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Modern video surveillance for security systems is moving to digital since IP technology introduced, it has lots of pros. VStarcam Wireless IP Camera can achieve much higher resolution and picture quality, also equipped with latest processing technology's ability to store, distribute digital video content is almost unlimited. Here we will learn about Wireless Wifi IR IP camera, price range of this night vision Wireless WiFi CCTV Camera in Pakistan compared to rivals is quite competitive. Now keep your home & office secure; buy online at lowest prices Wifi IP camera Online Shopping in Pakistan with free shipping and cash on home delivery.

Wireless WiFi IP Camera Features Overview:

A completely new generation IP CCTV Surveillance Camera with the automatic installation process, improved software, packs with all smart technology. The Wireless WiFi IP Camera has a 1 megapixel lens with support of 720p HD better picture quality and wider viewing angle compare to the predecessor model. It fully supports night vision technology and 1MP HD camera is enough to watch from anyplace (your house, offices, flat, warehouse via remote connection).

Manufacturers now replace old CPU technology with more powerful HiSilicon a high-speed video co-processor, which is responsible to significantly speed up the operations, and for smooth streaming. Admin or admins can easily record on micro SD card slots and also view via card slot using software to specially develop for both Android and iOS. However, after working on Windows operating system, it is noticeable that video speed is significantly lower.

Increase your home, office and work security by doing surveillance yourself, with this compact design hi-tech wireless WiFi IP CCTV Surveillance Camera, you are now able your keep eye on everything, place this camera to your office or home and get connected to camera with Wi-Fi or LAN networks. This tiny Wireless WiFi IP Camera is offering HD 720P, VGA and QVGA Triple video streaming, Infrared IR technology, Two-way audio, Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g/n with dynamic IP support, Motion detection, and support of TF Card up to 128GB. It also supports Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g/n and dynamic IP and can be operated with IPhone, 3G phone, IOS and android Smartphone. Pan it to 270 degree and tilt it up to 80 degrees with auto cruise. Download Eye4 app from app store and start surveillance. Order this perfect surveillance camera to insure your security with free home delivery all over Pakistan.

Wireless WiFi IP Camera Best Usage:

• Surveillance of office, manufacturing, apartment, cottage, garage.
• Best choice for a baby monitors (using the smartphone display with a special application installed compatible for both iOS & Android).
• Remote video surveillance even in places where there is no wired internet connection available (using mobile router devices).

Things you would love to see in Wireless WiFi CCTV Camera:

• User can easily view and control the camera via personal computer, laptop, table, smartphone etc
• Easy installation, no need of any beginners guide just plugs and play.
• Thanks to latest P2P technology which is why operator not need to use any static IP address.
• High quality video in HD 720p format, further vision.
• Super bright IR technology used to shoot in dark vision at 10meter distance.
• Support micro SD cardslot up to 64GB storage; supports all options of remote access to your files using compatible device.
• This HD wireless camera packs dual audio feature that allow to not just hear what is happening but also to convey the alert message that will be played on camera via external speaker or built in camera speakers.
• Operator can also now easily change the direction of the CCTV camera; either vertically or horizontally via remote software.

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VStarcam C7824WIP HD 720P Wireless IP Camera Wifi Onvif Video Surveillance Security CCTV Network Wi Fi Camera Infrared IR

1. 12pcs LED, IR distance 10M. Lens 3.6 mm wireless security camera support memory card
2. Support ONVIF 2.0, RTSP protocol
3. WPS one key setup WiFi, acoustic wave wifi setting
4. 720P,VGA,QVGA triple stream(NOTE:it just support 640*480 in firefox,goole chorome.It will be 1280*720P in IE BROWSER.)
5. Two-way audio(Note:Audio is bad), Remote Pan/Tilt rotate
6. Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g/n,support dynamic IP
7. Motion detection:Send email alert, FTP upload,record video into sd card when alarm triggered.It won't send pictures to your email when alarm triggered.
8. Iphone, 3G phone, IOS and android Smartphone supported(don't support windows APP)
9. Multi-language, Firefox, Safari, Google browser
10. Pan:270 degree, Tilt: 80degree, auto cruise
11. Support 128GB TF Card
12. Download Eye4 app and start surveillance

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پروڈکٹ کوالٹی:

اس بات کا اطمینان رکھیے کہ شاپ ریکس پر آفر کی جانے والی تمام مصنوعات کوالٹی کے اعتبار سے معیاری اور پائیداری کی ضمانت کے ساتھ سیل کے لیے پیش کی جاتی ہیں- آپ کسی بھی وقت 7 یوم کے اندر اپنی خریدی گئی مصنوعات کو تبدیل یا واپس کرسکتے ہیں-




Reviews & Comments
IP cameras was quite amazed at the way with the security system surveillance options this system offered and that too at a good price in my opinion. I was happy with the way it proved it price over time.

