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Original Rabia Dates/Khajoor 400 Gram
I like the taste of Rabia Dates which are so sweet and unique, i have tried various types of dates but Rabia khajoors are perfect in taste

Kamili M
Thu 03 May, 2018
800 Gram Original Amber Dates/Khajoor
I bought this amber khajoor, the packing is so nice and khajoor inside are fresh and tasty as it was just pick from the date tree.

Jameela M
Thu 03 May, 2018
Ajwa Khajoor (Dates) 400 Gram
No doubt ajwa is the most testy and health beneficial dates among all, specially its seed and itself is good for the heart diseases and other major health problems, it is little expensive but far more benefits in it.

jamsheed m
Wed 25 Apr, 2018