Reviews on Rex Earrings
Buhat zabrdast variety ha

mis zee
Tue 25 Oct, 2016
Very nice

arhum ali
Wed 12 Oct, 2016
Old fashion Earrings Jewellery (PS-48)
jewelry is quite amazing when it comes to price. This was main aim; to shop for super affordable jewelry no matter what the quality. I found me preferences here and what confirmed my purchases was the free delivery that is rarely offered now a-days.

Sajid khan
Wed 06 Sep, 2017
Old fashion Earrings Jewellery (PS-48)
Jewelry was quite a nice section here on shoprex. Although it never really was one of the best ones I saw it certainly was one of the best in the price range I had in mind. Quite a motivating factor for me.

Salma khan
Thu 15 Jun, 2017
Antique Earrings Jewellary (PS-51)
i check out some latest artificial jewellery trends; new arrivals are mainly coming with such shades that looks impressive

Mon 01 May, 2017

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