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Reviews on asus Mobiles
great mobile phones. i truly truly love them to bits.

Fri 01 Jul, 2016
asus smartphones are one of the best. although i have never been the one who has typically been too much thoughtful of phones so i decided to give this smartphone a test. in my opinion this is the best.

Sun 26 Jun, 2016
asus mobile is one of the best mobile phones. although it doesn't really have one of the best experience of software but its hardware sure is capable. i think the software tends to bottleneck the performance.

Wed 25 May, 2016
asus is coming along nicely. no doubt its on a path destined for success.

Sat 26 Mar, 2016
asus is a great mobile phone brand,. love its every phone

Mon 29 Feb, 2016
asus has improved up on its every aspect except the customer care of its phones. it really doesn't know how to provide good after sales service globally. in pakistan asus does not have a good future due to this.

Sun 21 Feb, 2016
what is the price of asus zenfone with snapdragon processor, 13mp camera at least and full hd display. battery backup and other r factors don't really mean much to me. it would mean alot ifi wa s told a model complying with my specifications.

Tue 29 Dec, 2015
asus has some really cheap phones even here in pakistan and they sure as hell pack some amazing features even for the most strictest of all users.

Thu 26 Nov, 2015
love zenfone screens and the designs. they could however increase the speed of the mobile phones. i feel as if they stutter a bit under pressure.

Wed 14 Oct, 2015
very unique and superb phones by asus. low priced and budget priced too but offer top notch performance

Fri 02 Oct, 2015
wow, very cheap phones. is this real price of asus phones in pakistan, if its is real price i am very much struck by surprise. please tell me is this good performing phone in pakistan and is customer care good ?

Thu 01 Oct, 2015
i think asus phones are very amazing and low in price but high in quality and that's why i want to buy it but problem is ni shop has asus phones. this is very bad and i think should be improved by all shopkeepers now keeping asus in there shops so that it become widely used brand

Sun 13 Sep, 2015
asus phones are amazingly cheap and offer amazing complex features at very low prices.

Thu 10 Sep, 2015
if these prices of asus zenfone are accurate than in my opinion its a great sort of phone with affordable tag and flagship quality performance both on paper and in reality. i think asus is best for 2015 in price and quality.

Asus lover
Sun 30 Aug, 2015
Actually I don’t have much idea about the asus brand but you know the specifications tell us that Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL wil about to release in the market so what should be the price in your opinion.

Sun 16 Aug, 2015

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