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Dawlance Split AC Price in Pakistan - Dawlance is the top Split A/C manufacturers in Pakistan being a local brand, there are number of models included in split A/Cs produced by Dawlance Pakistan, They are purely designed and assembled in Pakistan which the latest Japanese technology, it also offers several styles in its split A/Cs appearance which help to increase the domestic decoration of your house, there are several different colors included with elegant finishes as well as light textures on the body. Dawlance air conditioners have been classified into several different types which offer various features with different air conditioning capabilities, check out the details ahead:

Dawlance Inspire Plus Series

When it comes to economical price split A/C, Dawlance Inspire Plus series fits in perfect with some of the greatest features, its appearance looks decent as it features the hidden display which brings uniqueness in the design, there is also a Turbo mode included which boosts the cooling for rapid chill.

Dawlance Energy Saver Series:

The energy saving technology is the ideal for saving expenses on electricity in monthly bases, the quality electronic circuit is used with the proper wiring and compressor, which prevents of wasting electricity.

Dawlance Inverter Series:

The most prominent feature in that type is the cooling as well as heating function, which don’t let the ice get freezes on the panels, pipes and inner unite of A/C which results in blocking the air flow, the inverter technology saves the electricity and provide quick cooling.

Dawlance LVS Series:

There are three mode are included in LVS series of Dawlance split A/Cs, which are sleep mode, cool mode, soft dry operation mode, also it features low voltage star and cooling, Auto restart function, and turbo mode for faster cooling.

Dawlace Mono SL Series:

This is the series in which you can get higher air speed and better air flow, there is also a high quality auto cleaning which cleans itself. The swing of the air flow is wider in angle which can cover up every corner of the room.

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