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I bought this VGA cable to replace my old standard VGA cable, and the clear image and speed were immediately noticeable. Also, this is the most recent HDMI 2.0 version, so it supports 4k. I would recommend.. please update omre latest HDMI cable price in pakistan

rafy ahmed lahore
Wed 06 Jul, 2022
In terms of delivery and cable quality, this is excellent.After connecting HDMI V2.0 to my LED TV, I clearly notice a difference.

saleem lahore
Wed 06 Jul, 2022
i need long HDMI cable for my office i dont need 20 meter HDMI cable only long HDMi please price list HDMI cable in hafeez center ??? i live in lahore update prices!

shaid lahore
Mon 06 Jun, 2022
Hello, please tell me Hdmi cable rates in karachi market also tell me how i connect with my samsung projector this HDMi cable also tell me price meter in HDMi cable please need it thanks

sana ahmed lahore
Wed 01 Jun, 2022
The original VGA Cable were too short to reach the device in the location that I desired. This was the ideal solution because it allowed me to place my equipment where I wanted it with enough of wire (I ordered hdmi couplers separately to join cables together). I now have extras to use in the future.

saif lahore
Tue 31 May, 2022
Yes, I'm using a cable with a display port from my processor to a monitor with HDMI input right now.

shoprex lahore
Tue 31 May, 2022
My computer is a hdmi monitor, and my graphics card is a display port card. Is this going to work?

shani lahore
Tue 31 May, 2022
usb-a to usb-b for the mobile phone use usually but how can it is possible to use Micro-B to mini-b

Usman Mirza multan
Wed 13 Jul, 2016
need the micro usb cable and it will be long enough so i can use it in many situations. is their is any cable with the warranty

Saleem Shami Lahore
Wed 13 Jul, 2016
15M Hdmi Plated Cable
Very strong HDMI cable, I've never seen such quality in any type of cable!! excecllent!! Take a chance!

ahmer khan
Wed 06 Jul, 2022
HDMI Cable 20 Meters
is it orignal ?? i wanna buy thsi HDMi cable for office use please tell me delivery charges of tthis cable also confirm me disocunt price of HDMi cable in market ?? thanks

Wed 01 Jun, 2022
Huawei Original USB Charger Adapter With Mirco USB Cable
finally a reliable website with genuine huawei accessories. thankyou shoprex.

Tue 27 Sep, 2016

HDMI is a digital interface used for connecting a display source to a display output like an HD LED/LCD monitor or Flat screen TV and HDMI cables in Pakistan are the cable that allow you to utilize the HDMI interface effectively.HDMI cables in Karachi are the cables you use to connect your laptop/computers with HDMI ports to your TV or monitor with HDMI ports. In the modern era where high refresh rate, ultra sharp resolution monitors are able to pack stellar sound systems built in, it makes sense that such an interface is used that not only allows you to utilize all these high end features to their fullest but also allows you to use minimum cables by outputting audio and video using a single cable which is an HDMI cable in Pakistan.


In the world of modern computing some connectivity interfaces have completely transformed the way people interact with computers and use computers for various day to day, lifestyle, professional and other types of daily computing tasks. One of these interfaces(HDMI), which on its front does something relatively simple and much old which is displaying the picture of a computer or laptop on a LED or LCD display be it a monitor or a tv, can be argued to be doing something its predecessors also did similarly. However, the way HDMI gives an output using the HDMI cable in lahore is a class apart. HDMI allows professional and power users like gamers, graphic designers and computer enthusiasts to enjoy high end features like High frame rate, ultra-high resolution and audio outputon a single cable, without needing to adda bulk of other cables.


In the modern world with high end 4k displays, LED and high framerate gameplay there needs to be a reliable interface that supports all these fancy features. Despite there being various other display interfaces like VGA, Display Port and DVI, it is HDMI that continues to remain the most preferred display interface by consumers across the world. It is widely due to the fact that HDMI is highly reliable, an advanced digital interface supporting fast video signal speeds and have widespread compatibilitywith the likes of PS5 in Pakistan, Xbox series S and Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Gaming PCs.Every consumer electronic intended to give a display output or audio output like soundbars, Led TV, computers, consoles and more have an HDMI port for displaying and as time progresses, every new electronic item of the nature also relies on HDMI and using HDMI cables in Karachi for a reliable, fast and quality display connection.


The uses of an HDMI cable in Lahore are literally endless as every type of console, PC, android box or display source offers HDMI connectivity nowadays. The latest gaming craze is practically fueled by HDMI cablesin Karachi as the latest playstation 5 in Pakistan, Xbox in Pakistan, Nintendo in Pakistan and Gaming PC and consoles in Pakistan all use HDMI cables to support ultra fast 120FPS+ gameplays at UHD resolutions along with high quality audio decoding. The modern trend of streaming sticks, Android boxes, MiTv Box, Google TV, Amazon Fire stick and roku all rely on HDMI cables in Lahore for giving a 4k high speed signal to the LED TV.

Online VGA CABLES With prices in pakistan:

VGA cables prices in Pakistan are computer cables that allow you to utilize the legacy analogue display interface that was introduced more than 30 years ago; the VGA interface.


VGA cables in Karachi are most commonly used to connect the projectors with Laptops as both of the these devices are one the few remaining devices that come new out of the box with built in VGA ports specifically for screen sharing via projector or external LED display.


VGA and VGA cables in Lahore was one of the most commonly used display interfaces back in the day but today in modern times its use is mainly limited to that of projectors or occasional laptop screen sharing. Part of the reason is because of its bulky and ageing design with a lack of pins to support all the modern features that are demanded by today’s power and resource hungry computer enthusiasts. Being an analogue interface it is only able to transmit analogue video signals limited to smaller resolutions owing to its old age and lack of pins to support for higher resolutions or frame rates. As VGA cables in Pakistan, VGA CABLES in Karachi, VGA cables in Lahoretransmit analogue signals, most of them are not privy to distortions and interruptions from the external environment and therefore need to be shielded from electronic interferences from nearby devices.


VGA Cables are used widely in connecting pc to monitor cables for basic users, connecting projectors or other display output sources using the VGA interface as well as sharing laptop display with LED screen if the LED screen or TV has a VGA port to utilize the VGA Cable in Pakistan.

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