VR Box Max 3D with Remote

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Online VR Box Price in Pakistan - VR MAX 3D With Remote for 4.6 inches Smartphone to 6.1 inches is available in white color. Buy VR MAX 3D for iPhone in Pakistan include (Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar & Lahore. Best VR Box available in Pakistan to Convert 2D Movie into 3D Movies and give you 3D cinematic experience. VR MAX 3D With Remote available now; Find out at best VR MAX 3D Price in Pakistan perfect support for iPhones.

The market of VR and 3D reality is signified by a variety of devices. Co-founder of the VR entertainment-game launch a complete list of the most famous virtual reality glasses and shared them into several prices categories: you will find the most affordable VR Box with Remote prices in Pakistan; a budgeted but high in quality device to experience virtual reality from best Online Shopping store.

Design wise, you will not find anything that extra ordinary compare with other headsets, but for such lowest price category made of plastic and comfortable light weight material. Manufacturers use the simplest lenses, functions and compatibility of the headset with devices on Android and iOS.

However, there are different varieties available on market; Virtual headsets can be divided according to the source of the image they reproduce:

1. Virtual glasses for personal computers
2. Virtual glasses for smartphones
3. Virtual glasses for game consoles
4. Autonomous virtual glasses

Whereas all of the VR headsets have two needed elements: a body (mainly made of plastic, but there are also other material used such as in Google Cardboard) and lenses that focus the image from the screen to reproduce. The body of the VR Box is equipped with a barrier that does not allow the right eye to see an image proposed for the left eye, and vice versa for the left eye. By giving both eyes the same scene from different angles, the VR headset naturally make a feel of 3D image; you can now avail the best discounted sale offers on 3D Virtual Reality VR Box with Remote and more.

Product Highlights

  • Condition: New
  • Color: White
  • Wonderful 3D Experience
  • Convert 2D Movie into 3D Movie
  • Perfect to use 600 degree

پروڈکٹ کوالٹی:

اس بات کا اطمینان رکھیے کہ شاپ ریکس پر آفر کی جانے والی تمام مصنوعات کوالٹی کے اعتبار سے معیاری اور پائیداری کی ضمانت کے ساتھ سیل کے لیے پیش کی جاتی ہیں- آپ کسی بھی وقت 7 یوم کے اندر اپنی خریدی گئی مصنوعات کو تبدیل یا واپس کرسکتے ہیں-



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Reviews & Comments
This is the best alternative of higly expensive branded vr boxes like samsung lg huawei and htc, this is cheap and best in quality so anyone who is fan of vr boxes can enjoy this.

owais M Jamshoro
Mon 29 Jan, 2018
It feels like real when i wear this vr box, it has best view which is much closer to the reality, even the expensive VRs do not have this type of quality, i want to thank the shoprex for it.

Azeem M Upper dir
Mon 22 Jan, 2018
Its remote is superb to control the smartphone which you are wearing the vr glasses at your eyes, i has so many functions which are ideal to use in gaming or drawing something.

abbas M Okara
Wed 17 Jan, 2018
I have this it has so many features any mobile can be fit in it, the optical mirrors are so accurate with adjustable features and the cover is so durable and fixed according to anyone's head. It is also very beautiful to keep.

kamal m Jamshoro
Thu 11 Jan, 2018
I love the way VR is designed to perform, it has several different useful features that are best for all of us to entertain ourselves in bored times.

Uzair m lahore
Sun 07 Jan, 2018
i really enjoy this vr box when i need a relaxations, i had no idea that this can give me much entertainment than a television.

Iftekhar M Bahawal pur
Mon 01 Jan, 2018
Dear Nofasal Manan, the price and details of the product are listed above or you may contact us at contact us at 03111-555-043 for more details.

Shoprex Admin Karachi
Tue 26 Dec, 2017
It is an amazing creation which brings joy and entertainment to us at home when we are free.

Javed M hyderabad
Wed 13 Dec, 2017
VR Box Max 3D with Remote demand is quickly increasing day by day as it is getting more and more familiar with the common people in Pakistan, i think the price will rise in the future for this device.

taha m hyderabad
Mon 11 Dec, 2017
i need vr box.. pless tell me on sms. how many price. its my no 03012824660

Nofasal Manan Attock
Thu 23 Nov, 2017
i need vr box.. pless tell me on sms. how many price. its my no 03012824660

Nofasal Manan Attock
Thu 23 Nov, 2017
It is a great entertainment stuff at great price.

Uzair m Okara
Tue 17 Oct, 2017
Its remote makes it very easier to play my favorite game like pro as i play them on my pc.

faisal m lahore
Fri 13 Oct, 2017
I want to view all new movies in it and use it like a cinema.

Dawood M Karachi
Thu 12 Oct, 2017
I watch the horror movies in it, it feels so scary it that LOL

yasir M banno
Tue 10 Oct, 2017
Its vision is so clear and easy adjustable to everyone's face.

faisal m Karachi
Fri 06 Oct, 2017
I dint know about the remote, that a vr box can also be operated with remote, this one is amazing.

Tabish M Khairpur
Thu 05 Oct, 2017
I personally testing this thing and found it is so amazing, better buy this instead of expensive ones.

haris M mardan
Tue 03 Oct, 2017
I tried this vr box with google cardboard app.

faisal m Khairpur
Mon 02 Oct, 2017
There is no other best product i found on SHoprex.com than this, it is outstanding VR .box

haider M Karachi
Thu 28 Sep, 2017

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