Greenpower Generator CC2800

Coming Soon
Rs. 42,000


Coming Soon
Rs. 34,999

INVEREX UPS 2400VA (New Arrival)

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Rs. 17,000


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Rs. 3,499


Coming Soon
Rs. 9,999

Mercury Elite 650 Pro Inverter

Coming Soon
Rs. 6,200

Osaka Dry Batterie CR60L

Coming Soon
Rs. 3,600

Osaka NS48L Dry Charge Batterie

Coming Soon
Rs. 3,100
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Action Sports Camera WiFi 4K
The car video cameras are actually quite amazing and in my opinion they really take you on an interesting and tech sided venture where your car is virtually aware of its surroundings without much investment.

Tue 03 Mar, 2020
Latest IP Wireless 360 Camera with 2 Antenna 2020 - White
These security cameras are just like a strong guards at our doors. I have really good experience of these wireless cameras.

w11stop Electronic
Wed 17 Apr, 2019

Electronic items are heavily used in daily life now a days, they have become a significant part of a human life, they provide us, entertainment, solutions, security and comfort. Electronic items may be tiny or a large depending on the work and efficiency with large number of types and models. Some of the most common electronic item we use at home include Cameras, Televisions, Speakers, Power Supplies, Lights, Games, Home Theatres, Music Players, Car CD Player, DVD Players, Solar Products, Security System, GPS, Projectors, Blu Ray Players, Digital Dictionary, audio video accessories, Calculators and amplifier. This is era of technology and innovation where most of the tasks are performed by gadgets and electronic devices like that. Find out all necessary electronic products with price in Pakistan at Shoprex.com.