Reviews on DOT Men Pants & Trousers
one of the best trouser sets. no matter how expensive i would still buy it eyes closed.

Thu 01 Sep, 2016
Pack of 2 Men's Sports Sweatpants
the pants and trousers have done a very nice job of impressing me and It’s safe to say that they are quite high quality and feel nice once I am wearing them. Its cost efficient too.

Fri 03 Mar, 2017
Pack of 2 Men's Sports Sweatpants
Pants and trousers are one of the sole products of shoprex that caught my interest in the initial stages and from 6 months they still have my attention as they have the best variety an awesome price within an year like 2017.

Thu 02 Mar, 2017
Pack Of 2 Bermuda Shorts
The pants and trousers should face certain addition in variety for 2017 so that more up to date fashionable collection can be made available as is the case for lawn collections 2017. I am waiting for response regarding my advise.

Thu 23 Feb, 2017

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