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Reviews on Rex Selfie Stick
Selfie sticks + Phone Holder Clip + Bluetooth Remote Shutter 3 in 1 Kit
really high quality no doubt. used it so much roughly yet still works like a charm,

Thu 20 Oct, 2016
Mini Selfie Stick Monopod
i just recently bought it and i think its size is very very small so i think the normal size ones are much better than this one so i would like to recommend think hundred times before buying it otherwise except the size every thing in this stick is very good.

Fri 14 Oct, 2016
Monopod Wireless Selfie Stick
tis selfie stick is amazing but my cousin is asking that wether this stick will work on evvery phone or not because he also wants it because he liked it very much. please tell me because he needs it since he is going on a tour.

Sat 13 Aug, 2016

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