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Transform your furniture with technology, order this E-Table which is the blend of technology and with future designs. Portable Foldable Laptop E-Table is specially designed to work on laptops, no matter which angle or height you want, it is highly adjustable and flexible to your need. The table has its own laptop cooling system, cup holder, pen holder, mouse pad and more. It is just 1.67 kg in weight, which result easy to move anywhere you want. It is just 560 X 316X 310 mm in size when unfolded while 85 X 316 X 36 mm in folded mode. Order this amazing plastic furniture at

It is light weight, flexible laptop table with cooling fans keep your machine cool to perform at its best always. You can use this affordable e-table on the bed, floor, chair, sofa or any place you want.

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For all laptop sizes
With Cooling Fan
Made of high quality plastic
Featuring Cup tray & mouse pad

This E-Table is made of quality plastic material, so it will not only give comfortable work for the laptop, but also the opportunity to have breakfast in bed, at the same time you can watch movies. The design of the portable laptop is perfectly fits into any interior of your home. Convenient design with a flexible table top and bottom, that makes it relaxed to work on it both sitting and lying down. With the 1.67kg weight it is not afraid of heavy loads. Also to connect additional equipment’s there is USB Port also connect with 2 USB fans (fan speed is 2500R/M). Suitable for sitting and lying flexible laptop table with mouse support is available! Find most reasonable Portable Laptop E-Table Price in Pakistan (Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore) and more.

Best Portable Laptop Desks for Bed 2017

Sometimes using laptop kept on a table or lap can be uncomfortable as well as harmful for us, because it generates heat which can damage the battery life and also unsafe for our health. To reduce the risk we can use the e-Table to put the laptop on it. These e-Tables have different height levels to adjust the laptop according to the user's requirement or comfort. These laptop tables are portable and also well designed.

They can easily fold and even fitted in your laptop bags. These laptop stands offer you a comfort, because with these e-tables you can relax on your bed or sofa and still complete your tasks. They have dual USB fan powered which drain away all the laptop's heat. They consider ideal for using on bed, sofa, floor or somewhere else where you can't easily use the laptop. Now increase your comfort level at home by using e- tables. You can get your required laptop table from (Online Shopping Store). Just choose your desired item and order now.

If you want some extra features, you will be happy to know that you can also use this e- table for reading, writing or even for breakfast table too. It is fashionable and trendy, so what more can you ask?

Laptop E-Table with Cooling Fans

As you know, there are several options include a USB connection, cup holder, pen holder, mouse pad, adjustable legs as well as with the passive cooling fan system. This model is very bright and attractive in appearance. Of course it has a stand so you can easily put it on the ground or bed, but thanks to the fact that the man stands can bend in different places. You can work on it in many convenient positions such as while sitting, lying in bed or standing. Due to the fact that the Laptop E-Table can turn in different directions and there is a passive cooling system, so there is no unnecessary surface that can be heated. Also, the affordable laptop model is equipped with a stand for the mouse, take apart easily and quickly without the use of tools, it is very suitable to carry.

Features of Foldable Laptop E-Table:

It can easily use for laptop computer desk at sofa, bed, chair or while standing. It can fold to just 6.5cm so easily & portable enough to carry while traveling and put inside bags. Foldable laptop e-table has 30degree angle control; you can select suitable angle best suits to your requirement. The weight of the table is very light so you can hold for long while.

Product Features:

  • 1. Wide application, can not only used as a cooler, but also as a laptop/reading table in family and school, in an office and a car travel.
  • 2. Easy for operation, set up in seconds. Super thin, very light, extra-strong and sturdy, max.loading 25kgs
  • 3. Foldable in desk and legs, a small in volume
  • 4. Structure suitable for any sized laptop, legs adjustable to any comfortable angles when in use
  • 5. Description: Foldable laptop table with 2 USB fans, ABS plastic material with metal inside the legs. Colors for your selection: white&black; black

Product Specifications:

  • - Product Size : 560 * 316* 310mm(22.04* 12.45* 12.20 inch)
  • - Foldable Size : 285 * 316 * 36mm (11.22 * 12.44 * 1.41 inch)
  • - Adjustable Height : 0-310mm
  • - Adjustable Angle : 0-70
  • - Material : Plastic
  • - Weight : 1.67kg (Package Weight:1.8kg)
  • - Fan speed : 2500R/M
  • - Fan power supply : USB 5V Power


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Reviews & Comments
Laptop etable was a remarkable and well made product for your laptop that really combines the best of both worlds.

