Dawlance 9175 WB LVS Refrigerator

Coming Soon
Rs. 37,700

Dawlance 9170 WB LVS Refrigerator

Coming Soon
Rs. 32,400

Dawlance 9144 LVS Refrigerator

Coming Soon
Rs. 31,000

Dawlance ES Refrigerator (9188 WB)

Coming Soon
Rs. 40,600

Dawlance ES 9144 Refrigerator

Coming Soon
Rs. 32,000

Dawlance DFD 900

Coming Soon
Rs. 94,000

Dawlance 9188 WB-HZ

Coming Soon
Rs. 43,700

Dawlance 9188 WB MONO

Coming Soon
Rs. 39,000

Dawlance 9188 Mono

Coming Soon
Rs. 36,800

Dawlance 9144 Mono

Coming Soon
Rs. 29,000

Dawlance 9122 Mono

Coming Soon
Rs. 27,100

Dawlance 9188 MDS

Coming Soon
Rs. 35,800

Dawlance 9170 WB MDS

Coming Soon
Rs. 34,000

Dawlance 9166 MDS

Coming Soon
Rs. 31,000

Dawlance 9144 MDS

Coming Soon
Rs. 29,000

Dawlance 9175 H-ZONE

Coming Soon
Rs. 42,000

Reviews on Dawlance Refrigerators
Very high prices

Mon 17 Apr, 2017
Nice refrigerators but bhot zada costly ha

Sat 15 Oct, 2016
Mjy damage refrigerators chaye .

M Uzair
Sat 02 Apr, 2016
Compresure repaire

Amir Hussain
Thu 31 Mar, 2016
I want dawlance inverter 20 FT refrigerator price?In add I cannot see all model and color.What I see in market nothing in net.

Mon 22 Feb, 2016
since the start dawlance fridges are the name of quality. they still are now.

Sat 06 Feb, 2016
Dawlance refrigerators are the worst . We have two not only its body but the compressor is also of very bad quality. The hinge of the door starts rusting soon after using...

Fri 05 Feb, 2016
we dont have to buy the imported appliances since we have Dawlance.

Sat 23 Jan, 2016
I want to test the quality of french door refrigerator by Dawlance.,

Tue 05 Jan, 2016
Only Dawlance refrigerator provide the best performance in the 40 degree centigrade.

Sat 02 Jan, 2016
Dawlance REFRIGERATORS has an amazing performance in cooling and maintaining the freshness of food.

Wed 30 Dec, 2015
my refrigerator just got old so i decided to buy a new one. i think i should buy dawlance refrigerator because i always have a good experience with DAWLANCE. please help!!!!!!!!!!

Tue 29 Dec, 2015
my refrigerator just got old so i decided to buy a new one. i think i should buy dawlance refrigerator because i always have a good experience with DAWLANCE. please help!!!!!!!!!!

Tue 29 Dec, 2015
Foul of siza fregd

noor badshah
Tue 22 Dec, 2015
Dawlance deep freezer are much better than refrigerators, the comparison is simple.

Mon 14 Dec, 2015
Dawlance 91996 HZ
Plz tell me size in cubic feet

Nadeem rehman
Sun 09 Apr, 2017
I want to buy 9188 refrigerator but just I want to kown the noise level of compressor because I purchased the model of PEL 145GD it was very noise even irritating at night. So I advise to all plzz never ever purchase PEL.

Tue 22 Mar, 2016
Dawlance 9188 WB-HZ
Qubic ??????

Sat 12 Mar, 2016

Dawlance provides stylish & dense design saves 33% less floor space, Solid base drawers for organized storage, Thick lining- lengthier cooling holding, quicker refrigeration – preserves cooling in power failures and more. These models include number of colors and types in it at reliable prices.

Dawlance has a slogan “Dawlance and you making Pakistan proud” for being a local brands that serving this country for years, Dawlance also exporting its refrigerators on Middle East and Asia for being a quality refrigerators maker that are parallel to the international standards with reliable cost. Dawlance manufactures wide range of its refrigerator models including LVS refrigerators, Monogram refrigerators, Mono+ refrigerators, H-Zone refrigerators, MDS refrigerators, Double French Door refrigerators, Top Mount refrigerators, Bedroom Series refrigerators, Energy Saver Series refrigerators. These models are categorized on the bases of their performance, space and capabilities of freezing. This also applies on their prices in Pakistan.

Dawlance uses the danfoss type compressor to their refrigerators, the temperature control feature control the inside temperature and adjust the cooling according to atmospheric conditions, it has 2 door in vertical directions, one is for normal cooling and the other small container door allows freezing.

Dawlance has been in service in Pakistan for 34 years, by growing and improving itself, expanding service centers, distributers, retails outlets and increase in productions with latest technology and features which meets the international standards.

Dawlance is the top most refrigerator manufacturers in Pakistan, a survey proved that every second household has Dawlance appliance due to consider Dawlance one of innovative and reliable home appliances product in Pakistan. Dawlance also offers the most conservative price in Pakistan to its refrigerator with the quality assurance. Dawlance refrigerator is several colors such as beige, gray, black, off white, peach-brown, graphite grey, carnation pink and maroon as well as textured colours which look really attractive and eye-catching.

You are looking now Dawlance Refrigerators price in pakistan including in all major cities, Dawlance Refrigerators Price in Karachi, Dawlance Refrigerators price in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Pesahwer, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi and many more cities.