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awesome Led brand company Everyone in sales is great very Very helpful thanks for sharing keep it up!!

basit khan lahore
Mon 03 Oct, 2022
Do u have original led light lights for complete home underground lighting we need complete house with lights wint underground please tell me best rate of Led Light Price in pakistan

nasir karachi
Mon 26 Sep, 2022
I could not give the led lights 2 1/2 stars, so I gave them 2. I purchased these lights a few months ago, but I couldn't hang them until lately because my pool was still being built. I set them up and made sure to do what I was told—let them charge for a few days before using them. They performed admirably for over two weeks before one of them started to dim when it turned on. Both lights have the exact same settings, but one of them simply doesn't light up properly (See the pictures). Then I realised that the daytime lighting is now dim (no pun intended).

naeem lahore
Mon 26 Sep, 2022
yellow no longer functions and has a yellowish tint. The identical strip worked with all the controllers I tried it on. What guarantee do you offer? appears to be partially waterproof. I can't find a way to ask about a warranty.

yasim pindi
Tue 20 Sep, 2022
Sometimes, less really is more. This understated yet striking industrial desk lamp offers a sense of warmth and style to any area because it is topped with an exposed LED filament lamp.

sajia lahore
Mon 19 Sep, 2022
Hope's Rechargeable Emergency Light Bulb 9W
a good product for lighting my 10x10 shed both inside and out. One of these beautifully illuminates the shed. I do not work in the shed for extended period so am not sure how long the light up on a charge but for the 10-15 minutes i might be in it when dark out it is great. Cons: Since the motion sensor's longevity is limited, the mount bracket's size restricts where it may be mounted. If you mount it like a over headlight and slightly angle done it is great. other potions not so much. overall i would recommend this product.

Mon 26 Sep, 2022

LED Lights in Karachi are the next revolution in lighting tech, harnessing the power of cutting edge semiconductors which release photons (light basically) when electricity is passed through it. The objective of LED in Pakistan is to increase luminescence in lower watts with exemplaryefficiency compared to halogen bulbs or energy savers in addition to smaller actual light sources. With the use of LED at lowest Led lights prices in Pakistan, homes and offices have saved upto40% on their Electricity bills and that too at the single price of LED bulb in Pakistan.

Best LED lights price in Pakistan, LED tubelight price in Pakistan, LED bulb price in Pakistan all start from Rs.250 forchina Led in Pakistan or 12 watt bulbs and they move up and onwards as the wattage increases, with certain premiums charged for top quality brands like Philips etc.

How Many LED lights required in Room:

When it comes to Led lights for home, LED bulbs and LED lights in rooms are typically much more efficient than older bulbs which means that the same 18watt bulb will be brighter if you buy a LED light online in Pakistan. If you want the perfect mix of efficiency and bright light, you can try using bulbs between 15Watts to 23Watt or more if for use indoors. You can also place 3-4 LED smaller Led bulbs or lights on multiple walls instead of a single high powered LED tune light or LED bulb or LED ceiling light for better and more focused light concentration with a better efficiency and more savings.

Types of LED Lights in Pakistan:
Pakistan is home to various different types of LED bulbs, LED tubes lights and other variations all suited for separate purposes and different uses. For indoor or room use, there are led lights in rooms ranging from led tube lights price in Pakistan, Pakistan led lights, led ceiling lights, led bulb lights, led lights in bedroom, wall led lights, bedroom led lights, led strip lights, led ceiling lights. Best LED lights at best Led light prices in Pakistan are varieties of LED bulbs in Pakistan best prices, LED tubelights best prices in Pakistan and ceiling LED light or room led lights ant lowest prices in Pakistan. These varieties really provide value for money and give one of the best experiences for Led light online in Pakistan for indoor house use.

For outdoors, LED Flood light Price in Pakistan, LED garden lights price in Pakistan, LED pool light and Solar LED light price in Pakistan are starting from RS 1000 and range up wards depending on what wattage you buy. These lights often make use of SMD LEDs which are brighter and consumer less space, combing them with focus lenses that allow for a spread of light that can illuminate your whole garden and pool without a hassle.

Best Quality Branded LED Lights Online in Pakistan:

PHILIPS LED LIGHTS Prices in Pakistan:

Philips LED lights are the pioneers of the commercially successful LED lighting technology, providing Philips LED bulbs Prices, Philips LED tube lights and Philips LED garden lights, studio lights and pool lights ranging from 5watts to 40 watts. Philips LED lights price in Pakistan starts from Rs.300 and is the most durable and longlasting bulb currently in the market. Unlike cheaper bulbs, Philips LED can bear light flickering in voltage, minor fluctuations and due to use of quality LED components, it can resist humidity and oily environments for a long time with great durability.

SOGO LED Light in Pakistan:

Sogo LED lights have been a major LED lights manufacturer and distributor in Pakistan since 20-30 years. They initiated from innovative and powerful emergency LED lights and consumer centric battery powered alternative products and also expanded their product line to include Led lights in the past couple of years. Sogo LED lights and Sogo LED bulbs in Pakistan are unique as they are affordable and offer value for money compared to big brands and also give them a run for their money.

SMD Lights in Pakistan:

SMD is the latest innovation in LED manufacturing technology. Whilst the first gen LEDs were like small bulbs which had a small capsule cover which took a lot of space and also weren’t easy to solder on a board, the SMD LEDs are newer LEDs which are easier to place on the main boards due to their flat form that reduces space by almost 90%. It makes it cheaper and easier to make lighting products with higher Lumens in even less space.

Osaka LED Lights Distributors Rawalpindi:

Osaka LED lights in Pakistan are the cheapest LED bulbs in a range of wattages and provide nothing but good quality and bang for buck in the cheapest price around the nation as well as year long warranties.


                                                     There are various types of Rechargeable LED in Pakistan each meant for a specific use:

Rechargeable LED Ligjht Torch:

Rechargeable LED torches and are simple yet useful handheld LED torches using power saving white LED or SMD with a lens meant to spread the light in a unified focused beam, backed up with a rechargeable battery so that it can light your surrounding up at times when there is no electricity in your home or office. It is a life saver as it is highly portable and can be carried to stored or carried anywhere due to its small size and light weight. Combined with the high efficiency of Rechargeable LED lights, it can be used for prolonged periods both inside and outside be it camping trips, dark rooms, low light areas or even for use anywhere outside.

Emergency Rechargeable LED Light for Home:

Emergency Rechargeable LED light for home  is a large and usually bulky fully fledged Rechargeable LED or SMD light bar that uses high powered LED’s and large batteries to create a spread out light more akin to traditional LED tube lights for a fully lit experience. These have voltage control and adjustable power switches in addition to AC/DC capabilities for a seamless switching and comfortable lighting experience as per your requirements.

Rechargeable LED Light Bulb:

One new innovation in the world of LED has been the invention of Rechargeable LED bulbs. These bulbs utilize the existing bulb sockets in your house and when the power is coming they run like nay normal led bulb but when you are facing a power outage these Rechargeable LED bulb switch to the built in Battery Power (AC/DC switching feature) and continue to provide you the same light as if nothing happened for prolonged hours. The benefit of these LED Rechargeable lights in Pakistan is that they continue to light up the room like a normal bulb even in the case of a power loss and does all the switching from battery power to AC itself which in itself makes it a seamless experience for lighting that is the same as normal bulbs so it doesn’t seem like load shedding, at the best price for rechargeable LED light in Pakistan.

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