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Reviews on DOT Sweaters
Full Sleeves Sweater
Iwas pretty damn impressed when I saw it In pictures. The best part was that it managed to look and feel exactly the same like I judged it to be by the pictures. Supreme quality and supreme value to money.

Fri 18 Oct, 2019
Pack of 2 Sleeveless Sweaters (PLAIN)
These sweatshirts are really beyond the usual type of sweatshirts I typically see. Not very heavy and I guess the perfect throw over for your typical weird summer like Karachi winters.

Mon 23 Sep, 2019
Pack of 2 Full Sleeves Sweater
Pretty charming variety of sweaters overall I must say. IT happens to really give the best experience in winters when all we want is a cozy upper.

Tue 23 Jul, 2019

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