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Accu check is an epic meter. I think its most accurate in terms of result accuracy and also its the best and most widely used machine. It has a range of very innovative features which make it suitable for use in the modern day and age, specifically for use in conjunction with your mobile app. For people who are not on a strict budget and want a good, innovative and long term reliable device I would recommend Accu chek.

Dania 64
Sun 29 Oct, 2023
Accu check has the best meters when it comes to accuracy and strips availability in the market. I think no one comes close to them in terms of distribution as well. Their reliability and durability is also up to the mark, only reservation i have is that the price should be a little affordable so that more people can have access to higher quality medical testing equipment.

Omaima 64
Sat 23 Sep, 2023
i considered accu check meters the best in this job but this time I faced a little disappointment. I ordered the sugar meter and from day one I think either my meter was faulty or there was any other problem that it was giving inaccurate results. but the management of shoprex was really good and kind. I forwarded my complaint to them, and they timely exchanged my product and sent me another one which was working perfectly fine. really amazed to see this level of commitment and high-quality service from shoprex.

Javeria Adil64
Sun 27 Aug, 2023
before i got to know about shoprex i bought this meter from the market and my experience was not at all. but here i must say that i am really surprised to see the prices as it is very competitive. moreover, the quality of service i experienced was also very good and quick which is important for these types of crucial products. the quality and performance of the product is also perfect which has made my experience even better. it would be good if there were more brands of these type of glucose meters as it would enhance the number of options to choose from.

muhammad amir
Sun 06 Aug, 2023

Accu Check Price in Pakistan - If you are a diabetic patient, you need to check your glucose level on daily basis so choose a meter you can trust. For checking your glucose level, you need to buy a sufficient and reliable glucose meter. Try to choose Accu Chek Guide from the biggest company Roche Diabetes Care, this Accu Chek Guide meter just strike the market and was approved by FDA in August 2016. The Accu Chek meter is unique, affordable and beneficial, unlike anything else in the market.

So for those, who are interested in a new fingerstick meter with some new great features, we'd recommended this Accu Check Sugar Test guide.

Accu Chek Basic Using Guide:

Firstly, we need to know some basic things about this new meter.

Accuracy: According to Roche, this new Accu Check Gluco Meter and strips are more accurate than any other product in the market. Clinical Lab tests have also shown that the lowest glucose reading below 75 mg/dL. So the accuracy of this meter is 100%. It's hard to find more accurate than it.

Mobile App: Accu Chek Aviva Connect and Accu Chek guide are two Low Energy meter from Roche. Both meters can be paired with the Mobile App. And allows users to send glucose readings automatically to smart phone. This Mobile App is straightforward and very easy to use.

Consistency: These glucose readings will remain, no matter if you've used it for a long time. The meter consistency will remain same.

Test Strips: These new strips are bit thinner than any other strips. The Roche company has taken careful measures to make the strips more easier to apply the blood sample. These strips have 4 times longer area for drop blood than other famous brands strips. Each strip has a bright yellow and broad edge. These guide strips also have a blood drop icon to show people, where they will drop the blood.

The main thing that makes me a fan of this Accu Check meter are the strips. The Accu Chek strips have a smooth surface, easy to use. So try this out to get a more accurate result find Accu Check at best Online Shopping store in Pakistan.

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