Imad Sukkur
Thu 01 Aug, 2019
The laptop e table is a great product simply because it manages to raise itself on different levels and works as a mini desk that can be set up anywhere.

Huzaifa karachi
Tue 30 Jul, 2019
Laptop e table was a remarkable and well-designed product. It’s so damn fast in setting up literally anywhere and feels as if it could really be used in the office or at home.

Sumair larkana
Tue 16 Jul, 2019
This is a great way to actually enjoy all types of sessions on your laptops, long or short and even midsized. It was one of the best and most amazing ways to enjoy what ever was the purpose of it.

Haram karachi
Fri 05 Jul, 2019
The laptop etables are so cool in my opinion. They provide a very reasonable and superb option list in my opinion with plenty of value in my opinion.

Basharat Sargodha
Mon 24 Jun, 2019
An otherwise okay product but could do with a more sturdy construction, especially since it has a couple of extendable legs that make it wobble like crazy.

Zohair Bahawalpur
Thu 20 Jun, 2019
I have had a long time problem with my laptops requiring more ventilation in humid weather conditions liken nowadays and this table provides just the right boost in ventilation that my laptop needs. Its cheap, adequate enough and doubles as an adjustable table.

SHaiz Rawalpindi
Tue 18 Jun, 2019
The laptop etable is a good accessory but it does leave a little bit to be desired in terms of cooling performance. I was pretty skeptical with its fan and rightly so as it did not provide a good cooling experience at all.

Rizwan Rawalpindi
Tue 18 Jun, 2019
This laptop e table is a remarkable new innovation in the world of laptop accessories. It was quite amazing, the way I saw it manage heat in a remarkable manner.

Zeeshan sialkot
Fri 14 Jun, 2019
This laptop table manages to provide a decent amount of lift to your laptop and also give very discrete cooling. Its not something that you could rely on 100 percent ( the cooling ) but rather just an addon.

wajid Islamabad
Wed 12 Jun, 2019
Laptop e table is a great way to enjoy any extended laptop session as you can set it into any position that you wish and is comfortable. Superb I think.

Waqas Faisalabad
Tue 11 Jun, 2019
This isn’t as good of a cooling pad as it is an elevation stand. I was quite impressed with the way it simply was good in providing good table stand capabilities. Perfect in my opinion.

jahanzaib Multan
Mon 10 Jun, 2019
Laptop e table is a great but relatively fragile invention I think. Its folding hinges aren’t that solid and felt that it managed to hold a very light laptop sturdily.

Saleem sialkot
Tue 28 May, 2019
Is it available with faster fans, the current fan speed is unable to heat my acer predator gaming laptop. Please upload more types of these electric cooling pads.

Musa Bahawalpur
Tue 23 Apr, 2019
The laptop I have is prone to overheating. I needed an inexpensive external fan to blow cool air into it and that is exactly the purpose this cooling table served. Still works like a charm.

Daniyal karachi
Wed 17 Apr, 2019
I was so happy with the way it had managed to provide me an elevation stand for my laptop. I was so happy with the way it had provided me an exceptional collection overall.

furqan Rawalpindi
Wed 17 Apr, 2019
Keeps my laptop moderately cool, doesn’t do wonders as it only cools it down by about 3-4 degrees but overall a nice product for elevating you rig.

Jibran karachi
Thu 04 Apr, 2019
Laptop e tables are a very nice and reasonably priced cooling solution for all kinds of laptops and it provided a very good way to actually enjoy my laptop in terms of entertainment.

YAsir Multan
Mon 01 Apr, 2019
This laptop e table is a great way to enjoy active laptop cooling. IT helps you save a machine worth thousands by spending only a few hundred.

Laraib Sargodha
Wed 20 Mar, 2019
A relatively affordable option for the headache that is laptop cooling. It works relatively well compared to other similarly priced alternatives and manages to give a really great laptop table as a by-product.

javeed karachi
Tue 19 Mar, 2019

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