonable Electric Lunch Box Price.

Electric Heating Lunch Box
Safety conceal PTC heating element
Portable and easy to operate
Safe and High temperature resistant material can withstand high temperatures up to 70 Degree Celsius
Energy efficiency consumes 40-Watts
Size (L x W x H cm) 17 x 12.5 x 25
Weight (kg) 0.61
Rated power::40W
Rated voltage::220V/110V


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Reviews & Comments
since schools are now open and it is the best thing to provide our child. i didnt thought it will work so well, a great lunch box with heating feature.

Samar Karachi
Tue 31 Aug, 2021
I am searching this type product for long time Amazing Product bohat asanai hogaye ab apni shop per hi easily khana garam hojata hay, but you should improve electric heating lunch box quality

osama rasheed khawaja Karachi
Tue 31 Aug, 2021
i want to buy this one but is it working properly how much quantity we use in it and are u deliver the accurate working product without any fault

madeeha lahore
Fri 03 Apr, 2020
The electric heating lunch boxes are a wish come true for me since I absolutely love my lunch hot. Its something I adore straight up and can’t find any fault with it.

Warda Sahiwal
Thu 05 Mar, 2020
Electric heating lunchboxes are really amazing and if you ask me its something that really does guarantee a warm lunch without a degree of doubt as its literally a heating box.

Zawaar Sahiwal
Thu 27 Feb, 2020
Electric heating lunchboxes area new concept and to be honest people needs to be accustomed to it in order to actually use it in their every day life. It really has made this daily element quite fresh I must add.

Areeka Karachi
Tue 11 Feb, 2020
these electric lunchboxes were superb and fascinating as a product for me. It really does reimagine from the ground up of what a lunch box can be and provides one of the most decent experiences.

Qamar Lahore
Thu 06 Feb, 2020
This lunch box is a really really nice and amazing invention. My father was literally cursing for being born at a time when he didn’t have this as he always loves is food hot but was unable to have it in the past.

Kumail Karachi
Tue 28 Jan, 2020
vThe heating was really fast and it felt good and warm when I used it, the food, in my opinion was one of the best when used in coherence with this device.

Anas Sahiwal
Fri 24 Jan, 2020
Electric heating in a lunch box isn’t exactly a new concept but it nonetheless is a very interesting concept even today. I also enjoy its fast utility of serving warmish lunches at a moment’s notice.

Talha lahore
Sat 11 Jan, 2020
This heating and electric lunchbox was a pretty great deal considering other heating appliances in this range which are pretty damn expensive. I was so happy that it managed to give more value than expensive machines.

Umair Peshawer
Fri 20 Dec, 2019
Electric heating was a very remarkable and awesome solution to combat rising gas prices. Instead of heating lunch again and again slowly on stove, this instant heating lunch box is a true God sent.

Farhan Rawalpindi
Wed 11 Dec, 2019
What a great and remarkable collection of lunchboxes which are a good combination of tech and convenience. Summary is all aspects come together to give a refreshingly different experience.

Hamza Karachi
Wed 11 Dec, 2019
Really amazing tech product with a decent enough paved way for those are a bit hesitant to buy it. Its decent and feels pretty great in its use except when there is no power outlet.

wazir Sukkur
Thu 31 Oct, 2019
These lunchboxes are a remarkable feat of technology. I was sad to see that It was not getting its due recognition. I think that it manages to provide one of the most good experiences but no one knows it disappointingly. Please market this properly.

Kamran Peshawer
Fri 18 Oct, 2019
Electric heaters are pretty damn awesome in my opinion. I was so happy that there were little to no hiccups in the experience. I even gave my address wrong but they were exceptionally helpful in the process.

shezad lahore
Tue 15 Oct, 2019
Electric heaters here are pretty awesome and it provides one of the best and most remarkable ways in my opinion. I really really enjoyed it beyond measure and really appreciate shoprex bringing such experience in a superb small package.

Wed 02 Oct, 2019
I was quite taken aback with the quality of products here. Although it managed to struggle a bit with quality, it was beyond impressive in function as I have never had a product that did this before. I really have grown used to it now.

Jaweria Mianwali
Tue 24 Sep, 2019
This electric heating lunch box was a great and awesome addition to my lunch regimen. My office has a power outlet on each table and hence works perfectly in my opnion.

Qasim Sukkur
Fri 20 Sep, 2019
Lunch boxes are quite awesome and provides some of the most impressive designs so far.

Shahrukh Mianwali
Thu 22 Aug, 2019

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