SHani Dg Khna
Wed 08 Aug, 2018
IP cameras are pretty damn amazing in my opinion. I was so happy with the way it showcased its overall nice features in a plain and easy to use interface and could give live remote feed on your mobile too.

Sadaf pidni
Thu 02 Aug, 2018
IP cameras are pretty amazing and it provides one of the best and most reasonable ways to enjoy the surveillance at your mobile device. I really like it I must say.

danish pindi
Mon 30 Jul, 2018
I think it is a very useful thing as I am using it nowadays and I was astonished by the extreme fast delivery and by the quality of the product. Very satisfied from my first order.

Yasir pindi
Tue 17 Jul, 2018
I would like to order a number of these cameras in a large batch and would also like some technical assistance if possible for networking. Please let me know if you have such tangible expertise.

Nabeel karachi
Fri 06 Jul, 2018
IP cameras have always felt the best and most reasonably priced when it comes to being an overall great and reasonable way to enhance your everyday usage.

tabish karachi
Mon 02 Jul, 2018
IP cameras should be properly installed in the right place for optimum use to be derived out of it. The panning angle should be taken in to consideration primarily for best video results and positioning.

shoail ahymed lahore
Sun 24 Jun, 2018
IP cameras are definitely the best and most splendid surveillance kits available at a very low price and it also resembles the use of more expensive systems.

Safeer lahore
Wed 13 Jun, 2018
IP cameras were quite amazing in my opinion but it was quite amazing with the way it provided me a definitely amazing surveillance quality right at my smartphone or laptop with a link to live video feeds. That’s where I think its providing be one of the best value possible.

sameen lahore
Thu 24 May, 2018
IP camera were definitely one of the best and most definitely a lot more useful than those static cameras which provide no uplink to your mobile device for seam less surveillance. These do luckily.

Musda Karachi
Wed 16 May, 2018
IP cameras are one of the best and most reasonable priced surveillance systems as well as it being totally future proof in term of features. One of my favorite features is wireless connectivity with phone.

yasir M fezrzpur
Thu 03 May, 2018
IP cameras are one of the best and definitely most amazing tech I have seen so far, I wasted no time in getting what I wanted and I am really enjoying and benefitting from my purchase.

siander lahore
Fri 13 Apr, 2018
Wifi IP surveillance cameras have become a must have in this tough and seemingly crime filled era. To protect yourself and maintain proof for later law enforcing purposes, this is a must have and really important to have installed anywhere integral.

Sadaf karachi
Mon 12 Mar, 2018
The wifi IP surveillance camera was absolutely amazing in my opinion and it really really was one of the best when it came to offering utility at a decent price too.

Izhar M lahore
Thu 01 Feb, 2018
i want to buy largest zoomed camera which can project the clear and fast video of anything from far away. most of these camera do not show us clear picture of object or suspects when we zoom them, which become useless.

sameer m Jamshoro
Tue 30 Jan, 2018
Wireless is the new big thing and it only makes so much sense that all the things get integrated wirelessly within your phone. I was quite taken aback with the easy way it worked too.

Danish M Karachi
Mon 29 Jan, 2018
Wireless is the era of 2018 and in such an era we cannot rely on wires anymore. Certainly it would be a nuisance too as wireless operations has reduced the video feed to your phone screen and there is nothing more usable than this.

Waseem M Bahawal pur
Thu 25 Jan, 2018
I dont have any words about this camera, this is world's best cctv camera for cars and other vehicles, i have personal tested it and it is great in watching everything.

Laiba M Bahawal pur
Wed 24 Jan, 2018
Wireless ip surveillance cameras are really really amazing in my opinion. I was so happy with the utility that was offered at a rate lower than almost all other competition.

Iftekhar M Bahawal pur
Mon 22 Jan, 2018
These cameras are one of the best in terms of overall use. I was very impressed overall with the performance of this nifty little gadget and moreover I was quite happy with the way it worked out with wifi too.

yasir M Multan
Thu 18 Jan, 2018

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